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jf pedal práto ÍICÍÍaFceÑTRAL iJAILBOAD. Passengei traías now leave Det roit. Chicago, and th several Stations ín thisCounty ,as folio ws : GOING WEST. Leavo Bay Kx. Dext. Ac. Evo. Ex. NightEx. Detroit 10.00 A.M. 4.00 p. , 5.30 p. M 9.30 r. M. Ypsüanti, 11.20 " 5.30 " 6.50 " 10.50 " Ann Arboi-, 11.40 " 6.00 " 7.16 " 11.10 " Oexter, 12 05 P. il. 6.30 " 7.45 " ' Chelsea, 12.25 " " 8.06 " " Ar.Chicago 10.30 ■ " G. 00 .. " 10.30 A. it. GOING EAST. I-eave. Eve. Ex. Bax. Ac. Night Ex. Day Ex. Chicaeo, 5.40 H.M. 10.00 r. M 6.30 a. M. Chelsea, a. M. 7.-10 a. M. 4.00 p. m. Dexter, 6.15 " 80' " 42 " AnnArbor, 4 SI) A. M. 6.45 " 8.25 " 4.45 " YpsiUntI, 4.40 " T.10 " 8 40 " 6.05 " Ar. Detroit, 6. OU " 8.30 "10 00 '" 6.30 " The Day Express each way is the Mail Train . Train s do not stop at stations wliereCgurosareomittedinthe table. Trainsconntctat Detroit itti theGreat Western and Grand Trunk Railwajs of Canada, and the Detroit and Toledo, and Detroit and Milwaukec Railroads, and Cleveland Steamers. At thi Company's Ticket Offices at Detroit, Chicago, Julitt.and I,afayette,turou;li tickets eau be purchased toall the principal cities and towns in the United Mates and Canudas. ,, . , LUXURIOÜS SLEEPING CAKS upon all night trams. Ruttan's celebrated Ventilating Apnaratus upon all dav traius- the beat dust preventative in use. U N. RICE, General Superintendent. HOL1DAY GOOD?! DkFOREST is now opening 'a splendid Stock of Goldband China, and White China Goods, China Toys, ChüdrensToy Sets, White Stone China Goods, Silver_ plated Goods, Tablo Cutlery, GlaM-ware, Lamps,&c, &c. , at low figuren. Dec. 10tli,!863. 934tf. LYON'S KATHAIRON. Kathairon is from the (ireek word, "Kathro," or "Kathairo," .-.ignifying to cleanse, rojuvinate and restore. Th article is what its nunesigniöes. Forpreserving restoringand beautifying tlje human hair it is the most rcroarkable preparation In the world. It is again owned and put up by the original proprietor, and is now made with the same caro, skill and attention which gave it a.3aleof over one million bottles per annum Jt is a most delightf u 1 Hair Dressing It eracicates scutf and dandruff. It keeps the cool and clean. It makes the hair rich , soft and glossy . It prevents the Hair from falling off and turning gray It restores hair upon bald heads. Any lady or gentleman ivho values a beautiful head of hair should use Lyon's Katharion. It is known and usedthroughout the civilized world. Sold by all respectable dealers. Cm922 DEMÁS S. 3AKNKS & CO., Trop'rs, N. Y. Mathewa' Chocolate WoimDrcps ? NEPER fail to destroy and extermínate all kinds of Intestinal fforms. Are perfectly rsliable in all cases and far superior to any nrl all of the Fanoy Worm onfections, nd nauseouB Vermiftiges in use. They may be taken at H times with perfect they contaiaNO MERCÜHY, or othsr deleterious Drug.- Mothers shoutd always purchase them and give their chíldren no other. (No Calkarlic whaterer, is nece.sary to be giren.) Each box contains 2-4 Drop or Lozenges. Trice 25 ets. For Sale by all Drugi;:sts and Dealers ia MedlC. R. WALKER, General Agent, Iy922 Buffalo,N.Y and Fort Ene. C. W. HEIMSTREETS Inimitable Hair Restorative. Iï IS NOT A DYE, But restores gray hair to its original color, by sxipplying the capillarr tubes with natural sustenance, impaired by age or disease All inslantaneout dyet are composed of lunar caustic, destroyinj". the vitality and beauty of