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TO THE LADIES OF AMERICA ! MORE VALUABLE THAN GOLD ! MORE VALUABLE THAN GOLD! MORE VALUABLE THAN GOLD! MOKE VAXUABLE THAN GOLD Dr. JNO. L. LYON'S F R E N C II PERIODICAL DROPS, FRENCU PERIODICAL DROPS, FRENCfl PERIODICAL DROPS, ÏRENCH PERIODICAL DROPS, FOR FEMALES. FOR FEMALES FOR FEMALES, FOR FEMALES. Suffering from ïrregularity, or Ob&truction of th Menacs, from whatover cauae, IT IS SURE TO CURE [ IT IS SURE TO CURE I IT IS SURE TO CURE r IT IS .SURE TO CURE ! H is impossible tó efijo.y tfie bloonl of health, and vivacity of spirits, unlesa the Slenses are regularas to tbe time, tho quantity, 'and quality. When Mvy are obslructed, nature makys her effurtfl 80 obtainforiu SOlne other outlet, and, unlesa tteae efforts of naturr: are assisted, the patiënt U3ully eTiperierices Despondency, Nervousness,' and finally CON3UMPTIOX asflumesita away , bud .prematurely terïalnates a miaerabie Ufa. IT REMOVES ALL OBSTRUriTIONS! IT REMOVES ALL OBSTRUCTIONS ! IT REMOVES ALL OBSTKUCTIONS I IT Rï-MOVES ALL OBSTRUCTIONS! IT IS A PERFECT REGULATOR ! IT IS A PERFECT REGULATOR! IT IS A PERFECT REGULATOR ! IT IS A PERJFECT REGULATOR ! BEAR IN MIND. BEAR IN MIND, BEAR IN MIK, BEAR IN MIND, THAT I GUARANTEE THAT I GUARANTEE THAT I GUARANTEE THAT I GUARANTEE My DROPS TO CURE Suppression of the Mensts from whatever cause, though cflrt should be taken to ascertainif pregnancy bethe caue, as these DROPS would be sure to produce miscarriage ; they will also cerJainly PREVENT concepción, if takvn two or three daysbefore the monthly period ; thereforö,. I wish it distinctly underatuud, that I do not hold fciyself responsible when used such circumstances. BUY THE BEST I BUY THE BEST r BUY THE BEST ! BUF THE BEST! BUY THE SAFESTI BUY THE SAFEST BUY THE SAFEST! BUY THE SAFEST t BUY THE SUREST! BUY THE SUREST ! BUY THE SUREST ! BUY THE SUREST ! WHICH IS LYON'S DROPS. WHICH IS LYON'S DROPS. WHICH IS LYON'S DROPS. WHICH IS LYON'S DROPS. THEY ACT UKG A CHAHJI, by sfrengthening and invigomting, and restoring the syBtem to a conrlition. It moderates allexcess, and removes all obstructtons, and a speedy cure naay be relied on. TO MARRIED LADIES, They are peculiarly adapted, aa thef bring on the monthly pwioU withsucli perfect regularity. SURE TO DO GOOD t SURE TO DO GOOD ! SURE TO DO GOOD ! SURE TO DO GOODI CANNOT DO HARM! CANNOT DO HARM ! CANNOT DO HAR vi 1 CANNOT DO HARM! I could fiiraUh any quantity of testimoniáis of its efficacj from my own patieuts, but the practice of paradina bought and fictitious ones before the public is so prevalent 1 do not deera it advisable. Jfy object is to piiice my medicine before the public, not alone to mak'.1 money, but te do gr.od. It is proverbially true of the American Ladies, that not ten perectly healthy Qaes can be found ia any ouc vicmity. BE WISE IN TIME ! BE WISE IN TIME! BE WISE IiN TIME ! BE WISE IN TIME ! Let not destroy your constitutibn. Try a bottle of my PERIODICAL DROPS, and you will be HatisGeá that I am no impostor. Teil your afllicted frietld wli at restored 'the bloom of health toyour cheeks, and thereby confer a favor more valuable than gold. For painfal or scanlhr