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tu' American Collecting Agency, No, 2.10 Broadway, New York. Claims of all kind agajnstthe (Jenera Government State (iovornnent, thetffty, öJrprivato partica, prose' cutod and collected at my crpcvsr. andrisk Against rivale partlea I potyeflfl superior facilities for collocting claims evGvywhvro in th United States and Cañadas, relievmg merchantB, aasignees, b.inki'r.i, and others, ol the caí e tnd all ryspousibihty . Special ttention giTWtt to oW debts, hard cases, di, vorios, wills , estates, etc.' Bcing familiar with all the details of the. ' tntrrnal Bevenur. Luw,'' 1 will attend promptly to the collention of drawbacks, and taxew overpaid through ino: "e of the taw, Soldiers' pensions, pay, and bounty secured forthem or their lieirs. For that purpose, and For proseeutïnj claims afcainst tin? (iovernment, ï have a branch offlci at Washington. No charge madeunlefisclaimy are col Ificted. All rfoldicrs discharged by reason of tvounds huwever Bhori ihe timethey havo served - are entitled tn Onn Handred Dollars Bounty. AlUoldiers havingaer ved tvo_vearH,arp entitled to the same. H. The highest murkel price will be paid for sol diers clainiH, and othor demamie against the Genera Government. Information and opinions piven, and investigation made without charge, upoa claims proposodto be placo( Ín my hands. Korparticulars, addronf H. HÜNTINGTON LEE, 9OOtf Xo,'240 Broadway, N. Y THE ROOTS AND THE LEAVES WILL Ijo for the HealiLg of the Natious. Biblc. Ix-cf. H. O". LYONS, TUK GRÊAT AND CELEÜRATED PHYSICUN of thf TUUOAT.LUNGS, HEAKT, L1VKR AND THE Bi.OOI), Known allover Ihecountry aa the CKLRBKATED IKTIDIjA.Kr HEUB DOOTOB I VI 2S2 .Superior Street, Clovolund, ühio. Will visit the following placeo, viz Arj'OIN'l'MEXTS FOK 1862, 1863 aud 1S64. Prof R. J. I.vou can be cousulted at the followinK placPRevery mouth, viz: Detroit, Hussel House, each month, lSthanti 19 tb. Aun Arbor, Monitor House, each inonth, 20th. Jackson, liibbard Houne, 'acli montli, 21. Adrián, lirackot Bouse, each inontli 22daml23d. Toledo, Ohio, Cullins llouie,each montb S4tli 25th audSlith. ' ' HillsdaU, Mich. , HilUdale House, each month, 27th. CoW wator, Mich., Southern Michigan House, ea-h mouih, 28th. ElUliart, KlUhart House, each ruoDth,29th. South Bend, lad., St. Jo. Hotel, each niouth, 30 Laporte, lud., Toe Carden House, each month 31sl. W"uster,Ohio,CranUell E.change .each month 7th :ujd8th. Mansübld, Ühio, Wiler House, each month, 9th and Mt. Vernon, Kenyon House, each moulh, llth and lStli. Newark, Ohio, Holton House, cacb month 13th and Hth, FttiaavilIe,Ohio, Cowlesïlousp.each month 4th C1,!'.YE].ANI, OHIO. ](K?I1'FNSE ANti OFFICE, 282 SUPERIOR STEEET. Kast or the public square, opposite the Poetoflce. Offlesday sacll mouth, lt, ad, 4lh,5t!i, 6th, lölh - Oüice liours from 9 A. M. to 12 M. and froin 3 I'. M lo 41'. M. OnSundayfrom 9 ,audl to SP JI ariMaximsstiictly adhered to- I pive Rnch balm as have no strife, With uature or the Ia of üfe. With bloodmy hands I nevrr stain, Norpoison men toeaae tlieii pain. He is a physician indeed, who Cures. Tne Indian Hert Doctor. R. J.LYONS, cures the fol Uwing compialata n the most obstinate stages of their exifttt'nce, viz: ixeasesof theTliroat, Lungs, Héart, l.iver, Stomach.Dropsy ntheChest, Uheuinatism, Neuralgia, Fits, or Valling Sickuess. and a II other uervi.usderangenieiita. Also alldiseasesof the blood, sucii a 8crofula, Krysipilas, Cancers, Fever dores, Leprosy, and all other complica ted clironic coniplainta. All forms of female difïïculties atlended to with the happ6Rt results. It is lioped that no one will despair of a cure unti] they have given the Indian Herb Ooctor's Medicines a fairand faithful trial. 63i,l)uring the Doctov'i travels in Europe, West Indio, South America, and the United States, he has been Ihe inslrument in üod'fl hand. to retjtore to health and vigor thousands who weregivenup and pronounced incurable by ihe most eminent old schooi pliysicians; nay, more, thouands who were on the verge of the grave, are now living to the Indisn Herb's Iloctor's skill and successful treatment.andare daily exclaimiog: "Iilessedbetheday when first we saw and partook of the ludían Herb Doctor's medicine." i-atisfactory referencesof cares will be gladly and cheorfully given henever required. The iíoctor piedles his word and honor, that he will in no wiae, directly or indirectly, induce or cause any invalid to take his medicine without the strongest probability of a cure. i8" Mode of examination, which ís entirely different from the faculty. Dr. Lyon professos to discern diseases by the eye. He therefore asks noquestionn, nor doeshe require patientsto explain symptoms. Cali one and all, md have thesymptoms and location of your disease explained free of charge. L_The poor shall" be liberally considered. jeÉPostoülctíaddress, box 2063. R. J. LYONS, T. Cleveland, Ohio. Nov. 55, 1862. lyS80 THE OREAT AMERICAN TEA C0MPANY, 51 Vesey Street, New York; Pince itfi orgauizatiun, has created a new era in the histor y of Wholesaling Teas in tl is Country, Thry have iutroduced tlieir selectious of TEAS, and are seüing tbem at not over TWO CENTS (.02 Cents) per pouni above Coat, Ncoer devia'ing from the OXE PRICE asked. Anotherpeculinrity of theCompany is thattheir Tea TasTBR nol. only de votes liis time to the selection of 'hñír TEAS as to quality, valué, a ml particular styles for particular lncalities of country, but he kelps the Tra buyer to r.hoose nut oftheir enormous stock such Teas as are best adaptedtothcir particular wants, and not only tljis, but pninls out to him the bcMhaigains. It is easy to sec the incalculable ndvantnge a Tea Ba y er has in tlii.s establishment over all others. I( he is no judge of Tea,or the Market, f his time is vMuable, he hftfl all tlie benèflta of a ffell orgaoized gystem of rloinj business, of an immense capital, o thejudgement of a professional Tea Taster, and the knowlelgf: of superitir salesmen. This enables all Tea buyera - no matter if ihey are thousan'ls of from this market - to purchaseon as good tenas here as the New York merchantis. Tarties can order Teas and wí'l be seived by us as vèll aa thougb they carne tHemaelvíB, befng uure to get original paekagss, true weights, and taxw; and the Teas ara Warranted as representad. Wc issue a PriceList of tlie Compfiny's Teas, which Tvill be sent to all who order it; oomprifliög Hyson, Young Hyson, Imperial, [Gunpo-wder, Tvvankay and Skin. OOLONG, SOUCHONG, ORANGE & HYSON PEKOB. JAPAN TEA or every deacription, clored and uncolorpti. Thislisthaseach kind of Toa dmdedinto FOUR ClanBes, munely: CABfiO, high CAllGO. FINE, FINíJtíT. that every one may uñderttftncí fiom description and the priees annexed that the Company are determined to und rsell the whole-Tw trade. We guarantfe to m] ALL our Tviw tt not over Twn Cents (_2tCENYTri) per poiuid abovccosc, belioving tilinto be üttractive to the many who have herctolbre l'.