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MICHIGAN CENTRAL RAILROAD. Pagsengci trains now leave Detroit. Chicago, and tb everalátationsin thiUuunty,as folio ws : GOING WEST. Leavo Hay Dext. Ao. E ve. Ex. NiglatEx. Detroit. 10.00 A.M. 4.00 P. M. 5.30 p. M 9.30 P. M. Ypailanti, 11,20 " 5.30 " 6.60 " 10.50 " Ann Arbor, 11.40 " 6.00 " 7.16 " 11.10 " üexter, 12 05 r. M. 0.30 " 7.45 " Clwlsea, 12.25 " " 8.06 " -- Ar Chicago 10.30 " " 0.00. " 10.30 A. M . GOING EAST, Loare. Kve. Ex. Dex. Ac. NightEx. Day Ex. Chicago, 6.40 P. M. 10.00 P. M C.30 a. H. Cheliea. A. M. 7.40 A. M. 4.00 P. M. L!X' __ U ■ 8 0) 4 20 Aun Arbor, 4 1 a. M. 6 '5 " 8.26 . Ypsilanlí, 4.40 7.10 " 8 45 6.06 " Ar. Detroit, C.00 " 8.S0 "1000 " 0.10 " The Day Expres3 each way ia the Mail Train. Trains do not stop at tations whereflgureeareomit. tedin the table. Trains connoct at Detroit with theOreat Western and Grand Trnnk RaihvayB of Canada, and the Detroit and Toledo, and Detroit anti Mi'waukeo Railroads, and L1 AUh" Compn'in"' Ticket Offices at Detroit, Chicago, Jolictand U&Jtte,throngh tickets can b purcbaMd toall the principal citiea and towns ín tho limted btates and CanftdftíJ. , LÜXURIOUS SLEEPING CARS upon all night traína. Ruttan's celebrated Ventilnting Appai-atua upon all trains- the best 'lust preventative in use. R K. MCE.Cieneral Superintendent. DkFüRKST is now opening a splendid Stock of Geldband China, and Whito China Gooda, China Toys, ChildrensToy Sets, White Stone Cbina Goods, Silver. plated GoodG, Tabie Cutlery, Glass-war, Lampa, &c, iic.atlow figures, Dec. 10th,lí83. S3f. LYON'S KATHAIEOlí. Kathairon is from tile Greek word, "Kathro," or "Kathairo," ignifying to cleanse, rejuvinate and restore. This article ia wliat its nimesigniües. Vorpreserving, restoringand bcautifying tho human hair itis the most rtmarkable preparation lu the World. It Í8 again owucd aud put up by tile original proprietor, and is now made with tho same care, sldll and attention which gave it a sale of over one mlllion bottlos per anDum U la amoatdeiightful ruir DressicJ It eracicates scurf and dannruu". It keeps the head cool and elcan. It makes the liair rich, soft and glossy. It prevents tbe hair from fulling olwi turalüg gray It restops hair upon bnVl heaud . Any lady or gentleman who values a beautilul head of hair should use Lyon's Katharioü. It ia known and used throughout the civilized world, Sold by all respectable dealers. Gin922 . DESIAP S. 3ARSE3 & CO., Prop'ra, N. T. Mathewa' Chocolate "WoimDrcps? KKVBR U t dcstroy aud cterm'nate all kinds of Intestinal Worms. Are perfectly roliable in all cases and far superior to any Aai all of tl. 9 Fauoy Worm onfecHons, cd naufieous Vcimifuges in use. Tley may be taken at all times with perfect they contain NO MERCCRY, or otlnr deleteriius Drug.- ÏIcthers should always purchase them and give their children no other. (No Calharlic whatever, is necessary to bp glven.) Each box contains 24 Drops or I.ozenges. Price 2b ets. For Sale by all DrugLïlijts nnd Dealers Li ilediC. R. WAI-KKK, General Agent. Iy923 BuQ'ulo, N.Y and Fort EriP.C W. HE1MSTREETS Inimitable Hair Restorativc, IT IS NOT A OYE, But restores gray hair to its original color, uy supplying the capillary tubes wilh natural sustenance, impaired by age or disease. All instantaneous dye are composed of lunar caustic, dstioying the vitality bdJ Jjeauty of the hair, and afford of themselvea no dressing. Ueimstreet:sInimiLabieColoring Dot only restores hair to its natural colr by au easy procesa, but gives the hair a Iitixnrlant Beauty, proraotea lts