Menstruation it ia just the thing, Ihavenow in my mmd an instance of a lady who had bcensuffering from painful menstruation two or threo years, confiuing her to her room each time ; slie had applied to several eminent phyMciana, wilhout relief when one bottle of my DROPS entirely cured her. ONE BOTTLE CURES! ONE BOTTLE CURES! ONE BOTTLE CURES ! ONE BOTTLE CURES! In almost every case. DD NOT BE IMPOSED UPON ! DO NOT BE IMPOSED ÜPON ! DO NOT BE IMPOSED UPON ! DO NOT BE IMPOSED UPON ! But cut thisout and send it to your Dfuggist, and if he has not got it, make hira buy it for you; or, it may bo obtained of the (.ieneral Agents for th United States C. G. CLARK & CO., VriOLSÖALK DrUGGISTS , New Haven, Con-n. For sale by all Pruecists. Price,'$1.00 per btttle, and by Stebbins & Wiison, Grehville & Fuller, Eberbach Í; Co. Prepared by Jxo. L. I,TOX, M. D, 1 v902. Toba coo I Tobacco ! I AM SEI.L1NG GOOD FINE CUT CHEWING TOBACCO At from Fifly cents to 1 per pound. SMOKING TOBACCO, From 14 cents to 20 cents per pound at rttail. M. DE V ANY. Ann Arbor, Mieh., Dec. V, 1862. 883tf Ayer's garsapariHa, PAIN CUREDÍ RADWAY'S READY RELIEF Is the most important medicinal curativo- for the .-nmedíate relief ot' the sulTcier- of all varletles of PAIN'S, ACHES and INTIHMITIES, and the prompt euro of th síck where l'AIN', eitber nternal or esternal, is a conCOBrJiant of the dise:ise, that has ever been diicovered. IX A FEW MINUTES After the application of tbc KEADY RELIE? externalIjr.orilaadmiliUtraliouint-iriiallyjlbopatioiit- scized itlr the most cxcnicinting PAlSs, -ACHI-Ü. CIUMr.v KHECMATISM, NEURALGIA, GOUT, LUMBAGO, KEVER AND AGÜE, RPASM3, ËORE ÏHP.0A1', lXlT.UKiNZi, DIPTHERIA.CoN'GKiTION or INFLAMÜAT10N', WllI enJoy case and comfort. BADWAY'S R2&DY HELIEF MS safcr to ivlministcr, and W'll stop pain quicker, th'iü all pre};irati;jui of Opium, Morpfainè. veratrme, Hyosctatnugj Árnica, TaoriUj Chloroform ■ or Ether, unöer hntever namfo dteUhgvMvd ; ■ nWnir Linimento, Pain Kuiert orSooihirtg IMitnt, #ü' morely suspendí the f teling of pain hy bii-.uül ;ln lï#' l'.ercoptivo f.icultios and IHIling the nerva. 'lhe a rgooa iiilmiibtere Chloroform, Opium, &e , t j render invu We tho norvos of perceptlon- RADWAY'S READY KKtlElF stops tlie most excrucUting pain,and secure the pitieCt the full posiossloii of tais solista. Tliiíta tho un y l:i general uso that wiH stop pain, 80 quick. th '.t li froe from Opium, Morphine, or sorno QtUoc Mudrvü drug, burtful to lbo gansraj liealtli. BS WZSES SBÏ TÏS&12. Guard agaiust Bickness. Ou tbc firrt idw-uio of paii or utfÈHwiness, if in tho SÏUMA! il or BirtYÜLS, tako a teaspoouíu! oí tho ÍUCADY UELïEF iu a wino glass of water. If iu Ihü UMB3, JOIXT.S, HEAD, THKOAÏ, CilKST. BACK, or othtr partí of tfrt bdy, apply tlc RKLTEF kxticknali.y - in a few minutet all paái and disecmori wiil 'ibis sjiti)í-j ;ipplcation may break tip a formidabledisoaee. It Ij mucb caïicr tu prevoat Ubeu--e ihan to cure it. WEALTH FOR THE POOR. MEALTH is l!ie workin mati's capital Tho poor man c:ui i.i ullort! to úíq burdens uf si .1c■essorpsyioctnr'sUills. ONETJTBStt PI VS CEN'Ï BO ÏUi OF RA DWAY'3 REAOY UEUE? wil! , ifajele, curo uimqufcVjttndenablohimto r?U5b ïiiu labors ivühoutlnssnf time - antllif nsed whön pain U jtrst exptrienced , will stop it tinmoiliately. Keep iftia Rèuiie j aiwaj s iü the hmiü, ad a.i it when yw i 6x-l p úü 70a ■ V.