(;cn pajiag oaormous proflts. GKEAÏ AME11TC N TEA COMPANY. Importers :nul Tobbcrs, 3m91Sl No. 51 Vesey Street, New York. SCHOFFF1Ö L L E R A RESTII.L ONUAND at thcirold Stand, A No. 2, Frauklin Block, with the most complete assortment of Books and. Stationery, PERFUMERIES, PANCY GOODS, WALL AND WINDOW PAPERS, SIIADEiS, ROLLERS, CORDS, TASSELS, GILT CORNIOES, CURTÁINS, IIOOKS AND PINS, STEREOSCOPES & VIEWS &c. Ever oifevod in this Market ! and they would sugfjest tothosoin pursuitcfanythingin SANTA CL A US' LINE that they can Becurc a Doublé Christmas Present ! bypurchasing from tliiö stock, as ea-ih purclxaser gets ar additional present of Jewelry, &c , llanging invalue irom 50 ets. to $50. tfy Tlieytrtist that theirlong experionce inselecting goodsfoithis maiket, and strict attention to the want ofCustomers,may entitle tbem tu a liberal share oPatronage. Ayer's Cathartio Pilis. THE ALL SUFFICÍEríT THREE. THE GREAT "AMERICAN REMEDIES," ICmowii ng " Hclmboltl'8 " OEWtTÖffE PREPARAIIOWS, VI Z: HEI MBOLD'S EXTRACT " WOCRC," " SAUSAPARILLA, IMPfiOVED ROSE VVASU. HELMüOLD'S GEN ÍNE PBEPARATIOJÍ, Y CONCÉNTRATE" COMPOUND FLUID EXTRACT BUCHU, A Positive and Specifie Remedy, i'or Diseases of the BLADDER, KIDNEYS, GRAVEL AND DJIOP3IOAL SWELLINGS. This Medicino norftses toé prnver of DHpstion and excites the ABSORBENTE toto healthy cli T. brwMeh HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUGHU FOR WEAKNESSES Arising from Excesses, Habita of Dissipation, Eariy Indiacretion, or Abuse, ATTENBED W1TH THE FOLLOWING SYMTOMS : Iudi.iposttion to Exertion, Loss of Puvver, Loss of Memory, Difficult of Breathiug Weik Nn-03, Tremuling, Horror of Disoase, Wakefulnes, Dimness of Vision, Pain u the Back, l'niversal Lassiüide of the Fluêhioj of the Body. Muscular System, Kruptions on the Face, Hot Hands, Pallid Cuuntenance. Hrynoss of the Skin. These symptoms, if allowed to go on, wliich tliis medicine nvariably removes, soon fpüow IMPOTENCY.FVTUITYEPILEPTICFITS Id one of which the patiënt may expiie. Who can say tlmt they aio n Jt frequent ly [olio wed by tbose "direful diaeasoa," Insanity and Coasumption Many are aivure of the causo of their sullering, hut uone iviü confofcs. The records of the Insano Asvlums and the melanehuly (lc;ith by Consumjition, bearainple witness to the iruth of the a.ssertion. THE CONSTITUTION, ONtE APFECTED WITfl ORGANIC VfEAKNES, Requires the aid of medicino to strengfhen and invig orate the &y stem, whioh HELM BOLlf's EXTP ACT BUCHU invartably does. A tria' wiil convmee the most skeptical. Females, Females, Females, OLÜ OR YOUNG, SINGLE, MARRIED, OR CON TK.MPLATIXG MAKRIAGE, In many aQjctions peculiar to Females the Extract Buchu is uuequulled by any otlier remedy, as in Chlorosis or Retention, Irresgilarlty, Painfutoess, 01 Suppreasion of the Customary Evacuations. Ulcei-ated or Scliirrous state of the Uterus, Leuciir#, 01 Whites, sterihty, and lor all comptalnts incident to the ex, whetlior arising from lndiscretion, Habita of Dissipation, or in the Deolino or Chango of Lile. SKE SY1IPT0MS AHOVK. NO FAMILY SHOULD BE WITHOUT IT. Take no Balsam, Mercury, or l'npleasnnt Medicine for Unpleasant and Uangerous Diseases. HELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCBU CURES Secret Diseases. In all their stages ; atliitle expense ; littlcor no change ia diet ; no iuconvenience. AND NO EXOSURE. Tt causos frequent tlesire, and gives streiiirtli to UrinaU', thiii'elt3rremovinji obsíructioníí, iireventin and curirvj-Stnct ures of the Urelhra, allaylztg pain and in[lnmmation . Ro freijiioiit n this class ol diseaseaf and expelHug POI.SONOUS, DISEASED AND WORJS OUT MATTER. Thousands upon Thousands WHO HAVE BEEN THE