the hair, anti afifnrd of thomsetves no dressing:, Heimstreet:s Inimitable Coloring uot only restores hair to its natural color by aa easy process, but gives the hair a Luxurlnnt Bcnuty, nrumotes its jrowth, prevents its falling off, eradicates .landruff, an 1 imparls hoalth and pleasaiitness to the iiead. It hasstood tiie testof time, bemg the original Ilair Coloring, and is constantly increasing in favor. Used b} bolh gentleman anu ladiea. It is sold bv all respectable dealers, or can be procured by them of r1'1 commercial agents, D. S. Barnest Co. -02 lïroadway N'c-Yik. Two sizes, 50 cents and SI. 6m922 THE DRAFT On BeForest'sXational ColTee is woaderful. Every bo5y seems to have found out its superior qu.ilities nd go in for a supply It is warrantod to give satisfoction an 1 to be bitter tban any other cofíce in market, at any price, or the money refunded. Two afaUlioga per lb. A.DkFOBSEÏ WYNKOOPS ICELAND PETORAL. DUeascs of the Tbroat, Chest and Vulir.onary orgaos are ever prevalent,' íumúíous and and dangerous. The properties of a medicine to alleyiate, cure and uproot these somplaiiits, raust be Expectorant, Anodyne and Invigf.rating. loost-ning the rnucufl of tbe tlirbat, and imjüirting tone to tbe entire systetn. No discovery in uiedical ecienceever mastered tbis class of diseaseslïhe Dr. Wynkoop'fl Iceland Pectoral. It is used with tbe most astcnishing results in all cases of BroncIÏHis, In fluenza, Whooping Cough Diptberia or Putrid Sore Throat, Astlinm, Croup. Cougbs, Colds, Nervous Irra tability, &c. Tiie Kev. J. J. Potter certillfs, " I bave used ïr. Wyrkoop's Iceland Pectoral for several yeais, inylf and in my family,for reveré Pulmonary ComplaintSjand have recommpndt-il it to many others, and never seen its equal." Iiov. 3.3. Potter Brnoklyn, N. Y. Hundreds and thousands of important testimoniáis could be produce'1, showing its remarkable cures and tliat ü nevcr fails It is coinposed of pure Iceland IIoís, Balm of Giiead Peruvian Bal?am, Elecampane, Comfrey, Burdock,and other invaluable expectorant and tonta ingredients. It is haimless, prompt and lastint?. Invalida and suflerers cannot afford to neglect a trial. Every family hhould havo 't,% It is remarkble for Cronp. Full description, reenmmendations, and diiectious accompany each bott.e. Sold by all principal Druggistg. Preparedby Dr. Iï. D. Wynkoop, and 5old by D. S. Barnes & Co. New York. 922mG HAGAN'S MAGNOLIA BALM. Tliïs is tbe most delightful and extraord-'nary artielu ever dificovered . Itcbanges tiie sun burnt face and hands to a pearly satin texture of ravisbing beauty, impartlng the marble purity of youth, and tbe distingue appearance so inviting in the city belle of fashion. It removes tan, freckles, pimples, and ronghness from the skin, leaving i t fresh, tratisparent and smooth. - it contains no material Injurióos to the skin. l'atron ized by Actresses and Opera Pingors. It is wïiatevery lady bhouldhave. Sold everywhere. DeixLas Barnes Sc Co. General Agents. 922m6 SO3 Xiroadway, ]ST. V. IET TOBACCO- You can buy the best grades of FINE CHEWITO TOBACCO at frnm 50 cen:s to One Dollar. SMOKING from fourteen to twenty cents at M. DEVANY'S TOBACCO AND CIGAR STORE Sign - Red Indian. South sidc Huron street, a few doors from Cook'a Hotel. M.DEVANY. Ann Arbor, Dec. 11, 1862. 