-Ü1 uot loso ua day ta a } oar by sicim-i-i. IMPORTANT TO FARMERS And oüiors,resiJiug u apyiraglysetUed di.itrïct.-i, vlrer ' It i.i (iflicuh to eeuro the sej'Vfcta of a phyáieiun, RABWAY'ó RliAUY KEUüF 5 inktob. I! e.,u ba u-ic I yrltík po.iitive assurance of dain good In alt cah -where v'-xinur discomforlU esperieneed, or if scúedwith INTLUl'.NZA, lilPl'HEI'.IA, bORE THltOAT, li.ll) COUGHS, H0AR3EXE-'S, HU.IOCS CHOUC, l.NFL S MATI'J.N" ÜF THÜ BOVTELÍ, SIÜMACH, LUSOS, L1VER, KIDNEVS, or wlth SMAI.L POX, íCAHi.KT FEVER, MEA.W TYl'UOID KEVER, IJIl.IOUS KEVER, FKVi.B AND AGÜE, or vvilh NEURALGIA, nEAl ArHE, TtC DOLOREUX TOOTHACHE, EAR-ACBS, ar with LDVIBAtiJ, I'AIM IX THE BACK or RHkUMATISM, or wlth DtARRlKEA, CHOLERA SIORBC-5 or DY-iEXTERT, or ■.Yith BÜI'.NS. KÍAT.DS HüUrSIÏS, or with S'J'IAIX-'. CRUU'S or SPASM3 ïbe applicaüon of RAinVAVa RKADY r.n.liF will cure yaú oftho wor3t of CaatrCki plaints In a f.'W hours. EHEÜMATISM. f MIS pai'ifiü (üseiise ïias bafïlc-cl tho most skilfui pbysicittiis au I popular remedie3. It 13 the ino-1 of cl ■■■■■nes to treat- yct RADWAY'd lïliADY BELIEF has never faileJ in aff;rd;j!ü immtamtö relief to thosuflerer : aud in ail cases of Acute, Inil 111'iiuatory or Norvous IiUeumatisin, to effect a perniaii'-utcure. (In ChronicKheumatism and Gout, RAD WAY'S CLKANSllIG SYRÜP, Oalled Raumatíng Rtiolveni, sliould bo taken ai au adjunct w;tu tho l'.KAliY RELIEF.) ACUTE CHROKIC KHEUMATISM. Thü folio wing is writtcn by tho w%H known correspoudeut of the New York IIorald,LoadonT;mes (Eagiand), Kew Orleans Pfcayune, Delta, Cbaaicátoa üercury, m;. ; WM. SIDNEY BTESS, ESQ , WXXSA, CUBA. Havana, Cuba, Jan. 2, 185S. Messrs. Radica; tC Co. : (haitnOEi - I liavo been asurferer frora Acute Chronia Rheuraatiáin for tbo last twenty years of my lify ; nvy 8ufft;ring3 d uring that period, neithcr tongue iior pen c:ia expresb. I bave spent a'litt'.o fortune on Doctoré? bilis, without deriviugaiiy substancial benefit, lïecently Ihaa ono of my freqOeot periodical atacks. I was vo;y iil for a week, and had not 61öpt an kour at kñy ono Limo. A Spanish iViend, to whom l related my suSfei h:gi, tolcl me h o had a remedy which woukl gire me relief, find he kimlly preken tod with u bottlo f RADWAY'S READY RELIEF." Akboughskeplicalof deriving any advantge from i te U80, ! thrd niglit appiied it freely on golug to beü, aad, tu iny i,rreat ftmazomaut, feit ralievcii,aii:'. ílcpt sound ly. Tho nextnilit I ngáin appliod & tho iïEADY Relief, a:id awokc iu tlie morniug treo'trom jKiin, having only used about half the bottle. Heartüy do I "return you my lmmblo acknowlods;ments for y out invaluablc medicine, which umy wull bi called ' a ble.-i.-ing t3 man." Thankiugyou,from my soul, for your wonderful rcmödy, . I have tüe Uouor to subscribo mysclf, Tours, rospectfq ly, W. S1DNEY MYKT13. NEURALGIA. (EXtiUïSITE PAIS,) TIC DOLÖREÜXJ 'J'OOTÏI-ACHE, FACExlCHE, SHARP SUUUKX PAINB. PerflODS sriBbriag with Neuralgia esperienco lhe namo of xcruciatiJig paia, Tae paroxysms are sharpuiUieii, piunping, sÈiülJiiig, induced in-umtly - Hkc .'