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- _ -"- itiLvmBmBtL.vBÊmtamiamÊÊ-mmmmm IN THISCITT, .Lady'. Gold Bracelel. The owner eau have the samo by proving property and pajine for this advcrtiKinent. ,938wl L. B STWART. Ann Arhor, Ja. 6th, 1804. SherifiPs Sale. T)Y ViRÏT'K of an execulion issucd out of and under -LJ the seal of the Circuit Court for the County of 4 V2?.W ' !U"1 1" me directed , bearinj; date, Joly 15th , A. 1 1863, agmnst the Soods and chattlos, or for the wutthwjol the tanda and teoementi of J. Gilbert Smith and WilliamH. Maynard, I have Ihis day lvje; ponani stlzc-rtalltliBrighttitle and interest ofj. wiMrt Ètaith fa and to tbefoUowiog doaerfbed premiíñi i -7 i ,-ein? allthrtain tract or parcel of land sHjiatod in the City of Ann Arbor in the County 01 WMUnwuj Stace of Michigan, known, bounded ""■ foilaw, to wit: Boing Lot number rou (4 in blook tUree (3) south of Huron street in iwtlPi'h v n SiX ['i] MSt ríiZ o tho Recorded pUt of tho lUage, n„w city, ol Ann Arbor, beinK einh 8 rod on F. tl, street andíiztem [IR] rodi on William il i ' i wh'cl Prmso I shall exposé forsaleas the law direct at the front door of the Court House n the Ci y of Ann Arbor that being the place for hold mghetircu, Conrt for 9aM County „f Washtena,v on hatuntay the firth Bjr of DswaiW, A. D 1863 a tenoclock in the forenoon ofi4y' ' ' Octobor. 5th 1PC3. PHIIJP &AB, ShorifT. DMhláSTlt?ilii"h!ríyKtf0n-d until Saturday, Uec. lOth, at the same place and time of day Ann Arbor, DccSth.Uc"11'"""1"'11''Tho above sale is hereby (urther postponed until Mon. ' An Arbo,; Deo. 1SHh, ("XECÍ' S!'"im The above ale i., h.reby further postp-nod to Mon■ .i) , Janoary th, 18S4 at the same j.lace and time of tte bcive rale h horeby fUr(hr pos(po:.ed unt &dÍí"ttMP3Sth'ÍW' ■■ PU.. N. AonArbor. Jan. 4, l86f ' " SheriiI' U. S. IJÏTEENAI EEVEiiüÊ TAX AND LICEN'SE NÜTICE. THIRD DISTRICTOP MICHIGAN. _ Notice is hereby giTen that all Tnxes, Du ties and Lieenses ossessed upon persons re SMiing or aüiiig business in the Tliird Gollec tion District of MieKtgan, l.nvo beconie due and paynble, and that I shall altend in per son, or by Depnty. to receive payment of said 1 axt'3, Duties and Lieenses, at 'the folbwinr named places, on the daya hercin specified11 Washtenaw Connty. 8th división -At the Deputy's office, in Chelsea, tor the towng of Ly„dtn, Svlcan bharon, Jlanehesler, Bridgewater nnd'Freedom from th 4tli to the 16th of January, 1864, cxcepting the 5th and 6tb. when the Deputy will be at the Manchester Hotel, in .Manchester, for the accomodation of perseas in that part of the División. Daniel C tenn, Deputy. 9th División- At the Deputy's office in Ann Arbor, for Ihe city of Ann Arbor and for Ihe towns of Ann Arbor, Norlhfield Webster, Dexter, Lima, Seio and Lodi, from the 4tb to the 16th of January, 18C4, exeeptine the tli when the D.puty will be at the Mently Hotel, in Dexter, for the accommodaof persons in that part of the División AkCBKW Bell, Deputy. Iih División.- At the Store of Sliowerman & Bro., in YpailttBti, for ;he city of Ypsüanti, and for the tewns of S:ilom, Superior, Ypsilanti, Fittsfield, Augusta, York and Saline from the 4lli to the lOth ef Jni.uary. 1864 eieeplirig the 5th, yhea the Deputy will bé at the Store of David Blackniar, ol Saline, for icoommodation of persons in that part of the División. Cicïbo JIillingto.v, Deputy. N. B.