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The annual election of the Washtenaw t}. xgricultural andHorticultural Society ', held át the Court House in this City on Tuesday last. Tfcere was a very slim atten,ci and not the excitement of previous ars 'in the The agriculturas of He county shonld not complain that residents fftis city control the society, or that the fje interest or ny öther iïiterest predomites, ii t1iey a not take an interest in il hemselves. The stoelt growers, sheep growrs grain producers, etc, are largely in the ' íjority. and can control the society if they have6 desire and wil1' a;nd until they make „ „ffbrt they should not refuse to patronize jheannualfairsbecause the officers and the premium lists do not suit fhem. Tbo Treasurer's report made on Tuesday jlhibited a sound financial condition. A balwce of over $600 was reperted in the treasorT, with the premium list Of the fair nearly Jd up as well as small debts for premiums, je., aceming in former years. The following fficers were elected : % fruident- Sjiith Botsfosd. gtcording Secretary-K. W. Goodeich. Corraponding Secretary- Btrox Green. Tttawrtr - I. S. Pikkson. Via Presïlenls-B.. S. Smith, L. Foster, H. rnoW; Burd, N. Sheldon. Extculiv' Committce - Ann A.rbor City, Moses Rogers. ii " Town, George Rash, Augusta, J. W. Childs, Bridgewater, D. LeBaron. Delter, Yates Arnold. ïreedom, EUas Haire. lima( S. D. Whitaker. Lodi, L. S. Wood. tyndon, K. Yocnm. Manchester, Henry Gobdyear. Northfield, Thomas White. Pittsfield, E. W. Whitmore. galem, C. Wheeler. Saline, H. J. Miller. Scio, O. Frey. Sharon, Robison. Superior, T. Qoodspeed. Sylran, , Charles Wines. Webster, G, C, Arms. York, Thomas Gray. Vpsilanti City. A. M. Noble. Town, D. M. ühl.


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