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BOOTS fc SHOES ! NOBLE & RIDER, Have Juat received at the oïd stand of Wm. 8 Sounders,, .ately occupied by W, S. Smith, ALAEQE STOCK OF BOOTS SHOES, OF THE BEST QUALITY I Wlüch thcy propoao to sell at LOW PRICES FOB, CASH. THEY ALSO I1AKE AID REPAIR, To Accommodale Customers. Please cali and e ammo ihvlr stoet tëefore Purchasing Elsewhere. LAWRENCE NOBLE, CHARLES EIDEK. Ann Arbor, Sopt. yth, 1863. tl922. A. O. LOEB, Are happy to announce to their numorous friends Rnd patrons, that they bfive lately received a. large addition to the ir forraer heavy títockof Beady-Made Olothing, FOR GENTS' AND BOYS' WE AR! We bavu ulso oa hand a LAEGE And Well Selected STOCK OF Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods IIATS, TRUNKS, VALISES&c, &c, And we wouM respecttulïy folicit you to cali anl oxïiraino ünr Goods, before purohusing eifiewberu, as re are conGdent tliat we can sell you üooda CHEAPEK THaSI THE CHEAPE9T AT THE Cleveland Ciothing House. a. & O. loeb. Aun Arbor, ü,iron Stroet, opposile Park, few !oor WestofCooks' Hotel. 927m3 Terrible Slaughter! THE VÏCTORY IS OURS ! "THE! ÜBjTTPIjijES Which bas been raging for the past four weeks at MACK & SGHMID'S TQRE Has p io ved a grand .success, although the slnughter of DRY GOODS Has been terrible. We uow wake the announcement thatweshall continue "Kor Many Yeara" to make war ritfa high pricea, being dettiraiued to give ibe hundP'ds who 'iaily throng our store, f uil value for thelr money, I-adiea can üud with us all dirable shadea aud siylcs of DRESS GOODS, RIBBONS, TRIMMÏNGS, EMBROIDERIES, WHITE GOODS, HOSIERY, GLOVES, &c, With a very large and attructive stock of CLOAKS AND SHAWLS bolow tb-eir "Vl-cto We hear it ?aid overy day that w,j are ruinlng the bu.sinoss iu thii city by sellin so cheap but we cunnct help it, Tlie tioods Must toe Sold. 1000 Now Styleandbest quaüty HOOP SKIRT8 very cluap, and i'ur the Gentlemen we have a vei-j Jarge assoriment of Prench Twilled Cioth. Beaver Overcoating3, Dossktns, Faiicy Cassim. res, Vestinga, &c, Of all dcscripiions, and eau ;irnish a whole suit on short notice mach chuaper thiin it cnn be bought else where. Au exaroinntion of this brancli of uur busi ne.-s willcouviuce uil that Ui is is the place to buy thelr P;inta, Coat 3 and Ves' f. We have also a complete stock of Líidies and Childrcns' Shoes, HATS AND CAPS, And ín fact overything that man or woman cao desiie to wear on head or fbot, Groceries, Crockory. Glassware &c , At astonifihing low prices, and ín nhott our eutire stock must .sliarethe samé fate for we are determined to sell, no matter wbat old croakors may say. All are invited to inppect oür stock as it is no trouble to show our goods, aud wo are bound to meet the deinaiids of all. 032tf MACK k SCHMII). Farm For Sale. CHANCK FOR A BAROAlW, m the town of Konald, I lonia County, Mfch., ir, the best wlieat growing regioniu tho State. This farm coutains 16O a..O3r8.IÏ3Sl, of ohoice land with neventy acres under improvrraf-nt, with soine throe rolles of grood oak lence, It is woil waLored, has a good log housp, a frnmp liorse barn a ! GOOD SUGAR BUSH, and ntbrifty Orrhar'l. It i= well locoted for school and otlur piivilegos. 