.il (rfèctrio Bil nekMAPWAY'S READY RELTEF Is tho only remcdy hitherto known , that w ii I afford iiniiun! ate reüüf to thoso vho suffer with tiiirf torturing Cuínplatnt (Tn cases of chronic NèuiaMa, thooteansïng Syrnp, called BENOVATINO RE3ULVECÍT, wlH expedito tiio cure.) In recent attucks, tbc Kl'-AïfY ÏIELTRF, appiied externally to tho parta where the p 'in Strikes, and a teaspoohful of 1IELIEF tu a wine gias of water, wiiea the parosysnas appear, will cQecta euro. H0V7 TO CUB.XS A 3A2 COIiD DSTWUSN BÊD-TIME AN'J) SUNiïa. Tf :z"! with SORE THROAT, H larsene-i?. Rad Cough, dilScuti [ïreathing, Houd-cbe, Watory Disenargaj frotu the r?060 and Ey&s, Pmu Iu tho üacü aud Joizrts, kc, batbo thu 'lirait, Clut. Hcad anU JoiuU w.m thu HEADY JiELlLi', and nuko a HOT READY RELIEF SLBSTG, By adding to halt' a tumbler i.i hot water, swerteDod witb RWgür a de-isert-spOQuful of UADW.vY'S READY RKIJI'J1', tttid ttriïik thi.s on going to bed. In Á rew mi.u'.us yon vil usrspire fi'eely, sleep soundiy, au-A wako ia tLe Dsorniög euréü uf your cold. (iVoHi the CUridian Adcoca's.) We bo.ij t') ent. to the jroadera of the AdvcatA the fBoV(ug lettor ntldressod to Dr. lïadway. Ix.-t tlipi fflicted w ib WEAK UTNOiS AND TilIlKATKXED WITH OONSUMPTrO.V,re:i l The writer, Mr. JAMföSAtïK, u well kuowu u Michigan a.-i a popular holel-kecper." MitírtTOS, Maoomb C. , Mich., Sopt. 4, ïMt. Dk. Rabw.ay - ÜearSir: About four year.s .-i;ice, 1 irafl very nmcli aflïïctod with DISÍ5ASED LUNti. My ffléndj thought Í7utíí the Consumpt'úii. I w.n entinly initU fo boflluoas, rabed blooü, uiri hs,ú evory eymptam of 4h abovofata! dládasc. Onenight,on golng to bcd,Ithotighi I wouM lako a sweat, oud took your Reabï Kiüjkf(in hot water) as astímulant to sweut rae. H did so. T!io porspira t"n wtu of n .siimy subitáneo, and offeiwiv sinell. I folio wed ta'tingtbe KsApritKX.1 voveryothor niglit for four weekfi,and at the end oí" that time was entirely w-o'!. U A trao :-titeneiit uf f.ieU;, whicli I will testify to ouder oatb.. Ydiu-s, etc , JA34KS SAGC, ago'fi Hotel, Mouiphii, üich, FEVER AND AGUE. A table-epooDÍul of RADWAV'Ö LiKADY RELIKF, lu a ttimbler oi wu'ej-j taou evory murning betore broakfa.-st, will prevent a)tacks of Kever and gue, if exposed to iL-j nwUria. . Il' seiod vi;!i lliis cimiplamt, tako thft sanie dOBC, ni Uatlia liiö Head, Nock, Huuds and Ppiue onö hoar'btsJViro tho CiülU aro cxpt'Cted ; ibis wiU hroak up und cuYd lbo wpr t furnu, oi' a. ísrR. RADWAY giveg you, for Zo conu-;a moJicin JyJiV tli-ït will prove Ui effleacy ia U--. Uóurs, and' (HrC cure yoa f ld dteeasea thatjüister Ihöordïöai'y fjhmtr treaiiat-'iit oí phybici%u#, weulü lay yuu w, for (Liy.-. week lafld monüi.-i. Koo fhai evory hol.lo is completo wiieu you pufchasé, a; i ;J, MCADY iítUKF uules3 túoofl síi aiaaturo oí' RADWAY & CO. is on tho otaNido labol,rtm) th ■ n mi',1 of ÜAÜWaV e CO. blowu oa tho jjl iss of Gach I it is sou bv DRüGiHS'r? ronF-icferpERS ik FVKHY VIIJ-fiE AXDTOWX IN Tüi-; UNIt'ED STATES ÜÖCUSAD43 ÍIADWAY & CO , 8r iraidon I,i!)c,N. V. For Sala by STEBBINS & WILSON Ayer's Cathartic Pilla


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