arowth, preventsits faliing off, eradicatea Jauciruff, an'3 imparts heoltb aud pleaflantness to the üead. It had stood the test of time, being the original Hair Coloring, and is c.onstantly ncreasing In favor. Uded by both geutleman ana tadit-s. It is sold by all reapeötable dealers, or can be procured by them of ti-i eomm6rcial genta, D. K. Barnes k Co. 202 Broadway Nw-York. Two siios, 50 cents and SI. Cm922 THE DRAFT On PeForest'B National Coffeö in wonderful. Every body scems to have fountj out ts superior qualities and go ia for a supply. Jt n w&rfimtecl to give satisfactioa anl to be bitter than anj' otlier coflee in market, ot any lrico, or the inoney refuudtd. Two nhillings per lb. A.DfcFOIiE&T WYNKOOPS ICELAND PETORAL. Dieeases of the Throat, Chtst and l'ulmonary organs are ever prvaleut,'"int?idious aml and dangerous. The proiiorties of a medicine to alleviatt', cure and uproot tbese oroplaints, mustbe Expectoraut, Anodyne and Invigoyating, loüseniDj the nucufl of the tbroat, and imparting tone to the entire systetn. Ko discovery n medical scienceever mast c red thia clasB of diseaeesliKe Dr. Wynkoop's Icfland Pecto-al. It ia ued with the most atitonishing. vesults in all uasea of Bi-oncliiti, Id iluenza, Whooping C'ough Diptheria or Puúid Sore Throat, Asthma, (Jroup, Coughs, CoMs, Nervous Jrra tabilüy, kc. The'Rev. J. J. Potter certifies, " I have used Dr. Wynkoop's Iceland Pectoral for Beveral years, mysc-lf and in ray famtly, for scverePuImonnry Coinplaintsj and have recommeacletl it to many others, and never neen its equü.1." Rqv. J. 3. Potter Brooklyn, N. Y. Dundredi! anó thoUfliUftda of important testimonia! could be produce', showing its rewirkablo cures aii'.l that it never fails Xtta componed of pure Jceland Ifosi, Iïulm of Gilead Peruvian Balfani, Klecnmpane, Comfrey, Burdock,and other invaluable expectorant and tonic ingrediente. ït is harmless, prompt and lastiup;. Invalids and sufferers cannot aííprd to negiect a tiial. Every family should have it., It ís remarkble for Croup. Fitll descripüon, recommendations, and directiona accompany each bot t-e. Sold by all principal Druggists. Prepared by Dr. R. D. Wynkoop, and snld by D. S. Barnes k Co. New York. 922m6 HAGAN'S MAGNOLIA BALM. This istho most deliglitiïil and extraord:nary artiLlo ever discovered Itchnnges the tan burut face and hand to a pearly satin texture of ravishing beauty, imparting the marblc j'urity uf youlb, nnd the gut appcarance ao inviting in ihc city belle of fushiou. j It removes tan, freckles, piraplep, and rouglmcss from the skin, loavtng i t frosh, tran-pieat and sroooth. - j it coijtainsno material ïnjurious to the skni. I'atvon ized fcy Ajitresses and Opera Vingers. It is wuat evcry lady sbould have. Sold cvcrywheie. DemaaS. Barnes & Co. General Agoúte. 022mG SO2 Broadway, IS". Y. KT TOBACCO- You can buy the best grades of FINE CEEWI.TO TOBACCO at from 50 ceiñft to One Dollar. SMOKING froni fourteen to twentv oents at M. DEVANY'S TOBACCO AND ClGAtt STORE Sigu - Red Indian. South side Huron strect, a few doore frora Cook's Hotel M.DEVANY. Ann Arbor, Dec. 11, 1862. 883tf BE WWJ RY TIMES ! Do pot trifle wi;h your NeaHh, Constitution ftnd C3racter. 'if you are Bufferin? with any diseacen fcr rhfch HEMBOLD'S EXTRACT OF BÜCHU ís reconimeoded, TRYIT ! TKYIT ! TRY IT I Tt wil! cure yon, save long suffering, alhybj pain and Iaflammation, and will restorfl 3'ou toj HEALTH AND PURITY, At Littlo Expense, Aud No Exposnro Cut out the advortipement ia anotber colaron, ca.ll or flcnd for it. BEAWARE OF COUXTERrnTi: 1 Aik for Hembold'a. Take No Otber, CURES GZ74RANTEED. 