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Congress convened in annual eession on Monday last. The Senato was called to order by the Vice President, and the new members sworn in. The House was called to order by tho Clerk of the last Hous, Emerson Ethridgo, nnd the radical majority forthwith proceeded to nullify an act of the last Congress defining the duties of the Clerk, the obeying of which was likely to keep some of their friends " out in the cold " until after the election of a Speaker. This act was paseed to enable a Clerk to control the organization, but in tbe reeess of Congress that officer having somewhat changed hia position, the radioals could not trust him to execute the law, and therefore took the oompletiog the rolla into their own bands. But as the Speaker was j ed before the members were sworn in they probably considered themselves not bound by the law. This having been done, the Hon. ScnuYLKK Colkax, oí Ind., was elected Speaker on the first ballot. The vote stood : Colfax 101, Cox 42, Dawson 12, Muliory 10, Stebbios 8, King 4, Blair 2, Styles 1. And thia conoluded the day'a business. The House completed ita organization on Tuesday by electing Mr. McPiikuson, of Pa., Clerk ; Mr. Ordway, of N. H., Arras; Mr. Ira Goodenoügh, Doorkeeper ; and W. S. Kino, of Minnesota, Postmaster. JE3CSinee the last advance and retreat of the Army of the Potomac - or, lest that may sound harsh, we will eay the last grand reconhoissance of that army- weshould think that the powers that be would begin to see the impossibility of reaching Richmond by the land route. We do not believe it practicable, at least vvith any army the Government is likely to concéntrate in the effort. The route to Rich.-nond is by the Península, and up the James Eiver sida. That route Gen. McClellan would have taken bad he not been crowded over to the York River by the formidable rebel ram Manassas - the rara nhich so troubled the dreams of Secretary Welles, and which, but for the arrival oí the little Monitor, would lave finished our nary n these waters. And McClellan would have even sicceeded by the York route had not bis plans been sacriSced by the withdrawal of MoDowell. By the James River, or even the York, the communientioes cannot be cut, and with a oo-operating neet on the James, Eichmond may be reached. Will the politicians perrnit it? CSTOü Monday, Mr. Washbckn, of Illinois, introduced a resolution into the House, ordoring a gold medal for Gen. Grant. It is also intimated that Congress will créate the office of Lieutenant General, and that Grant will be appointed. Gen. Grant is now the rising man, and may continue to rise if he keeps away fiom the Army of the Potomac - and the politicians thereabout. ii t in L&" The Township of Lodi held a special election on Tuesday last and by a vote of 121 to 7 roted a bounty of $200 to volunteers.


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