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Gen. Hardee And The Straggler

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'Wat UJicMpu Jgu& From the Savarmak News. we recenuy hoard a camp anecdote, which, we thiak, ia wortby of beine; proeerved in print. While on a forcee! march in some of the army movements in Missiésippi Inst nummer, Gen. Har dee carne up witha strae:gier who had fullen some distanca in the rear of his command. The Genera! ordered him forward, when the soldier replied that he was weak, bcoken down, not having had even hall rationa for several days. That's hard," replied tho General, "bat you must push fbrward, my good fellovv, and join your command, or the Provost Guaid wil] take you in hand." The soldier hnlted, and, looking up at the General, asked - "Are you Gen. Hardee ?" "Yes," repüed the General. "Didn't -you wri te Hardee's Tactios ?" "Yes'1 ' "Wel!. General, I have studied them tactic9,and know'era by heart. You've got a order tbar to doublé column at balf distanoe, aint you?" "Welt," asked tho General, "what bas that order to do vvith your case?" "I'rn a good soldier, General, and obey al! that is possible to be obeyed ; but if your orders can show me a order in yiiur táctica, to doublé distanco on half rations, then I'li pive in." The General, v.ith a hearty laugh, admited that there were no tactics to meet the case, and putting spura to his horse roie lorward.


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