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w %ümtxmmí&. Information Wanted, OF JA Í VIES RAG AN, OPTHEtowiishipof Ann Arbor, ho bso not been hoard of since September, 1862. Sak] Hagan U 32 years old, about 6 (eet 8 inciics high, dark huir, ani dark gray eyes. Any-nformation respectfng bim will be tliankfully and gratefully receired by hia mother Maria Ragan, oi uncle, GEORGE W. P1IJTH, OTow-S Ann Arbor, Micb. GRAND PHILHAHMONIO GIFT CONCERT OF THE DETROIT CITY BAND, U.VDEE TUE D1RKCTI0S OF PROF. CARL (ÍRAIL, TO BE GITKN AT TBE YOUNG MEN'S HALL, DETROIT, Wednesday Evening, Jan. 6th, 1864. 5000 GriftsfToOO Tickets! Bc-ing one Gift for erery Ticket. LIST OF SOME OF THE GIFT3, Splondid RoMJWqcd Piano forte, $550 00 Fnïl Etouod Roséwoori Cuttago Piani, i.'50 lip Ta r or (ienl Piano 210 00 Sinatr'a ! atter A Family SewiDg Mnchino.. 160 00 Grover & Baker Family Sowing Machine 10i 00 Sinííera'a 1 Se win;; Unehipe 75 (,1 I'i.ii.le - Kaf:;! gewiüg Machina 50 0} Ladift'a 'iolil U'atch, enjtniBlled bacic, perfect ,time keeper 200 00 Silver Watii, Knglish Lerfr, hunting case, gold I1111BCS 75 00 Gentleman's íjlil Watcli, hunting case :"0 0 IJgiit U} Buggj Wagon. Jr.iy makii. ....... ifiO (X) Elegant W'liite Ueriao Opera CloaU 75 00 liear Skin leigh Kobe 75 00 f'üt Hliin Sleisii Iïiibi' fi (fi I l.ivtM of Cotubraievl J.ite.rary Women, 10 140 00 Largft Quarto Pkotógraph Aibums, imperial Bize, holding 100 large portares 20 80 00 0 Photograph Albnms, .5 and lea ptclureb,.15 1S0 Photograph Albunu, 2,' portraita, elegant. ..12 21 10 Pbotograpb Albamt, 2S portraits,, 10 100 00 10 Phtutfgraph Albums, 25 portraits, 6 60 0-' 50 Photograph Albums, 25 portraiis, 5 250 00 ÍS0 Photogr&t)h Aikum-, 25 portraits, 1.50 75 CO 11 Sets Cheis andCheckers, 1.50 13 uu 100 Sets Prang's Album Pictvres, 50 50 00 156 Fiooks ancl Ftíts of Books, l'icturen 4c, &0., v.iliicd a 011e to furty doltara ttachi BobMos 4,5T1 Valuablt GiftK, worth 1,142 50 We Iiereby cerlify thnl tlie prices finnoxeil totbe several articles from our establisliments. are our regular retail pricea, nud that the WEBBF.K PIANO is n first class iiisiruinent, fully warranted by tlie makers, and by myielf. J. H. WHITTEMORE, Ag't. W W. WITLOCK, Ae't. Wk E. COOrER, Ag't. W. E. TUNIS, Book nnd Newapnper Depot, 153 Jcffcrson Ave. Detroit, Miel). TICKETS, ONE DOLLiR. Persons in Ann Arbor ilesiring tiektts can obtain tbem by nddreiiing W. E. Tunis, Gen eral News Dealer. Detriiit ; Fcuoff tfe Miller, Buok Seilsrs, A. W. Ames, News Dealer, Ann Arbor. 1864. 1864, GREAT ATTRACTION FOR 1864, Spïendid Plats EmbeJhshnientH, Great Oongress of Vienna, 23 Portiaits of Eminent Men, 1 . Tbc .Tanuary Number, 1864, trill be embeilisbed with a remarkable plate oontainiog 23 fine portraits, The Congress of Vienna, and an extra plate witb a por tiait of the greatcst Natu ra ti st of the age, Prof. hovta Agassiz, of Cambridge. 2. The Ft-bruafy, Bfarcb, and olher future numbers wiïl be embelliftbed with. SplendM platos, of an interest ing and attracUve charactor. i. The ECLECTIC as a Monthïy Magaxine has no mipe:ior io literary nu rit or artistic embi.'irshment. 4. lts letter-premis made up of the cboicest articles selected fVom the sntire range of Britisb Qtiarterliea and British Monihlies. It :unis to gire thé cream of all. 5. Every number of the ECLECTIC ia spleiulidly embellishud with one ar more üne Meel eugravfngs. 6. The ECLECTIC has acquJwd an estabiiahed obaracter as a standard work amoog literary men. It finda a place In many libraries. TWÜ SPLENDID PREMIUM ENGRAVINGS wIH be giren to each new Eub5criber 'or 18Ö4; tho tilles are. RETURN FROM MARKET, and SITNDAY MORNING, engraved on steel, by .Ttihn Sartain, in the highest style uf the art, aud maung a beautiful presont the holt da}'s or ornament fortlie parloror Studio. These prints ave alone wortb the price of subsciiption. '7. On the receiptof $5, tho subscription pnce Forone veur, 1he tiro premium parlor prints will be sent by sutil post-paid to the perron .snbscribing, or to an oncwho w.M procare the name and send the pay, 6. The 12 monthly numbersof +he ECLECTIC mako three ! irge rolumea in a year, with the title pages and indexes for binding. 9. The ECLECTIC iseminenlly insiruotive and cnertaininj, andousjht to b in the hands of evtry in:"llitr''iit familyiimi individual. A'dlume 61 commencos January, 1864. Now is a jood Üme to subscribo, and premiums wül be sent at once A liberal diaco nnt tnadfl to agenta and the trade. TERMS. The KCI.ECTIC is issued on or before thelst of eve tj mouth, on fine paper, neaíly stiíched, in green roversfwith one or more beautifnl Steel Portraits. - Price $5 Thepnatiijre is only tbr ce cents a number prepaid at tbe office o f delivery. The January Numher, postags paíd, for 50 centn ; any other for 4" cent tnt iu pontafco stampa. AddreM. W. IÏ. BIDWELL, Mo, S n.-pkBln ., Bta York


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