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The anniversary meeting of the New York Soerety went off very pleasantly on Tuesday evening. The business and social meeting was held at 7 o'clock, a whioh the following officera were eleotec for the enaning year : President - Rev. J. M. Qreoory. Vice President - E. B. Pond, E. W WltltMORE. Treasurer - Martin Clark. At 8 o'ciock the members of the So oiety, with their invited guests, wives and fiiends, repaired to tho dining hall, whore the table had been bounteously spread under the direction of the new host of Iho Monitor, Mr. Whh-plk, assisted by the late host, Mr. (jregory. After the phVsical man had been refreshed, H, J. Beakes, Esq., who ably presided, announced the following regular toasts, which were happily and pertinently responded to by the several gentlemen whose names we havo appeüded thereto. We should be happy to report soma of the speoehes, but having been otherwise engaged took no " notes." RKGULAR TOASTS. 1. The Empire State : - Oh ! I remeruber, I remember, The State where I was born. Responded to by Rev. Mr. Gillespie. Muiic: - Áuld Lang Syne. 2. The Peninsular State : - Though the Jights of Heavea first 1lumine our nativo State, they shine as fairly and benignly on the fair State of our adöption. Responded to by Judge Campbeli. Musio: - Home, Sweet Hom. 3. The Union :- Dear to our Fathers, still dear to us. May it be as preciotis toour posterity. Responded to by Mr. E. C. Saaman. Music: - Star Spangled Banntr. 4. Santa Claus: - When liko the broad hearths of our ancestors his body fades into a myth, his real, living, breathing spirit of kindnessand aifection still remains to gladden our firesides. Music: - Ode. Sung by the whole Cotnpany to the tune of Old Hundred. At this ur feast, remembered be Good Santa Claus - our friend was he ; Our hearth-atone angel, long ago, IVhose hands did fairy gif ts beitow. Now though OM Time has swept away Some joys ihat marked each hoüday ; Though eyes grow dim,that then were bright, VVo'll all be yoang ones more to night. And for the sake of olden time, Still with the ringing Christcnas chime, Let mem'ries of our patrón come, With thougbts of friendship, love and home. Then to the Father let us raise A song of thanks and grateful prais ; Tbanks - for the blessings he has given ; Praise - to the Lord of earth and hearen. 5. ANN ArBOK AND 1TS IN3TITÜTION8 :- Tbe littla Arbor of the emigrant, has become great - has added to the Stars, revealed a Planet to the world, and inscribed a name in the Heaveus. Responded to by Rev. Dr. Haven. Music: - Sounds from Home. 6. The Fallen Brave : - While we reveré their memories we wotild emulate their deeds, and cherish and preserve what they fouglit and bied to defand. Responded to by Rev. J. M Gregory. Music: - Trooper's Death. 7. Our Kindrkd Societibs: - While a loving friendship unites the roembers of each, we bail thom a a common brotherhood, in the bour of our country's peril. [lesponded to by communication from Gen. G. D. Hill. Read by Mr. Dennison. Music: - We're a Band of Brothers. 8. Religión and Learning: - In their union, the source of all true greatness. Rssponded to by Rev. Mr. Cocker. Music: - Marchfrom Norma . 9. Woman: Mother, Sister, Sweetheart, Wife Daughter: deaiest, sweetest naines on surtí), - God bless thein all. Responded to by Prof. Cooley. Mime: - Jïois Wife. 10. The Press: When both independent and incorruptible, it is tlie invalimble safeguard of society. Alas tbai. it should ba otlierwise. lespondcd to by Mr. E. B. PonJ. Music: - Strauss Wallz. Excellent music was furnished by jwinnkr's string band. Just about the hour of 12 the comany adjourned, ieeling that they had ïad a " good time, " and with a resoluion to bc on hand again next year. tAbout 250 of Col. Bauns' colord regiment started on a pleasure exursion on Tuesday. They stopped ïere for dinner, which was served in Iangslerfer's Hall. Tbey ivere acompanied by a fine band, and attractd considerable attention. They stop at the rimotn places along the Central ïailway, and return to Detroit by the Soutbern route. - We believe they obtained eight or ten recruits in our city. jJjgC" The Ladies of the Catholic Church closed their Fair on Monday afternoon. The proeeeds exceeded $1000, leaving a large and handsome profit to reward the ladies their enersy. It was the most profitable Fair ever held in our City. - We are requested to return the thanks of the ladies to those citizens of all denoniinations and profeseiong wbo o liberally patroniaed the.


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