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lo lio u hule w Got possible; he wbo lies, lies an entile lie. The worst feathor a military man can wear in his cap is the white one. Opportanities, like eggs, raust be hatcbed when they are fresh. The selfish tallow clüindler hates the sunshine ; he thinks oi it as a formidable rival in buisneps. Praise inay bo ns hurtful as censure. It is as well to be cast into a pit as blown into the air. You oannot dream youredf into a character; you must hammer and íorge yourself one. Patience. - A stammering lawyer examining a stutttring witness beíore a deafjudge. Soldiers ought to be a quiet set - for every man of them is n:;ido to hold his piece. War has been likened to chess, but in this couDtry we make it "a game of drafts." Winter too often changes into stone the water of beaven and the heart of man. Do not wait supinely for opportunitj to come to you, but go and seok her ia the highivays and hedges. He who gi ves up is eoon given up; and to consider onrselves of uo usa s the almost certain way to become uselesa. Virtue. - A horse is not knowa by his hai nesp, but by his qualities; so men are to be esteemed for virtue, not weaith. - Sócrates. Ciroumstances alter cases. Red paint whicli is a great improvement on the looks of oíd houses, is but an injury to the cheeks of youug ladies. An infamous oíd bachelor being asked if he ever vvitnessed a public execution replied, "No, but I once eaw a raarriíige." It was punch who said so felicitously that while men only want (modest dogs!) all they can get, the woraeu want all Xhey can't get. Grief knits two heartsin closer bonds than happiness ever can ; and common sufforings are far stronger links thao common jrys. The tnemory of good and worthy actions give a qnioker relish to the soul than ever it could possibly take in the highost enjoyments of youth. There are men whose presence infuses trust and reverence ; there aro others to whom we have need to carry our trust and reverence ready made. We lately met a gramrcarian, saya a California paper, who, has just made a tour through the minas conj'.igating or rathercogitating thus - "Posi.ivt-, mine; comparativo minur; superlative, minus. One of our contemporánea, in ata ob'tuary of a young ady vsbo lately died, closed by saying, "Sha had an amiablc? temper, and was uncornmonly fond of icc-cruam and other delieacks. An Ancient Lawsuit. - The supremo tribunal of Madrid has given final jiidgment in a Buit which had been under litigation 240 years, and which involved the succession to the inheritatice of Prant'is Pizorro, the fameus invader and cjnqueror of Peru, in 1532. PjlEFEBENOK OP EXTINCT TO ExTANT. - Bulwer says, in his last number of Bhickwood: "I honor the reverence to noble tombs too implicitly to believe that any living great mao can equal a dead man. A dead great man ís a ühriued ideal of existence ; a living great man is a etruggling tello w-mortal." "What is the reason that men never kiss each other, vvhile the ladies waste a world if kiss. s on ferainine faces, said the Capiain to Gussie the other day, up at the Normal. Gussie cogitated a minute, and then answered, "Because the men have something better to kiss, and the women haven't.', The Captain "saw it" immediately. Ckeam a Cure for Consumption. - The Medical Reporter says that a consumptive patiënt, now under treatment, is taking cream wilh better effect than was experienced under the codliver oil, previously tried. Our advice is lor all who have, or think they have, consumption, to adopt a cream diet. Eat the pure, sweot cream abundantly, as much as the stomach will digest well and we doubt uot that It will prove quito as effectual as Ihe purest codJiver oil that can ba bought.


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