883tf BE WISE BY TIMES ! Do Dot tnfle wi;h your Ileath, Constituticn and Character. If you are suCfering witb any diseases fcr whïch IIEMBOLD'S EXTRACT OF BÜCHU ia recommeaded, TRY IT ! TRY IT ! TRY IT ! Tt will yon, Bave long Ruffcriag, allayiog pain and Inüammation, and will restore you toj HEALTH AND PURITY, At Little Expense, And No ExpoRurO Cat cut tb o advertisemunt ia inotbör column, caj] or &eod for it. BEAWAEE OF COUNTERFETTS 1 AF-k flor H&mboW'B. Tak ï'o Otber, CTRE3 OTHRA?rrEEr. 036m2 tl A smile waa on her lip - health waa In her look, strength was in her step, aud ín her hands - Plantation Bitters." S-T-186O-XA few hottles of Plantation Bitters Will cure Nervous Ueadache. i[ Cold Extremities and Feverish Lfpfl. 11 Sour Stomach and Fetid Breath. " Flatulency and Indigeation, 11 Nervoua Affections. " Excessive Fatigue and SliOrt Breath. ' Pain over the eyefl. ' Mental Despondency. " Prostration ; Great Weakness" Sallow Complexión, Wtak Bowel3, &c. Which are the evidences of LIVER COMPLAINT AND DYSPEPSIA. It is estimated that seven-tentha of all adult aumenta proceed from a diseased and torpid Hver. The biliary secretious of the liver cverilowing into the stowach polson the entire systenj and eshibit the above symptorus. ifter long research, we are able to present themost remarkablo cure for these horrid nightraare diseases, the world has ever produced. . Within one year over six buudred and forty Ihousand persona have taken the Plautation Bitters , and not an iustauce of complaint has come to our knowlcdge t Itis a most effect ual tonic and agretable stimulant suitedto all conditions of lifc. The report that it relies upon mineral substunces for its active properties, are wholly false. Fot the public satisfaction, and thst patients may consult their pbysicians, we append a list of its components. Calisaya Bark - Celebrated for over two hundred years in the treatinefit of Kever and igue, Dyspepsia, Weakness, &c. It was introdued into Europe by the Countess, wife of the Viceroyj}f Peru, in 1640, and afterwarüs sold by tho Jesuits for the enormous priee of its ovn weigkt in Hlver, underthe name of Jesuit's Powders, and was tinally made public by Louis XVI, King of Franco, Humbolt makes special reference to its febrifuge qualities during his Suuth American tra veis. Cascarilla Bakk - For Diarrhcea, colic aud diseases of the stomach and bowels, Da.vdklio.v - For iuüaininition of the loins and drop sical affections. Chaüomilk klowers- Forenfeebled digestión, Lavkndkk Fluweüs - Aromatic stimulant and tonic - highly invigorating in nervous debility. Wintekgreex- For scrofula, rheumatii:m,&:c. A-MSü - An aromatic carminative ; creating flesh, muscle and milk ; much used by mothers nursing. Also, clovebuds, orange, carraway , coriander.snakeroot, &c. S_T- 18G0- X. wonderful ingrediënt, of Spanish origin, imparting beauty to the complexion and brilliancy to the uiiud, in yet uuknown to the commerce of the world, and we withhoM its name for the present. Important ckrtificates. Rochcster N. Y. Deormber 28, 1861. Messra. P. H.DBAKt: & Co - I have been a grent suffer er from Dyspepsia for threc or four years anti had to abandon my profession . About three montlis ago I tried the Plantation Bitters, and to my great joj, 1 ain uow nearly a well man. I have recommended thera n BTral caseS] and, as far asi know, rtwajs with signal benefit, lamrespfctfuilyyours, RFY J. S. CATIIRON. Philadclphia, lOth Montk, 1th Day, 1&62Respected Fkieni : - My daughtcr has been much beneütted by the use of thy Plantation Bitters. Thou wilt iend mi two bottles more. Thy Friend, ASA CURRIN. Sherman Hoiise, Chicago, JU, Feb. 11, 18G2. Uflsra. P.H. Drake S-Co. - Pleae send usanotber twelve cases of your Plantntion Bitters. As a morning appetizer, tbey appear to have superceded everyxhing else, and aregre.itly eatfiemed. Yours, Jfec. GAGE & WAITE. Arrangeraenis are now coropletedto supply any demand for thiri article, which from lack of government Ktamps has not heretofore been possible. Tut public may rest asnured that in no case will tho perfectly pure standard of the Plantation Bitters bo departed from. Every bottlt bears the far. simile of our signaturc on a attelplate engraviiig, or it cunnot be genuine. Sold by all Druggists, Grocers and Dealers through out the countrv.'t " P. H. DRAKE & CO. 9;2mO 202BROjíPWAY,N. Y. SAPOIV1F1ER, OR CONCENTRAD LYE, FAMILY SOAP MAKER. V l Jtv makes hijih prices ; Pftpnniñer helps to rcfiuce them. It makes Soap for Four cents a pound by usin.iyuur kitchon greaso. J8bT CAUT1ON ! As spnnous Lypa arp offered alsobe c.vtífut and ouly buy the Patented articie put up in Iron cans, all othera being Couterfcls. Penirtiïvcïnia Salt Manufacturmg Co.% Philadelphia- No. 127 Walnnt Street. Pittsburg- Pitt Street nnl Duqursne Way. The GreatFrench Eemedy! MADAM BOIVIN'S CELEBRATED SILVER-COATED FEMALE PILLS. The onlycertain and Safe Rcmeily fur all UterineObstructions, Monthly Diffloulties, Irregularities, and all the other diseases to which the Woman, Wif and Mother is peculiarly Hable. These, Pilis contain no deleterious ingrtdients, but are safe and certain in their action. They wiiï be found to exert thehappiest effect in all eases of Prolapsus Uteri, in L?ucorrhea, or the Whites ; they will be found the easiestanrl most certain Cure that can be found. It ís on account of tliis certrinty they shoukl not be taken by Pregnant Ftmales (duriiig the fvrst tkree months, as miscarriage is certain,) to be brougbt on, but at other periods their use is perfectly sale. N. B. - One Dollar enclosed tO anyauthorized Agent, will ensure package of Pilis by return of mail. C. CROSBY, General Agent, FortKiie, C. W., Buffalo. N. Y. Cactio.y, - Beware of Courtterfeits, the genuine have the fignatureof C CROSBY, on the ouUide wrappw. For sale by all respectabïo Druggists. Iyeow922 An 1-vtehestixg Letter, - Messrs Tost & Bruff , Ageuts N". Y, Sanitary Sociely, Rcche.ster.- Genis . I deern it due to you state tlie magical effect of that one bollle of People's Curewhiclvl obtained from you in November last. Seeing tbe íidvertiseiuent oí your So. ciety offering to give your medicine to clergymen for thepoor of their parishes, I o otained a bottïe forapoor girl of my congregation, who had long been nearly help less from Tiheumatism, and strange to say, that one bottle cured her cntirely. I write this hoping it may aid the Society in its eftbrts to introduce the medicine, and bless'those wlio may need f.uch a renn_dy ; and I usestrong termaas I believe its merit will fully justify the most superlative forms of speech. Yours, Respectfully, C, R. WILKIXS, Partor uf the First Presbyterian Church '923yl Pittsford, Monroe Co N. Y. AGÖÖD TREE Ití KN0WN BY ITS FRUIT. So is a gooil Physician by hls Öucccisful Works. PROFESSOR R. J, LYONS, TIIi: GREAT AND CELEBRATED PHYSICIAN OF THE THliOAT, LUNGS AND CHEST, Kncwn all over the conntr as the Olebrated INDIAN HERB DOCTOR! From 8outh America, wil! be at bis rooms, RUSSELL HOUSE, DETROIT, OnthflSth aml 19th inst.,on the saine dale of ancl every subsequent month during 1862 and 1863 A NE AT I'AMPHLET Of the life,study and extensivo travels of Dr. Lyons can be procured by all whodesirf one, irue of ch&re. Dr. L wíl] visit Ann Arbor, Jackson.and Adrián, Mtch., asfullows : Ann Arbor, Monitor Hou:ie, 20th. Jack4on, Hibbard House, 21st Adrián, Brackett Hf use'd and 23d. Mode ufExamination.- The Doctor dcerns diseases bytheeyea. He, tht-refore, asks no questions nor req'iireRpatieuts to expíala Bymptoms. fflfcted, come ainlhave your symptoms and the htcation of your diseuse expl.'iined free of charge Family Dye Colors. FOR D.veing Silk.Woolen and Mijcd Ooods, Shuw's, Scari?, Urepscs, Kibbons, Glowtf, Bonnels, Hats, Fealher, Kiel Cloves, ChiWren's Cloibinj, and all kiuds oí' Wcaring Appnrtl O-A SAVING OF SO PER CEKT-L For 25 cents you can color as mnny Roods as would othenvisc cost five times that slim. Various Bhades can be produced ft om the same Dye. The proseas ÍB simple, and any ono can use the Dyc ivith perfect saccc.-i, Dlrectiom in English, French anl Germán, insido of eachpackage. For furtlicr informatifm in Dyeíug, and o:ÍTÍng a perfect knowletlge what colors are best adapted to dye orer others, (with raany valuable recipes.) purchase Ilowe & Stepbens' Treatise on Dein and CVdori&g.- Sent by mail on receipt of price- 10 cents. Manufactured by HOWE ; STEVENS, 260 Broadway, Boston. For sle by Druggists and Dealers enerally. 92&nO Ayefs Sarsapai." Buffalo Testimony. THE fTTDl? Curea PKOPLE'S Vy U tí Lj RheuuiRtism. "I was troubled ffith Rheum.itism for two years sufforing more or lesa every day. I have taken two bottles ofthe'Peopieá Cure,' and have uot had aoy pain since I left it off more tiinn four "weeks ag-o. I c.nsider myselfas entirely cured, and' the medicine has made me feel very light and good- just llke a youtig man though I ara sixty two years oíd. GODFREY BCHEFFEL, 402 Michigan St," "líy wife has been sufft-ring from Rheinnatism of an inflammatory eharacter for about six or seven years Bomcítimea very acutely. About the first of June last she commenced taking the 'People's Cure,' and continued to take it some three weeks. In ten dayn after she eommenced, the swelling and stiffness ofher joints very uiaterially leened, and in three weeks bad disappeared altogether. "THOMAS POI.LOCK, (at W. IL Glenny's ) "Búllalo, October 1, 1862," the rTTOT? Curea PEOPLK'3 OU KJLj Fever Sores. "Two of our subscril one of t hem ailiicted with a bad Fever Sore. the other with Rheumatfsni- having seen the advertisement of the 'People's Cure' in this paper, purcli&sed the Medicine , aud noiv, after having tbor oughly tried it, report to us,commonding it most heartily as a thorough remcdy in their caso. - Editora Christian Advocate. THE fTJT) X? Cures Diseases peöple's yy iJ ixUá of the &&. 11 My face has for more Iban ten yeara beengreatly di.sftgur.ed by truptions and bunches, which at times extended over my whole body, and oncefor three dnys uiadè'mc entirely blind ; but having taken two bottlea of the 'People's Cure,' my acquaintances hadly recognize me - Indeed I hardly know as I am now a well man. Let all who are aliko afllicted try the 'feople's Cure, - the Medicine prepiired by the Sanitary Society- and I think tbey will not begrudgo their dol lar. "JOSEPII POUR, Turner, Mechanic St BuCfalo, Nov. 16, 1862." THK rTTt T? Cures crofula & PEOPLE'3 Vy U IVÜi Salt Rheum. 