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The Exchange Of Prisoners

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Washington, Jan. 5. . The Tribuut special sajs : " The íniseion of Gen. Butler here has a much wider reach tliau has vet boen stated, and relates tofuture plans of the utmost importancc, the nature of whioh must re main secret uutil subsequent action on the part of the rebels oause their developmont. Gen. Butler had a protracted interview with the President, Secretary Stanton and Gin. Halleck, and is undertood to have recoived their ondorscmout of his proposed course, and had full power f ven hirn to carry the same iuto effect, 'hat all rebel prisouers, about 38,000 in number, are to be transraitted to his department is true, and that retal iatory measures to a proper and legitímate extent havo been determinad upon. There is also embraced in Gen. Butler's scheme move in the game whieh tho' rebels littlo think of, and whieh cannot fail to brinj them to the terms. He has proparod a counter-move to every possible oontingency, and whether they refuse to hold communication with him or not the result will ba the samo. Other specials are of the same tenor on tho same subjoct."


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