936m2 áyer'g Cherey Pectoral "A smtle was on lier lip- health waa a her look, strength was in her step, aad in her hands- Plantattcn liiuers. " S-T-1860-X. I A few bottles of Plantation BitUra Will care Nevrouf Ileaduehe. ' Cold Bxtromttlei and Fev-erïph Lipa. ( Sour Stoniach and Ketid Ertuth. 11 Flatulency aüd Indigestión, 11 NervouB AlTections. " Excesaive Fatigue and Short Brealh. " Pain over t!ie eyos. " ileatal Despondency. " Prostratioii ; Círeat Weakteea u ballüw Complexión, We&k Boweïs, &c. VThlch aro the evidences of LI VER COMPLAINT AND DYSrEPSlA II is estimated that seven tenths of all adalt alimenta proceed from a oiseased and torpid Uver. The biliarj secretious of tho liver tcifluTÏng into the stcmach pot son the entiro nystoa and exiiibit the above symptoius , Lftw long research, fp areablo t o present Ihemuflt rein arltable euro for these horrit1 nightmarediseaaes, the world has ever prod-aced. _. Wltliin one year over slx huudred andforty thousacd persona have laken the Plaotation Bilt era , and not an mstance of ccmplaint ha? come to our knowlcdge I It ia a most effectual tonlc and agree-able elimulant sultedto all conditinn of life. Thereport that It relies upon mineral sttbatances for lts active proporties, are wholly false. For the public satisfiiction, and thst patieöts niay consult their physicians, we append a list of its components. Causata Bakk- Ce'ebrated for over two hundred yenrsin thetreatmeüt of Fever and Vgue, Dyspepsla, Weakness, &c. It waá introdued into Europe hy the Counteaa, wifoofthe Viceroy of Peru, in 1610, and af tirwards sold by tho Jesuíta for the enormous prict of iis ou-n wei g kt in tilstr, underthy naine of JesnU'e Potodersy and w&s ünally made public by Louis XVI, Kiog of Franoo, liumbolt makes special reference to 'uh febrifuge qualities during his South American travels. Cascarilla Baük- For Warrhcea, colic and dtaeaaes of the stomach and bowels, Dandclion - Por inüainmition o'tho loina and drop sical affeoti:ns. Ciiamüwiik flowep-S- For c-ufoeblcd digestión, Lavevdkk Flowkes - Aromntic stimulant tmd toclc- - bighly iavigorating iu nervous dubility. W1NTKKOBBK$ - Jor scrofula, rheumatisin, &c. Amsk - Au aromr.tJc cariiiinative ; creating flcsh, muscle oud milk j much u.sed by moth,er3 naraing. Also, cloTe-budü, orange, carraway, coriaiiüerjanakeroot. &c. g-T- 1860- X. Anoiht'r Troadcrful ingrediënt, of Sianish origin, mpürtiug beauty to the complexión and brJliancy to the mind, Is yet unknown to the commeice of the world, aod wa withhoM ita name for the presentIMPORTANT CERTIFICATE3. Uochester N. Y. Der.rmber 28, 1661. Messrs. P. H.Dkake & Co ■ - Ihavo been agrefit suffer er from Dyspepeia (or threo ai four yeara and had to aband'in iny profesaiou. About three moutlis ago I l tried tlic PJukQtatfoD Gittors, and to my great joy, I am now nearly a well man. I havo reconimended tbem in sevaral cases, and, tu far as I kuor, always with eigcal bsneñt. Iamruapctfuilyyours, RFV J. S. CATHBON, Pkil&ötlphiat Otk Monih,1th. Day, 18C2BfsPKCTKD FimtKD : - ïiiy d&ughtcr bas been niucb beaefitted by the use of tliy Plantatiun Bitters. Thuu wilt send m) two bottles more. Thy Friend, ASA CCKRIN". Sherman House, Chicago, TU. Fcb. 11, 16C2. Heasra. P.H. Drake S: Co..