'I have usö the 'People's Cure' in my fmnily with greüt benefit, 'm cases of Sirofula and Snit Rlieum, and have recoramended it frequently to my f 'ieuds, all of wlium I believe have been treneiitted, and most of them entirely cured by it, CHAS. SCHARFF, 273 Main St.,up-slairs." THE rTTT) Tj1 Clues Female PF.O1 LE'S KJ U XV Cj [WeakafisBes. t(I have been in feeble health ever sinue the birth of my boy, who is now twelve years oíd. I have had many troubles and difficuHie.s, all th3 time, unfitting me for e very kind of labor, and destroying all my cora fort, Last summer I cominönced taking the 'People's Cure, 'and have used four bottles, and am now al most awelMvoman. My difficulties have nearly all disap peared, andl fetl cheerful nnd liappy. "MR3. CATHARINE DEWALD, Drespmaker, Goodell Alley, aboveTupper st. "Bnffalo, Oct. 20, 1S62." THE rTTTJT? Cures ivhen other FÏOPLK'S f U tXJli medicines fail "My wife has been in poor health for a long time havfng frequenUy to callaphysician to atlend lier; but she was recently very much worse. For five or six weeks she luid no apptite, lost all her strength, and was each day growing worse, She had night sweats, coughed a great deal duving each niht and conaiderably daxing the day, and .we úil ïupposed she was going off with the consumption, whon n friend advised her to take the 'Peoples's Cure. On taking tlie medicine she perceived a chango at once. On the thlrd day she had recoveied her appetite, and was fa.-st regaim'ng her strength. uutil, on the tighLli day, not yet haviug taken one bottle, she has stopped the medicine B&ylng she was as well as anybody couH ba, and she ha.s continued so ever since. "PA.UL KLEIN", Gardner, 32 Pearl st. "Buffalo, October 1,1862." For Pale by all Druggist?. Ö22vl . C. CROSBY, General Agent, No. 255 Mam st., BufFalu, N. Y.t to whom all orders should be uddressed. For Ssleby Stkiïbi.vs & Wjlson, Gre.vviljlk & Fcllee, and C. Eeebbach & Co. VTONDERFUL SUCCESS. 45 The attontion & research of the most dis - tinguUhed Chemists and jp'cmns for years have been devotédtotíie production of u rmedy for those most lïistrt-ssing maladies NEURALGIA and Kiu;l'3rT.;M. After long study and many experimenta, a epciujic preparntion has boon discovere-1.. WATSON 'S Neuntlgia King, an Internat J?nty,is,cuxing tkouaaud of casos whereall oth er remedios hará utterly failed. Weare assured thfitit is no mere ANOOYXE," reheving for the moment whiletho causa remains, bat is a perfect SPECIFIC aad CITRK for thofle i:ainful disoases. The vast number of LinimentSj Embrocfitions and Externa! Medicines, wliicli act as stimttJants of the fuirfucc only, are meiely temporal y in their oirects and of doubtful virtue The NEURALGIA KING reacbea the source of all trouble, and eiïcctually banishes the disease from tl)'?system. Prico- One Dollar per Bottle. Propared by C. R. WALKER. 1922 Buffaïo, N. Y., dna Fort Erie, C.W, For ?ale by Sterüixs & Whson, Gue-vville & Fuileïï, ;md C . KiïEhBAtH & Co. NEW F ALL GOODS! I am now recciving my FALL STOCK, p which is laigeand wel! selecttd and marktd at I as usual .. DRESS COODS, íd great varietj, Shawls & Cloaks, WHITE GOODS, G-loves & ELosiery BALMOEAL AND HOOP SKIRTS. and a full STO 'K of all OOsansones @Od2 -ANDCHOICE GR0CER1ES. lïuyors for CASH or PRODUCK will ahvays Qnd most of the Stock largcly undor CBEDÍT PR1CES. J. II. MAYNAED. Ann Arbor, Oct. 16, 186:j. C0d926 GOODS L CARPETS, AND OflL CLOTHS ! JÜST REOEIVED AT HICNION & GOTÏ'S. Atn Arbor Oot. 23d 1363. 327m2 Ayer's Oathai-tic Piiia


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