'iiie owaer beving no belp ot Ij ís own, antUvisliinj? tu loento n tho regiftb of the Univorsity' would likp to exchacge lor propertyin or near the city of Ann Arbor. Address P. O. Box C6, Ann Arljororia quiro of Dr. GKÜ. TRAY. 0i9:n3 Detroit St. , onposito Arksev's aROn bhop. CAME int-' the cnclosure of thö snbficriber ftbout tlif Or-t d;iy of July lst, a thrco venr old Stepr, red and white, with fpread liornB. The owncr is requptcd to prove pro jrty, pay cuarjjc!, u1 tako eaiu f teer -ay. , . . ... BJ17ANT COMJSrHE íírít flM, í. t, 1ÍP.3 M4 A. LAEGE STOCK BEAtTTlJr' UL DRESS GOODS, I.ATEST STYI.ES CLOAKS & CLOAKINGS, FINE SIETA.-WXjS 6 Of th 2W Fattors. CARPETS of all kinds, Cloths, Cassimeres, and Woolen Goods Of all ktnJa for the Winter Tratle, now opening at C. H. MILLEN'S. N. B.- Thls is tho Socono Arrival of Fall au! Winter Goods, and wlü bo ofTsredat cióse figures. Pipase cali 932tf 0. IL M. IébiwbhIbVJísiíSS1 P. B AC H Has reoeived A. LAEGE. STOCK -OFFALL AND WINTER GOODS INCLUDING LATEST STÏXES -OESh.a"wls, Dress Goods and everything for Ladies & Gents We ar. GÜIKG TAST FOR CASH Cali and See ! Ann Arboí, Oot. 18Ö3. SEJVD IN YOIJIl OiiDEKS. f"plIE subscribcr is tnakíng largo preparaüons to I briiiga very extensiva variety of Jruit trees into thla city. as early in the Spriuif as theycaubereinoved. I shall bave for Sii'f, 10,000 Pear Trees, 20,000 Apples Trees. 10,000 Peach Trees, 5,000 Grape Vincs. AIbo - n large assortment of Evergreen; and flowers and shrubs. Orders may be sent to me by cail or otlierwisp T. liuBOI?. Ann Arbor, Düo. 2d, 1663. 4m934. JUS! OPENJNG? The lurgest Stook and best tissortment of CABINET FÜRNITURE ? ever brought to thia city, ineluding SOFAS, TETE-A-TETES, LOUNGES, BED ROOM SETS CENTER TABLES, BUREAUS, CHALRS, Xjools-ing Grlasses Gilt Frames and Mouldings METALIC CASES, etc, &c, ftnd all othcr oods kept in the bost and Imgest houses in the coimfry. We geepnq sconrl hand furnitoie or Auction gnnis. Coffins kept cnnstantiy onhantl.and made to order. J[y goods are offered at THE LOWEST CASH PRICES NT. B. T must bnve menpy, and respectfuly request tbose ntlebtfedj to cali íind fx up thcir oíd matterá vithoit delay. o. m. martin. Ann Arhor, Ött, 0. ÏSCÖ. OJftl' Tobacco! Tobacco ï I AM SEIilNGi GOOD FINE CUT CHEWING TOBACCO Atfroin, Fift-y cents to $1 per pound. SMOKING TOBACCO, Trom 11 cents o 20 cents per pound at retait. M. DEVANY. aei .iV-t, KA., 9tr. 17, ïeoa ssstf DR. RADWAÍ'S PILLS. NEWLY DISOOVERED PR1NCIPLES IN PURGATION DR RADWAY'3 PILI.? ARE THE BET PÜEGAT1T.-: Pii:-s la tho World, und tho only Vegetable Substituía for Ca'orael or Mercury ever discovered. ( oinposed of Vegetable Kxtracts ofCnml, Plnnts, Herbs, Koots nnd Flowors. Thoyl'urgc - Clcansc- l'urify- Iloal- Suoth? - Calffi- Streugihea- Invigoratc- and Kegulate tho System. IJV SVDOEJT ATTACILS OF INFLAMMAT10N OF THE BOWELS, BILIOUS CHOLIC, BILIOUS FEVEU, EETSIPELAS, CONGESTIVE FEVER, SMALL POX, MEASLES, SCARLET FEVEE, BIS TO EIttHCT rZIilifl " WiU purge tho diseaso from tho system ia SIX HOURS. Ifseized with cUhcr of tho abovo-named disoaws, let èlx or tigüt of Dr. Radvays PiLLS bo taken rit onoo. Thit single dose will carry tho pitient out of danger. Xheír continued use, ia smaller doses, will work a curo. COATKD WITH GTJM, rhey are ploasant to lako. They opérate pleosantljr, bcturally, and thoraughly Erery doso that is taken imparis strength to tho enfeebled Fystom. Being