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How To Keep Beef

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In response to an inquiry lor practical directions how to cure beef, so that t will keep until June, and yet not be too salt for the table, W. B. Dryer, Douglass Co., 111., writes to the Americ nAgriculturüt: For every 100 pounds of beeef, use seven pounds of salt, well rubbed on. Allow the heef to stand in the aalt for tweuty-four horu?; take it from the vessel aud pour off the drippings; then pack closely, and cover with brine, made as foilows : every 100 pouods of beef, -i ouuces of Saltpetre, 4 ouuces of B-icarbotiate Soda, 1 qt Molasses. E. A. Leouard, Defiance Co., Ohio, says : I allow the beet to cool aufficiently after killing, then cut it into eouveuiunt sized piucos for use, and pack t loosely iuto a barrel in wliich 1 have previously placed a quantity of weak bnue. Wlien the uieat is all in, or the barrel fuli, see that the brine covers it. Let it stand two or three days, then take out the meat, throw away the brine, rinse out the barrel, and repack the meat snugly. Make a quautity of brine sufficieut to cover the meat, and strong enough to bear an egg Add 2 ouncea of saltpetre for every 100 pnunds of meat, pour it on the meat, and it will keep uutil hot weather. A subscriben1 in Groene Co., 111., writes: To 8 gallons of rain water, add 2 pounds ofbrowu sugar, 1 quarfe of molasses, 4 ounces of saltpetre, and enough of comruon salt to ruake brine suiEciently strong to float an cgg Rub the beef well with salt before placins it in the barrel. - Then pour over t the prepared brine, and put on it a eufficient weight to keep the beef covered with the pieklo. Each j of the.above contributors says, that Jhe ! uicthod recommended has been triedy j him several years, and the result was every way satisfactory. "Where a considerable quantily of beef is to be cured, it ïnight bo well to try all the abovo ways on different pareéis ; we should like to hear which produces the best articles next May or June.-


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