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The Commutation Clause

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New York, Dec. 9. A special to the Times, Washington, 8th, síivs : Provost Marshal General Fry, in his report, wil] recomrnend to Congrese tbe repeal of tho three hundred dollar commutation claus-e in the eonseription aet. It s thought this wil! compel every qraí'ted man to furnish a substitute or tate hrs place in the ranks. A curtailment ol the list of disabilities whieh now exempts perosns [rom military serviee wil! alao be tirgod in Congreso. There seems to be a determinaron among membera of both houses to nbolsh the commtuation ciuuse. Most jills, thuR fnr given noticeof, look to .tliis resultv i t"A Special to the Times, Washington, 7th, snys Sticretary Cliase's report fwill be transmitted by special messenfger to the Northern press to tnorrow. 'lie adopts ill the recomrnendntions of tho Conirnissioner of IntcFnal Ilevenue Jn regard to whisky and tobáceo, Pand suggests tho propriety of a stil! further increase of tax on those arlicles, in ordur that the revenue muy be increased, as it hns fallen considerably below the estimatea ot the frnmers of the law. Receipts from this source last year will íall ehort of $60,000,000. in i in t A picture of undonbted merit and of national importnnco is now on exhibition at the Derby Gallery, New York. It represents Washington Irvnx and his liternry Iriends flt Sunnysidu - löfigiiresbeing artistically grouped in the library of that classic abode. These figures represent Irving, Prescott, Cooper, Bancroft, Longfellow, Emerson, Kennedy, Bryant. Paulding, Willis, owthorne, Halleck, Holmes, Simias and Tuckermann. ni ni Each day brings own duties and carrica them aloag with it ; and they are as waves broken on the shore, many like thera coming after, but none ever the same. An English judge being asked what eontribntecl most to snccess at the bar, replied, "some gucceed by gieat talent, so:ne by a miracle, but the majority by cornincueing withont a


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