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-The frienda of Rev B, Cookek, will meet at his residence, on luisday afternoon and eveuing, Dec. 22, for a íonation Yisit. A general invitation is given jy .ceording to contract made ind falfllled, our friend Moore, of the Rvra' Hm Yorker, " owes us one"- thát is one copy of the Practical Shepherd We are af raid our Hoek will suöer the present winter if hé don;t itnd it along. J53C" A. E. Baldwin was installú as Pastor of the First Congregatióna] Ckrch of this city on Wedoesday eveting. J-jET The Octoüer uuiubbr of the ímíhi Qaarterly Review has the following papers: Progress of Engineering Science, Life and Writings of Thomas Hood. Antiquity of Man, Co-operative Societies, Japan, AntiPapal Movement in Italy, Froude's Qüeen Hizabeth, The Ctnirch of England and her Bishops. Tbis number closes the volume. - JSayear; with the other three Reviews and Bkekaood, re-printed by the same firm, $10. Address Lkonakd Scott & Co., 38 Walker Slreet, New York. Í3T The October number oí "íhe Printer " is fuli of information of practical neto proprietor, "jour," and apprentice. ïf 'The Printer" was more generally read b Kthors as well as printers, it would be bctter for the "craft." lts mechanical exeeution ís worthy of imitation. $1 a year, Address Joh Geeasox & Co., 172 WiUiam Street, SewYork. ÖP1 We have before us the December tomberofthe American Agricutturist, its 32 elegantly printed three eolumn pages full of ieasonatle matter, interestiiifr to thp farmer, prdeiér, horticrtltúrist, &c, &c We know of no other publication that excels the Agrinlíurúí in the amount of really valuable in'ormation it gives in a given space, and infornation, too, in every way reliable. lts ''Notes te the Montli " and " Bnsket " item pages certainly multum in parvo, while the other íípartments in charge of alile and practical Oen, We can renew our former reeommendationi. % a year ; ten copies 8(1 cents each, nd the premium Strawberry to each subscriwrsinding 5 cents to pay postage. Address 0oe Jcdd, 41 Park Row, New Fork. -We will remit for Aeous subserfbers at Sbe lowest chil rates 80 cents, or 85 if Straw'"rryï'lant premium is desired. Í3T The January number of Peter'"" ïorfiei' National Magazine, presents a '"e bilí of attractions in all of its depart"Mts. The steel .plates are beautiful and 4e fashion plates and pattern sheets numer Md timely. The contents are varied and Mable. Mrs. Stephens commencps a iiis'orical novel, the "Maid of Honor," which P'oaisesfinely. Now is the time to subscribe. '2a )ear three copies $5 ■ eight copies, $10. A1(ires5 Chas. J. Peterson, Phüa. ÍS" We have reeived Part XXXV"Ufthe Rebelliaa Record, being the closing mberofthe sixth volume. This work is lrraged in three parts. Part I. contains a "se and full diary of all the prominent ents of the war. Part II. contains the offi!al reporta of movements, engagements. &c, lh f federal and rebels officers, and also othentic newspaper reports, making a fulj story. part m compriíjeíi t]le poetry of 8 ar with anecdotes and incidents wliich 0 no' rise to the dignity of history , but which 'e"e to Ilústrate the times. The work is to Mntinued to the end of the war- If the 'tor, Fkask Mooee, li.ves long enough- ffhen complete will contain within its pass the germ and all of maDy popular hia. uT' TW StCel poi'traits are given in each '■ In the one under notke we have Maj. Jee' H"UM G. Berey, and Admiral F aerat. 50 cents each monthly part. Address ü "' Elf A!8, Oen. Agent, 448 Broadway, L2L" Tne ladies of tlie Hamburg Soldiers' Aid Society give a Festival and Supper, on Friday evening next. thel8thinst. SS" Edmund Kirke t.lked to the Student's Lecture Association on Friday evening last. We say talked, for it hardly attained to the'dignity of a lecture. - He told some good stories, and gave his audienee soniething of an insight into the condition of the various classes ac the South. Kirke is a bettcr delineator and iustructor tban lecturer. - J. W. Fowler, cf Poughkeepsie, N. Y., who claims to be the ' Great American Orator," appeared before Association on Wednesday evening. We don't know anything about his lecture or his audienee, but we do know that in previous visits here he 'had won tbc reputation of being a first class humbug, and we wonder at his engagement. QPGen. Fjikncu has been relieved from bis command in the Aiiny of the Potomac, and ordered under arrest, for disobedience oí orders, the telegraph fiays.


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