- Tho FxeUe Laws require that 10 ler cent. beadded to all sums due and unMJd after the days herein mentione.i for pay. ment, and that all taxes be paid in Trcasury Jiotes. } IRA MAYHEW .■ ,% S"}]pcfot Third Di.trict of Michigan. Aloton, De". 31), 185.3. 9332 BRAZSBURT'S New Scale Piano-Fortes. ITNTRECKDKNTKI) SÖfeCESS ! KEVEN FJRST PÍ1JZES 1 ïereived mbn f,.ur w..,.ks :. Froia New Jersey State ait.A! rttara,N.J ; from Nw YorVtjtaV Fair , ' "-.-V V.; fromOhio State Fsk, m Clwtond, ,. leOKSjlrani. Sute Fair, at tforristown Pa.; mil 01 State Fair, atfDeoatar, 111. ; indiana State Fair t indianapoli,, [nd.: from the Amenoso Instituto Fair n,l K H r rl!-Jltdi: liotttt, Bng, Reames, rom une of the jurora : eivedtht Gold Medol ! i congratúlale jou upon be'.'fr.VJ',?1;?1"' c"n'pelitor f,.r tUe FIKST l'RIZE OLD MfcPAL for the BEST PIANO TOI'.TIC, at the ir of the American Inatitate at the Aoademy of Mule. our intruments rCLtt HÏH1T tlii.i award for leir nchly bnautiiul, voliiminoui tnne- 30 powerful GOTTSCHALK, 'ho celebrated Pianist, sayn of thm : '■1 hare examinen! with (írkat cí&n Mr. Wm. B. Bradory'i SiY Sc.K 1'IiKO-FoïIKS, anditil my opinión hot thev irf very suptrcur iiutrumtnf . Ijliare especuly remarkoj thcir thorni!Rh wcrknianship, and the o-,vor, parity, richnesa xn'l pqmlitj of their tooe. I ecommend. llierefore, these in.sti-umeuts to the public n general, and doiibt not of their ucoo. L. M. UÓTT3CHAJUE. New York, July 12, jsef. Tlie mor.t eminent of the musical profeü t.f N'ow ork have alio ([Ten the most unqualiSni testin.onials n f-wor oi them ins'raments. Send lor n Circular. E. BIIADBURY938 So í' BroomeSfc.N. T. BLACÏÏÏOOD'S MAGAZIHTE. AND THE BBITiSIl REVIEWS, PRICES CHEAP AS EVEB, TO THOSK WHO PAV PROMPTLY IN ADVANCE. Postage Eeauced ? ? PREMIUMS to NEW STJBSCRIBERS [?otwithlttndfn the cot of Keprintiug thete Periodicala has mnre than d-iu'jled in consequ'ïnco of the enornioi:5 riso In th pttcfl of 1'aj.r and oí a general advance in all otber exprns,-6 - nn.i notwithslandiDg oiher publifihor are reflucing tijti sii-or inireasing the price of their publications re sliall cotitinue for tho ycar 1864, to fMrnish onra complete, as heretofore, at tho oíd latos, Tiz l-, 1 THE LONDON' QÜARTEKI.Y (Conserralivi). TRE rniNBÜRGH REVIEW (Whij!. THE XORTH HR1ÏISH RKVIKW (Fnc Chuict), TIIK WESTMINIÍTER REVIEW (Libera!). BLACKWOCUVS KüfNRUIÍCrlI MAGAZJNf. (Torj). TEiiMS. Per Ann. For any of the four líeviews $3C0 FT any íwo o f the four lïe views 5 oO For any tliree of the four Reviews 7 00 For all í'our of the Reviews 8 00 Kor lílaetwood'ii Magazine 3 0) For Blackwood and one Review 5 00 For Blackwood aml two Reviewv-.-.. 7 00 For Blackwood and three Review. 9 00 Fyr Ulackwood's aiid the ldiir Reviews 10 f.0 POSTAGE. The posfae to all parts of the United States ís now oniy Fifly-sSac Centt n Ycar lor th WIiolc Flve Fubllcntlor.8, viz : - tn-etiiy-fi.ur centa ;i vcar ror Btaokwöod and o;ily JSlltt ccinS u Year for a Itcvlt-w. PostagQ ia payaiile at tho ofíico where ihe nuinbcrs are rcceived. Nfïw Pubscribera to any two of the Periodicals for 1864, wil I rcceivo as a pretzitnm thoir choíce of an}r onc ol tlie four Reviews for 1S63. Subscribors to all five li ill .fccfíve thoir choice of any two of the four Reviows for 1803. Subscribers to any orall the works for 1SGÍ, may procure any of tho four Reviews for 1863, to which tiiey may not be entitled as