- Please send ns anotlier twelve cases of your Piantntiou Bitters. Aa a mom ing appetizer, they appear to have superceded everythicg else, aaü nvegre.ulv esteemed, Yours, &c. GAGE & WASTE. Arrangemenis are now completedto supply nny demand for this article, vhich from lack of goveriiment stamp? bas not heretofore been posBÍble. Tht public may rest assured that in no casa wIU the perfectly pure standaid of the Plantation Bitters be departed from. Every bottle bcars the fac $itniit of out signaiurt on a uttclp.Uíi engraving, or it cúinvt he gtn■uinc. Sold by all DruggUts, Grocera and Deiiera thrnogh out tb o couiitrv. " P. H. DRAKE & CO. 82Lmö 202 BROAPWAT, N, T. SA PONÍ Pf ER, (TR CONCENTRATED LYE, FAMILY SOAP MAKER. , V l J makcM h'vih prices ; PaponiGer holps to reduce them. It m.tkes Soaji ior Four centra pound by us;nL your kitch(-n rease. 48 CAUTION I As ffpurious Lyes am offered also,be ca-eful and ouly buy the Paicnird articlc put up in Iron caua, all olher&beinL Counter feli i . Pennsylvania Sajt Manuf act uring Co.y Pbiladelphïa- Xc. 127 Walnut Street. Pittsburg - Pitt Street and Duquosne Way. O-TWENTY-ONB YEARS AGO-XI lln. O, C. Bj-IISTOl a didtinguished Cbcmist and Druggist of the ci'-y of Buffalo, N. Y., iuvented and manufacturod a compoucd known as BRIvSTOL'8 BALSAM OF HOARHOÜXD, which is a perfect sPECinc for coüghs, colps, or any bp.ox chial or luno DirncTLTiKs arising from damp, cold, or sudiitín chango of the woatlicr. Every person Whohaa ever UkeD BRISTOL'S BALSA 21 OF HOABHOUNB, prono uu cea it tbc best artielo ever invented ; and so justly celebraterl has it bftcome, tbat tli e mftrket ï s alroa-ly full of nn'taitons, cauaterfeits, and most dan-yrous compovnda. ander the name of Balsam of Ho&rhound, '1 Iioiefore, ahvay bc cartful to cali for Brïstoi's lïalsam, and sce tliat his WRITTEN sinaturc Ia on the outside label uf fhe bottle. Íakk.- This invaluable Uedicfm has boon now scrue twenty-one years before the public, and without any effort on the part of the proprietor, its sale has bicorne rery exteusive, and is daily increasiu. The low pricc at which the Medicine is sold (25 GENTS) enables ALL to partake of íta healing quali'it-s. C. CROSBY, BUFFALO, N.T, Sole manufacturer, to irliom all orders ahould bt addressed. For sale byall repectable druggists. Iyooxr02a A.v 1.VTK3ESTISG Lettkr. - líessrs Post & Bruff, f Agents N. Y.Panitar? Society, Rochesier.- Gtnts . I deem it duo to you state the mfigical effect of that ore bottle of ï'eople's Cure whíclrl obtainod from you in XovLMiiber last. Seeing the adverÜRetuent ol yonr So ciety ofTering to give your uje.iicine to ciergymen for tlu poor of their parishes, I ootained a buttlc fora poor girl of my congregation, who hid !ong been noarly help loss from TUieumafii-ni , and strange to say, thitt one bottle cured her entirely. I writc this hoping it may aid the Society in ifs effurts io introtïuco the medicine, oud bless thoe whomaynetd such a icmtíly ; and I uíe strong t cruis, as I believe itfi merits will fully justifv i the most superlativo forms of speech. Tours, Kf ppcctfuHy, C. R. WILKIXS, Pftpfor of the First Presbyterian Churcb 029yl Pittsford, ÏYÏonroe Co N. Y. AÖOOD TREE Iö KNOWN SY ITSFRIJIT. 8o ]■ a guoa l'laysician by his yuecessful Worl5. PROFESSOR R. J LYOm, THE GREAT Atfí) CLI,f3BATEO riíYMCIAN' OF TriE T1IKOAT, LUNG ,M) CUJEoT, KaoTin aíl over tb couutr; fis the C"lebrated INDIAN D Eli B DOCTOR! From South Aiuerlo, will bo &i Uik róoRiA, RCatfK'LL HOUSE, IlETROIT, OnthelSth .ind IDih inst.jon tho hame dt'ü of anti every subsequcnt mor Mi doring lfiB2 .and 18;"3 A HKAt I'AMPHLKT Of the lifejito'lj and extensive travf'p of Dr. Lynns can be proeured by all wbodesireoae, freo of chirle. Dr. L wíl! visit Ann Arbor, Jacksoii.and Adrián. Mtch., as follcwf : Ar.n Arbor, Mouifor House. COrh. Jackson.IItbbard House, Sist Adrián, