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Bounties And The Draft

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U asiüngson, Jan. 6. T!ie SecMary of War, iu a lfcttcr se couipunyitig the message says : "No oüo eioms to doubt the necessity of inereafing the military iorew for tbo speedy teruiinaiiou of flie febellion ; and, alihtiigli much diSoroD.e of opinión exista t tu the rjmtPin of ïaisiiig troopa by Vvlutitcer?, ni.d paymcut of bouutrea and the yst. m of raising nn adequate force by dráft ; yet two tliirgt ave certain. First- That whatcver niay bo the veight of argunjent, or the iuflueuce of individual opiuion, a large portion Of the peoplc in every Statu prefcr the method of coatribtttiög their proportioj of prjp erty by bouuty to voluiitoorf, rathcr thn Ii sit. And Seooiid - That reteran soidiorê, nho havo btcomo iüured to the servieo, even when paid bounty, ooustituto a cheaper forco tliaa raw rocruits or meo without bcunty. Tue iufi'rmation received by the War Departmeut trom the armies in tho field prior to tho pueage of the resolutiou of December kat, icdicated tbat a very {rge proportion of forces now ia the ser vico would have cheerfully re cnüsted fr threü ycurs, uader tbe Mrma amhoriaed by this department, and such enlistmciits, have been chcoked, and wiü, in n great raeasure, ba put to an eud by the restriction iuiposcd by tco action of Congres-;. If any HmiUtion fhould be imposed upon the pttytaeut of boun'ies to encourge the cnlistmeot of vettran forces uow iu the field, it ougltt not to be sooiitr than tin ürst of Febmarv. The Prowbt Marshal General says, after great sbov, the volunteer servies, under the President'a oa!l, is fairly iu mocees. Letters, all dated between tlie 20th and tho 2itli of December, from the departmeutg of the rocruiting service, ia e'xtron State, are, ia the inain, very 'en couraging. As to the prospect of getting a large nuinber of reeraits by vohiuieer ouüptments, several of the States werc in ft fair way to raise the quotas assigiied tx them. Tho act approved December 23, 1S63, foi bidding, after January 5th, tte payment to voluritecrs of all bountes exeept the $100 auihorized by the aot tf IStíl, was not kcowu at the time these favorable reports were made to ino. I have no doubt that the effect of the act will be to check, f it does uot stop, sihtmeuis. Of the $100 bounty provided by the act of 1861, but, g-J5 can be paid in advance, the $75 beiug duo ouly after two years of service. It took somo time after Oetober 17th to get the poo ple rouaed to the subjeot of voluuteering. They are now uiost oarnestly engagd in it, and I have reports for Octooer and November, aud a part of December, showing that 42,529 uien have been enlistad, and the daily average of enlistrnontf is increasiug under these circumstanees. I respeotfully suggest the propricty of a reconsideration of the act forbidding boutities after January 5th.


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