premiums, at $1 a year encli . irThfiThird Edllin;í thftSentember Nuniber of Iílackwood containing an article by an Knglish officer whü was present at tb Buttle of Crcttyslouïg, is Hay ready,price 25 cents. Remittancefl and communicaiious nbould beaddresscd to LKONAKT) SCOTT fcco., Publishers, Ko. 38 VViilkerSt.jbet, Bioadwayaud Church Sts. We Pablteh the FARMER' GIT IDE. Bi Hb.vbt Stbpuenb of Edinburgh and th lat J. I'. NoBTO-f, of Yalo Colisa 2ola. Rojal Octaro,lMO pages Htid Dttmenmi bjigravinqs. rUICE, M f"r 1he two TthHBM. By Mail Í7. Ktf I,. 900TT . CO. PR08PECTU3 FOB 1864 THE WOBLd, UNION OF TH, Wo'bTTahd inQ„s The Woeld, to which the New York n , lrus has been united, has to-dav fl ''■ theaggregatecirculation of anvDm,, tiniB conservative nswspaper. It addre? '? alonn. more than 100,000 subscribí'11 constant purchasers, .D'p reaches at ? f4 a m,i,0„ readers. With the steadv "( in circuiation wWch it now enjoya tí, reUl bers will soon be doubled. Ñothirm 1 M this should satisfy those who be T only liope of restoring the Union a,,,l "" thority of the Constitution overa no ■'", l' ted and divided country. ,iesin wres erfrom the hands of those whosé f, gPw' has helped to prvoke, invite, and JS"1 war; and tliat to accomplish tnh ,s"" means is so efïective as the diffasio u ' "' able and enterprising, newspapèr, o political knowledge among the workL J" the tlnnking men, and tho ïtotin m, , l' North. ' the Enterprise, industry, and money wi„ , hberi-lly expended to make THE WORI n f1 BEST NEWSPAPEK IN AMEIUp,0?' news from every part of the World win T early and autlientic. Wherever the i graph cxtend, or the railtoad runs ort boats ply it win gather the latent S' gence. It has a large 9tÖ of accompfi correspondenta witli all the Federal arm" who will telegraph and write to us all th f1 test news frora the various seata of war f has correspondent and rpoiters in everr litical and commercial centre in Ameriej j Europe, ishose letters and dispatcliM ,' leave nothing worthy of note unknown i? readers. w The Maekkt Repobt3 of the Woarn more complete than those of any other n. pa]er. The Editors invite eompariwa ia respect and p.iint to the reports of the Catn Markets, the general and country Prr, Markets, and the Money Market in t, ..? unins, as proof of its excellence nthisresn., The World has also a special departnienu v„ted to Agriculture, fiüed with editorial u ticles, Communications from praticar farnn and. selected matter, making a üaluable jS usefal iper for the Farmers aad MeshaJ of the country. w Tlie war In which the nation is engtiol against armed and infatuated Rebels, and tl radical policy of the administratión wto prolonga it, have conspired to bring tomtU upon one platform all conservative, ünk loving and Constitutjen-loving men, óf u ever former name and cred. Many' of k, who, within the limits of the Oo'astituüoi fonght the battles of the ballot box underlki leadership of those patriotic statesiaen ofoib er and better days. Henry Clay and te Webster, together with" the niassea wbou priaciples were those of such patriota as it drevv Jackson and William L. Marey Silii Wright and Stephen A. Itouglas, now'stinl shoulder to shoulder upon the saa pbi, forrn and under the same banner. The plu form is a plain one. It is to restore tli Union, maintain the Constitution, and force the Laws. Whatever makes fox Uj end, the exercise of force or