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akíyoüIñsuredT IF NOT CALI, ON O. 3E3C. IIMClJCSL.ElXr, Agent tor the folio ing flrst clasa Comp,,, Home Insurance of New York Caih Capital over One and a Half liillions 1)o, CONTINENAL INSURANCE CO Of New Vork, ÜU' Capital over Oní Million of Dollar. I„ tu „ pany the Insured particípale in tbc profil,. CsCIT-5T PIRE ÜJXTS., CO of Hartford. " Capit! ovcj Three Hundied Thousand Dollltl 93,tf „ n. M1I.LÍS 9J-'" 'n 3tt Ann a, U. S. 5-20'S THE SKCRETAEY OF THE TREASURY haa M, givea notic o! any intention to withdraw this f Loan from Sale at Par, and nntil ten dajs no.' Bven,the undeisigned, as "GENERAL SUBSCUlFn, AGENT," will contiivue to supply the public. The wkole amount óf the Loan authorinsd , r HundrodMilMonBof Dollars. NEARLY FOUR vn DRED M1LUONS HAVE ALREADY BEEN SUBSOa.t FOR AND I'AID INTO THE TREASURY, „i the last aoven months. The large demaad from.W and sherapidjy increasing home dtmand for „, tosía for circularon by National Hanking Amtí „ noivorgaaizingin all Pnrts of the couttrv wi " very short period, absoib the oalanco. 'ii„' !" latelyrangedfromten to fifteen milliona week!, T ' quently exceeding three millions daily, and Miu !! known that the Secretary of the T.-ewurj hai „" and nnfailmg resources in the Duties on Irapwtl " Interaal Revenues.and in the issue of theintcrutb,"' ing Legal Tender Treasury Motes, it i„ alroüst , cet, tythathe willnot 6nd t neeossary for a long tim.L come, to seek a market for any other longorpeim,. Loan, ÏHE INTEREST AND PRINCIPAL OF Mr ARE I'AYABLE IN GOLD. Prudenoe aud f lf interest must force the jaiiHi " thoscconteniplalingtho fotmatio of Natioaahc,.' Associations, aï wellas the mind of all who ha,e moncy on their the prompc concia,, L they should lose no time in mbscribing to tbii ,„ popular Loan. It will soon be beyond iheir rtath advance to alandsomeprcnium, as was tl.ere.olL the "Saven Thlrty Loan, when ,t was all soiS 1 couM no longer be subscribed for at nar. Il Is a Six per Cnt Loan, the I], tact ut Principa! paynlwe 1,, Coln, thus ,,dillf ,„. Nine per con per annum at tbe present raie oí m mium on coiu. The Government requires all dutíes on mportí tok paid in Coin ; these duties have íor a loug tira m amcunk-d to over aQuarter of a Milüon of Dollmfai, a sum nearlj three times greater than tliat requimi tlxe payment of the interest on all ,the 5-2(Ts asd ott, permanent Loan. So that it is hoped that the nnh Com .d the Treasury, at no distant day, will „.bUfc United States to resume specie payments upon 11 1,. bilitioa. The Loan is callecl 5 2 from the fact that whilitli! Bonds may run for 20 years yet the Government 1, rigbt to pay them off in GoW at par, at any timiilk 5 yeara . The Intereat la pald half -yearly, ti : „fc flrst dar of November ami May. Subscribers can have Coupon Fonds, which irlW. able to bearer, and are $50. $103, $500, and $1000 j, Kegistered Bonds of same denomínationa, and ín 'iü tion,$5,0C0aod Í1U.000.:-! or iiankicg purpoiem: for investments of Trust moneys the Pegistered Bui arepreierable. These 5 20's cannot be taxed by State3, citiu.ltn or counties,and the Goveinmcnt tar on them ii oiï ono and-a half per cent, on the amount of incom. rtii theincomecf the hoMer excc Is Si Hundred dollw per annum ; all other inve-tments, uch aa nttoi from Mortjagjs.RailroodStocVand Bonds, otc,,, pay from three to five per cent tai on the ineen, Banks and Bankers throughout the the Countr; rl continue to dispose of the Boni ; and all ordm tj mail, or olherwise. prcmptly attended to. The inconveniunce of a few days' dfky in the ll.T nry of the Bonds is unavoirlable, the dema] btinfa great ; hut a. interest coiamcnccs frem the dnyofulscription, no loss is ocoasioncd, and every efTurtbM.:; made to diminish thedelay. JAY COOIEE. SDBSCRITION" AGENT. 114 SOUTH TH1RD STREIT, l'HILADELPHU. P iladelphia, November 25J863. 1 jTcOLBY'si PATENT. IF YOU WANT A GOOD "Wringer! call at the CROCKEÏIY Sf GJIOCERY STOEI of jA... DeFOREüTi and get posted bef ore you parebase. He bas all o' different kinds of good wringers. Price from Twelve Shiiüngs to $Ü A GOOD CLOTHES ÍVRINGRR. Saves time ! Saves money ! Saves clothing! Saves strengthl Saves healthl Saves hiring help! Saves weak wrists ! Saves burningh&w SAVES YOÜR TEMPER! Woolen clothes can be wrung out of boiling W" prevent shrlnking, without injury to the machixA. VxYOttS' Ana Arbor, Dec. lst, 1803. OIL & LABn DEPOT. Refined by new p warranted to burn one-tbi longev than any other oí' a market. A. DbFOREST. - Dec. Htb. 1863. A IX PERSONS bolding claim agamst me, ! # account or note -nill [jleose jirescn! tB"11 for mlnoiii:itc pnyment. ffle H And all tiloso nilebtcd to me pcrsonall.i , ttiM assignce of J. il. Bour, will coníer a favor l'-1 0(t fortlnvitb, by note or otlierwiso anti tlierebJJ '" j f,ill And I heiebv givc nntice that after tbis '11'' ,[ pay no debts e.ce)t those contractetl by iny"'" ' ll'jr Bponmy BiKicia! writtonorcier. nifüi


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