VICTIM OF QUACKS, And who hsvo pakl HBAVY FEES to b curedina hort tinte, have fftund tbey weredeoeived,and thi the 'l'oisnfi" lias,by the use íf "Powerful Astringents," teen dvied up in the system, to break out in an aggra vated form,aml PEItHAPS A f ter MARK! AGE. USE Helmbold's Extract Buchu For all AfTections anct Pisease.s of The XJi"inary OrganS' VVhether existing in MALE OR FEMALES, from whatever cause originating, and no matter OF HOW LONG STANDING. hseases of these Organs require the aid of a DiruKTic. Helmbold's Extract Buchu IS THE GREAT DIÜRETIC, Ad it is certnin to have the desired effect u all Di seases, for which it is reconimenikd, BLOOD ! BlJÖÖD ! BLOOD! Helxnbold'fl Ilighly Concenlrated Compound Fluid Extract Sarsaparilla SYPHILIS. This is an affection of the, Blood, nnd attaolvs i!:r exuil Organs, I.inmgs of tlie Suao, Kars, Tliroat, iVindpipe, and otlier Uu en 6 Surfitrcs, makmgitfi ap learance in thü form of Ulcers. Helmlmld'n irxt.üct ■ariiaiiarilln purifits the Blood, and remove.j all Scaly rujitioiJH ot the to (he Complexión a lear and Iiealthy Color. It being prepared fxprenaly "or this class of cnniplaints, it Blcocl-rurüying l'rojerties are preserved to a greater extent tnan auy )tnër pveparation oí fiarsnparilla. He!mbold'slïose Wash. inexcellent Lotion for.Diseases ctf a Sypliiltic Nature, nul as an injection in lineases of the Urinary (irgans, irlsing from habite of dUsipatfon, used in connectlon .vilii the Kx tra cis Jiiu'hu and ia raap a ril la. in Huch diieases as recnniniendel. KviiU'iire of themost responsible and reliahlechacictcr v.ill accoiupany the medicines. CEUTIFICATES OF CUKES, From eight to twentv vers standing, with names ïnown to SCIENCE AND VAME, For Medical Propartlesof BUCH&, see Diapensatory 3f the Lnited Slates. See Professor VEWEES' valuable works on the Praetice of Physic. See remarUsinade by the laie celebrated Dr. PEY SICK, l'hiladelpbia. Hee rc-marks made by Dr. EPHftAIM McDOWRLL, i celetn-ated Ph yeldan, and .Member of the Ruyal College j f Burgeons, Ireland, and publlahed intheïranlactions of the KingaHil Queen'n Journal. Hee Mfdico-Cirurgienl Review, published by IÏENJAMÏN TRAVERS, Fellow of the Hoyal College of Sur;eons. 8ee most of the late Htaurïavd Worlïfi on Medicine. Extract Brouu, $1 00 pkb iíotile, or -six fok $5 00 " 1 CO " (t 5 00 mproviïo TÏokWasii, 50 " ( 2 50 Dr half a dozen of each for 12 00, which wiil be sulü;ient to cure the most obstinate cases, ic directiens are wihered to. Delivered to any address, securely pached fromoblerv'ation. t Describe symptoma in all Communications. - Cures guaran teed. Atlvice gratis. A Fï IDA VIT. Persnnally npppared before mdan Alderman of tl:e ïityof Phrlidplph(a;H. T. Qelkbold, who, being duly iwovn, doth sny, his prepara tionfl ctntain no narcotU', lo mercury , or other injuriou.s drugs, but are purely vegetable. B. T. HELMB0LD. Sworn and Mibscribed before me, this 2d day oí fïovembtr, 1H54. WM I'. HIBBAKD. Aldermsin-, Nintb-street, above Race, Phila. Address Letters for nfornuition in eoniidence. H. T. HELMBOLP-, Chmlat Depotl04 South Tentli-stieet,below Chestnut, Phila. BEWARE OF COUNTERFEITS AND UNPRINCIPLEP DEALKRS, ft'ho endeavor to dispose " OFTHK7R OWN " and 'other" nrti tiles onthe lejiutationatuiined by Helmbold's Genuine rrepajatiQaflj " " Extract Buohn, " " " KarKJiiinrilln, " " Ini]rnvod RoseWaBh. Sold by all Prugists cverywhere. ASK FOR HELM BOLD' S-TA KE NO OTHER. Cut out the i'lv.irtifiemfnt, nnd srtd for it, ANÏ 4VOW IMFOPJTIQff AND LXrOBURBt H7&SÏ I aro Bound for 1. GUITERMAN