perKt purgatives thoy do iiot loavo tho bowels cmtive, or tho palicnt xoedk. OKE OB TWO OF DE. RADWATS PULS Will seouro a gooi appetltc and healthy digestión. TO THOSE WHO TAKE PILLS, )K RADWAY'S riIXSwillbofoundanimprovomeoton ill numere or cathartic pilla In use. Oae or two pilH ■ vill bo found sufücicut to keep tho bowela recular; and ii caso3 whero a brisk onsration U de3lred, SI2 to EIOHf lf 111 in sta; lumrs thorourjlüy purge. ONE TO SIX BOXES WILL CURE COSTIVENESS, DYSPEPSIA, CONSTirATION, MEASLES. CONGESTIÓN, - MELANCHOLT,. IIEART DISEASES, HYSTERICS, DISEASES OF KIDNEY AMENOK.RHCBA, AND BLADDER, FAINTING, DISEASES OF LIVEPv, DIZZINESS, B1LIOUSNESS, ' RUSH OF ELOOO Tt TYPHÜS FEVER, THE HEAD, SHIP FEVER, OBSTRÜCTIONS, MALIGNANT FEVER, EETENTION W ÜEDÍE LOSS OF APPET1TE, DROPSY, INDIGESTIÓN, ACÜTE ERYSIFELAiï, INFLAMMATION, HEADACIIE, PALPITATIONS, BAD BREATH, SCARLET FEVER, INFLAMMATION QS BILIOU3 FEVER, THE ISTESTINE, JACNDICE, APOPLEXY, COKGESTIVE FEVER, ENLARGE.MENT OS SLEEPLESSNES3, THE SPEEN, OENERAL tEBILITY, SCURVY, DIHKESS OF SIGnT, WHOOPING COUGH, FITS, W0RM3, LOWNESS OF SPIRITS, T.AD DHEAM3, QUiNSEY, PLEURISY, Ai ol?o a'! Co?np5tiliits of Women, sooh m Hyittila, liiucjulicDa or WliUcs, Weaken" Ing UlchargC9, CUloiosls, Irrtgularltle, Suppreisioii of Illu Mcnscs. Iiiflainmutloi of tlie Womb or Bladder, DIOicult Jlenstrtiation,anl ai olhcr Diseases orCotnplaints producod by oscesivo dbctairgea or suppression ofthe Mensea. ladii-. who dt-iire to avoid tho aufforinga and Incon. Tculencea of thoso Irregnlarltlea, or nrganic obitruollona, should fot om;.t to reïulato their pyaeim tJ mïajii of ons wo ol'RAD'A AY'S PU.L'i.oiicoor (wlca li wk, :inl thui bo freo from the many and (troat tui ;j_ Mrl-r to which laáios aro gouerally sul'j!'. WEIGH FACTS. nOCTOP. HADWAT Invites tho attenllon of the InUÜlgeut reader to tho fac's Iiero presented, showlug th ttnrlorUy of Iih purgativos, over all otlMr pilla or purgativo medicines in use. THEIR GREAT COMBIN-ATIONS They aro Apericnt, Tonic , Lnx itivo. A'toratiro, SÜma laiit, Counter IrrKaut, yudonüc. AS EVACUAXT3, Tlioj-iiro more certi'n an l thoroujih than tho Drastia Pülsüf Aloo-, or Croton an 1 Hurlcm Oil, or Water i urn ; and moro sootliing a ml liiallDg than Seuati, or llhubarb, or Taniarmds, or Castor OU. A3 AUTERATm, Thcy cxorci?3 a more povrorfut iufluence over tbo 11 ver an itssecretious than c úoinol, mereurytbluopill, henea their impot tanco in cases of Livcr ComplaUiti and pleaa Difflcuiiie-i, Jiiundice, Dyappiwia, Tíüíoih AUacka, Hoadache,&c. In tlie troátmofit 6f Feverd, eíther Bilioiw, Yellow, TyphoiJ, aud other raducLpg Fcvers, they ar superior to qainïue. Their ínfluenca extends over tha entro systoin, controlüiig, strentlicnin, nnd bracla? np tho rülaxed and wasUng cnergies , and rcgulating all tlie socretions to tlio nat'itul performance of tlniir dutias, cleansing and purtfying tiio biood. uod purgin Uyj tbo systein all disea.3ed depoaitj ;uU impuro liuinü. THE CArSS OP PIÏ.KS. A Urgo do.3o of tho Drnstic Hlls will, by irritatlaj th mucoas mombrane, proiuco a violent expulsión of tha contenta in tho Eruweu, but iu so doiug other socrotion aro suspended. In suc!T cases, tho suold wilt ba founA to bc light-coloro'l and water y, and attéoded with cramps( griping paiü3, nau-ea, sicknc3s. Üy tuis increased unnatural actiën of tho b iweis, tho Focretions of tho kid lieya and pancreas aiedi:nini3hed,füllovfi.l by alfoctioiw of tlie kidney.