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HoTjijAlTGOÜnS ! DKFOHRáT R now opening 'a splendid Stock of Goldband China, and White China Geoda, China Toys, CbüdrensToy Sets White i-tone China Gooís, Silver_ platee! Goods, Table Cutlery, Glasaware, Lampa, kc, &c. , at low fijares. Dec. lOth, 1363. 934tf. THE DRAFT On DeForest's National CoíTee is wunderful. Everybody seems to have found outiU superior qualities and go in for asupply It id 'varranted to give satisfaction and te bo bitter than any uther coflec in market, at any prico, or the money refunded, Two shillings per Ib. A.DüFOHEST LYOÏï'S KATHAIEON. Kalhairon is from the (reek word, "Kathro," or ''Kathairo," Mgnifying to c léanse, rejuvinate and restore. Th4 article is what its n imesignifies. For preserving, restoring and beautifying the human hair it is the iwost -ruma i'knble preparatíon In the world. It i again owaed and put up by thc ürigiual proprietor, and is now nrode with the sarae care, skill and attention which gave it a sale of over one millíon bottlesper anDum It is amoatdelightful Iíair Dressing It eracicjites scurf and dandruff. It keeps the hoa-deool and clean. It makes tb o hair rich, soft and tossy. It prevenís the hair from falliug oifand turuiíig gray It reatóvéshair upon baW heads. Any lady or gentleman who values a beautifu] head of hair should use I.yon's Katharion. It is known nn! usedthroughout.the civilized world, Sold by all respectable dealers. 6m922 DEMÁS S. BARNES k CO.tProp'rs, N. Y. M&thews' Chocolate Worm Drcps ? NEYER fail to dé.stroy and extermínate all kinds of Intestinal Worms. Are perfectly rsliable in all cases and far superior to any and all uf the Fanoy Worm onfections, nd nauseous Vermifuges n une. They may be taken at all times with perfect safety,as they contain NO MERGURY, or othvr deleterious Drug. - Moíhers shoüld always purchase them and give their no other. (No Catkartic whatever. is necessr-ry to be given.) Each box contains 24 Dropa or Lozenges. Price 25 cta. For Sale by all Druggists and Dealers ia Medicine '. C. R. WALKER, General Agent, Iy922 Buffalo.N.Y and Fort EricC. V. HEIMSTREETS Inimitable Hair Restorative. IT IS NOT A OYE, But restores gray hair to its original color, by -supplying the capillary tubes with natural sustenaace, impaired by age or disease AH instantaneous dyes are cnmposed of limar canstic, deatroying the vitality and beauty o f 'the hair, and afford of themselvcs no dressing. Heimstreet:s Inimitable Coloring not only restores hair to its natural color by an easy process, but gives the hair a Iiuxurlatit Dcnuty, promotes its growth, prevenís its falling off, eradicates JandrufF, and imparts health and pleasantness to the uead. It liasstood the testof time, being the original Hair Coloring, and is constantly increasing in favor. Used by both gentleman and ladies. It is aold by all respectable dealers, or can be proeured by them of tq commercial ageuts, D . S. Barnes & Co. 202 Broadway New-York. Two sïzes, 50 cents and $16m922 WYNKO'OPS ICELAND PETORAL. Diseases of the Throat, Chest and Puïmonary orgnns are ever prevalEnt,"infidionfi and and dangerous. The properties of a medicine 1o alleviali1, cure and uproot these complaints, must be .Expcc'torant, Anodyne and nvigorating, loosening thc mucufi of the -throat, and mparting tone to the cntire System. No discovery in medical Bcienc-eevei mastered this cïass of dTseafeesIike Dr. Wynkoop-s Iceiand Pectoral. It is -üsed wth tho most astiinishing resoitü in all of Bronchitis, In luenza, Whooping Congh Di)theria or Putrid Sore Throat, Asthma, Croup, Coughs, Colds, Nerveus Irra ibiiity. &c. the fiev. .J. J. Pottpr certi&es, " I have used Dr. Wyukoop'.s Iceiand Pectoral for several years, myself and m my family, for sevcre Puïmonary Complaints, and aave recommended it to many others, and never seen ts equal." Rev. J. J. Potter Brooklyn, N Y. Ili;nliieds and thousaadh of important testimoniáis con ld be produce, sliowing Its remarkabíe cures aii'l tbat ü nevcr fais Itis cfmposed of puro Iceiand Afoss, Baltn of Gilead Per avían, Klecsnipane, Ccmfrey, Burflock,and other invaluable expectoran! and fconic ingredients. It 0 harmless, prompt and lastihg. Invalids and sttfferérs cannot afford to ncglect a trial. Every family jsliould lave it.7 It is remarkble for Croup. Full description, ecommendationa, and directions accomiany each botte. Sold by all principal Druggists. I'reparedby Dr. K. D. Wynkoop, and sold by D. S. Barnes & Co. New York. 922m6 HAGAN'S MAGNOLIA BALM. This is the most delightful anl extraord-'nary artille ever discovered Itchanges the sun burnt face and ïands to a pearly satín texture of ravishing beauty, mparting the maible purity of youtb, and the distingue appearance so inviling in the city belle of füshion. t removes tan, frecklcs, pimples, and roughness from lio skin, leaviag i t fresh, traasparent and smoolh.- t containsno material injurious to the skin. Patrón zed by Actreáses and Opera Singors. It is what every ady should have. Sold everywhere. 33arnes fc Co. General Agents. 922mq SQS liroadway, X. Y. 0 Ax I-vikbesting Lettkk.- Messrs Post JtBruff, Agents N. Y, Sanitary Society, Rochester. - Gents . I leem It due to you state the magical effect of tbat one lottle of People's Cure whichl obtained froni you in VoTember last. Seeing the advertisement of your So iety offering to give your meJicioo to clergymen for he poor of their parishes,! oDtained a bottle fora poor irl of my congregation, who had long been nearly helpess from Kheumatisra, and strango to say, that one bottle cured her entirely. I write this hoping it may aid the Society in its efforts to introduce the medicine, and bless tbose wlio may need such a remt-dy ; and I usestrong ternjs.asl believe ttf merits will fully justify he most euperlative forma of peech. Yours, RespectfuJJy, C. R. WILKINS, Pastor of tho First PresbyterUn Cbarcb. W-l Ffttsf-jTd, Mpdtm Co. K, 7.


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