i CO'S ! Disputo tlic íact if yon can, It takes tho TAILOK after all to givc appcarance to the outer man. If yon vviah to appear well You must accordingly Dress Well. Go to M. Guiterman & Co's,, Tbero you will fiad things exactly SO [ SONDHEIMa.lvays ready to take your mensure, GUITERMAN will sell you Goods with great pleasure, At figures LOWER tban you will find in i he State, Take heed - call early, else vou are too LATE. The INDÜCEMENT8 are uovv greater than everj Our Clerks you will find obliging anc clever. We will show you good CLOTHING oí our own obttikg ui, Filliug our Store f rom Bottom to rop STUDENTS especially will find it to THEIB ADVANTAGK, For it taken but L1TTLE MONEY to replonieh. 1500 OVERCOATSof Oloth, Beaver and Bear, Warrunted for alinost ever to wear. COATS of Cíoth and Cassimere of our OWtl IMPORTATION, Forwardod through our New York relations. From England, Belgium, Germany and Frunce, Suoh as you can rtand üp ín, or wjsar at the dance. Pants ! Pants ! ! Pañis ! ! ! Fancy CASSIMERES and DOESKIN oí everv grade, We sell them froïn ONE DOLLAR up tO EIQIIT. VESTS, &C, of every description, You will find it so without fiction, Furni.-íhingr appauels From SHIRTS to UMBRELLAS. This is all we say now, Therefore we make our bow. Youra truiy, ever so, M. QÚITKRMAN, & Co., Would take thia mctliod ofiufurniing his olil friemis and )atrons and all otlKTS wlui may favor him with their patronage, tbathehasgreatlyaptarged liis Stock and Ássortmeat ! and havlng adopted tho CASH SYSTEM BOTH IN BÜYING & SELLIN6 is prepared to sell Goodí at ïloasoiiablo 3F3TÍC5O1BÍ His Klock consista in par ol che follcnviug: gS, AMERICAN AND OTIIER ir "Watches ! 8SM SETHTHOMAS ULOCKS! Fine Jewelry Setfs GOLD CIÍAIN8, TA.BLE AND POCKET OUTLEltY ! PazorSjShearo, @cissar8ani3 Bmshes, ROGKRS l'LATEDWAKE, tbe best in market, Gold Pens, fteel Pens, Pencils, PAI'ER and ENVELOPES, Musical Instruments, Siringa &( Bonl;s for Instruments, of Gold, Silver, Steel, and Platcd, with PERISCOPIO GLASS, a superior article. Persons having dlfflcult watches to fit with glassos can be uccomoilated, as iny stock ia largeJand corapío te. I. S. Particular attentíon to the of all kimla cif lino Watclics, such as Makitig and Setting new Jewels, Pinions, Staffs, and Cijlinders. Alsn CLOGIKS, Sc TE-WELR-ST neatly ropaired and 'waranted, at his oíd stande&st 3ide of Main Street. C. BLISS. Ann rbor ,Nov. 25, 18C2 826Í1 Por Rats, Mire, Raadles, Ants, Bert Bugs, Mollis lu Pura, Woolcns, &c. IiiskIs oh Plants, Powls, Animáis. Síc. " Only inlalliblo rt-medies known.'1 h Free Crura poipona." " Not daogorous to tho Human Family." " Kalfi eome out oí their holes to dio." ÜQT FoM Wholesale In all largo c ties. Pold by all Drugfflsts and Retailers overywliore. flLjr ! ! ! Hkaware ! ! ! ofall worlhlcss tmítatlons. JQ&'Xotï that ''CostakV name is on each Box, Bottío and Flask, bpfore you buy. Addivsa HESBY R COSTAR. Wi'nncipal Hcpct, No. 42S Uroadwav .Vtw York. IT.oli! by all the Wholesale nd lletail Urugiíists, Ann Albor, Mich 915in3 JJissotiition Wotice. m-HEFIRMOl'CIIAl'IN, WOOP & CO., wns dissolted -1 Janiiary 16, lftü.'!, by mutual consent. C. A. Chapín ind A. B. Wood will stttle tlieaccounts of tlie lirm. C. A. OíAi'i.v, A. B. Wood, V. CttáHH, E. Wells. Ann Arbor, June 24, I?fi3. Oopartnérship. TTE DN-DERSIOXED entered into partncrshir Jan. 18,136!, by tl'.o f.rm jiame of Chapín & Co.,and will continue tiio buKÍneR3 of manufacturinj? printing luid wrapping paper. C. A. Cimpin, N. Ciiirm,


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