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Counsels To Youth

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Let youth ever remember that the journey of lifo presenta few, if any, obstaoles in its path wliioh will not overeóme. No talents, Uowever gpeat, will be of much value to tlieir possessors without careful using; many a youth has failed oí being any benefit to himself or others, solely because he made no effort to iinprove the talents God had given him, and others have áruined themseives by too groat efforts, while a third olass, possessing talentg tbatmight have enabled them to beoome blessings to others, have turned their course dowriward, and sunk in everlasting night. Youthful reader, remember that it s in your power to beloug to either of these classes, and on yourself rests the happiness or misery consequent upon the decisión you make. The virtues or high standing of parents or wealth may, for a timo, gild over the faults and follies of youth, but gooner or later each must staud on his okh merits. Ho then, whorisks his future well being on auything short of the highest aims and purest principies of moraiity and truth, is like the man who built his house uion tho sand, and will find, when it is too late, that the strong current of the flood of ovil will surely take away his frail foundation, and loave him a wrecked and ruined outcast i'rom society, or at least an eoemy to himself and his kmd, - Boston Cultivator. 5?" Tho great secret is to learn to ! bear vvith each otbpr's failings ; úot to bo blind to tbern - that is oitbor aD 1 hnposfctbnily or a fotff.


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