the polier cl conciliation, THE WOKLD will advoóli whatever makes against it, THE WORlj will oppose. It will oppose every enemy to THE UB. ION, whether armed in rebellionat the Soalh or insidiously planting the seeds of diiuoioi and esaential disloyalty at the North. It will oppose every violation of THECOJ' 3TITUTION, vl]ich is the only hope ut bond of Union, and our only authority for n, horting or compelling the allegiance of ik South. It will oppose every infrctm of THE LAW, in high places or in low, by reefcta and misguided partisans, or by the admití. tration whih has S8en tbeir example. „ It will fearlesly esercise the freedom o( ihe Press ; it will constantly uphold aod k fend Freedom of Speech and Freedom of w Balloi. To the lawless acts of of the Administnlioi ts arbitrary and unjust arrests and e;pt .riations, its denial of the right to the irritil tabeas corpus, its Ilegal proclamations, itnbrogation of State and federal laws, its despolc accumulations of ungranted power, and i subversions of the safeguards of civil and p sonal liberty, it will constantly oppose tb etter and the spirit of our suprema law ui the adv.ocaoy of sound. d.octrine, until Ame CBn freetaen sball e roused to the recovsj of their rigbts, their liberties, their laws,mö heir limiterl and. well-balanced governmn!, by the resistless deeisian of the ballot. Profoundly impressed with the desire ti contribute aÜ that it may to the great mtl of this generation, - namely, to restore e ïational unity, and to place the United Suu again foremost among the nations of the eartl ind firstin thepeace, prosperity, and happiness of its people- THE WORLD seeks frou hose who desire such things thjsir sympthj and support, and, above all, the fator o(Ei who crowns every good work. Daily Wokld. rearly Subscribers mail. ........ . .$8 W Semi-Weeklï World. single subscribers, per annum 3 ' wo copies to one address.. 5të Three " " ' .... Jï Five " " 12 Ten " " 2ï Wieklt Woklc. ■ingle subicribers, per annum. ............ $8" 'hree copies (address on each pagst).. 5" Five " " .. 800 Ten " " " . .15-Oi 'wenty copies (all to ouo address). ....25$ Clubs of twenty or over can have addre] on each paper for an addtiional charge ! ten cents each. For every club of twenty an extra copy w be added for the getter up of the club. For every club of fifty, the Semi-Weekly, for every club of ons hundred, the Ï''J will be sent, ivhen requested, in lien of Ü extra copies of Weekly. Addition to clubs mar be made at any tin same rates. Papers cannot be chwS from one Club to another, but on request1 the person ordering the Club, and on recii of fifty cents extra, single papers will taken from the Club and sent to i sep1" address. All orders must be accompanied hy Cash. Address TH.E WORLD. S5 Park Kow, Ne ï! f____w___ aj rCOLBY'sj PATENT. IF YOU WANT A GOOD Clothes 'Wrringer! call at llie CïtOpiSJmY Sf GROCERYSTOÜ .. IDeFORHiSi1' nurlget postad before you parchase. Ho híis all diíTercut kiüds of good wringers, Price from Twelve Shiilingsto $" A GOOD CLOTHES WRINGRRSaves time ! Sanes money I Saves clothing! Saves strengthl Sares licalth! Saves hiring help' Saves icsab icrislf! Saves burning" SAVES YOÜR TEMPERI i Woolen clo.UiPS can be wrung out of '''DLn(. prevent shrlnking, without irijury to tb? roacB Aun Arbor,Dec.lst, 18C3. Ayeres Cathartic PiBa


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