-i, bladder, uretura, pile-, tcuesmuí, georal proátratiou, cosüveueá3, íiud iiitligüiiou. Why Radway's Pilis Curo Small Pos, In Smal 1 Pux, Soirlet Kevor, F.iy.sipelaíi, YeUow.TypboM aud other reducing Fevers, pi'kgatio.v ís highif cssen'ial. But to .idminister a do.e o[ Drasiic Pilis tbo irritation they woui'l produce, amt the rehixation and depletion that woald folio w, would ba iikeiy to pror fatal. If physicians, ia those crnn'. would givo RADWaY'S PILtS, they would alwayá curo th?ir patiants. ín Iheso diseases a mild, soothirig, heling and gntly Stimulatinjí laxilivo ís requircd, vnicU is sc-curoU b ..DWAY'á PILLS. Why imperfect Pilis Gripe. Tho cause of griping. nauseo, sUjkness, umesnius anl deb,hty, is [ndaned b a dose tf drastlc pilis, ia orJng to their impcrfüct operaticn If with theac, thé diseased humors, loltcirculating in thc systein, wero oxpele:J. by these píÜ8, ihoro would bo but Iittle pain or griping. It is tlit; ahsenci ofihc btie and oUinr hnraora vinco the imporfoct pills fail t furgé out oí tlie cytom that occisiciis the pala, lïy examinlag the stnolu oracuated after sev.rc griping tliey will bo Ornid tbiu witl watery. % THE TRÜB PILL3 TO TAKB The on'y safe pilla to uke aro IV. Rodway'a, böcaus they are tho only pills Hmt fiociire pcirg&ttaQ withoMt dopletion, aud czpel aiseascd buinors from tho sysUia. CASE OF DYSPEP3IA CURED. For many yt'ai' I bávo beeii aíflicted with otir naÜoiKit i-omplaiut, cal!- I DyspepaJ i - aiy suífoririys bar b.on a cousUnt sucecsion oí horrórg. 1 hure spent fuousandá of dolltrs with tho hoja of reaiízing a littlo cmifortaLKl tr mquilüiy. All me'lication failed to reliovo mo, uutil I comnnínced to ct up ifi the judicious advico yon gavo me ón tho Oth of April, "lOS. And now, aftor rsing your Pilis, I fcel likc a ñew man. God blesa you, and may thiá letter indtico othur sinfi íng victim. to thi accui:cJ iqalaUy, to Iry the same m í..m. Yourá fervebtU", Vv'. rARPEN'TEIÍ. CAnpKr;.:r:vi;.iTíT X. J., April ICtïï, lS-SJ. Messrs. hativa; L Co. , .V. I'. lÜjf', - ■ ♦etter from Br. Salinos Sklnner, NTBW York, J.muary, 1860. Dr. Rathviy L Oo. : I have, dunng tno pat foar yonrs, imd ynirrcmodies, and baVè iöéo inmended Uu-m lo others ; r Bi nüa COUPLAINTS, iMSQKHTIO, I'VI'Kl' U, &, I rOlllflOf thB líeady Relief au 1 IU-ji. (irg l'illa unrqyaJeJ. Thc rejfvilutinfí Pítls nrc tu.M ki tuelr oprati ■,..- au I O troJfUhr, env.'ctivrt. The first qosb hhouM be Inrgc cno ttfi to nurtr1, -iay fnur or five. BftU 'a-:ii lm owfeiTQ se bafHmlni h Mi. pi 1, until reduced to Ohü, an l ñc i re.eiUal n rj .,tjfof n, treek ur imi diyu. A [ierra lúeiit c.i o tv V. . . 9, .■■ folios. Your. ft&t I'H L ? "' "i' ■ asp lr. Híitfwrñy's PIIIj súklil hy ... ïioi contains 30 LUüs l'i'Ivv '"-1 Uk yate L ■:- For Sale hy BTKBBIMfi & WILSON ! HOWAUP ASSOCÏATION, PHILADEiPHíA,PA. DSscasr s ofthr Víttouí, Scinl:ftV, TJrliií-ry nd Sexual 5fytteirn! rrw and r-lfftDie"Vret ment- in R4pmtR td bhfl IJOVARD ASSuC! iTIOX- 1 Eentbr njai i:i -íle-1. lettej rriv-voR, írco ofcb're. I Afl!rejís,Dr.J. PCILLIN' HCU1TT H.-.ward Af-tííij tion, Xo. i Soiub S'iuth tícret. ï'hiln.,. Pa, 16yl ñyer Cherry Pectoral


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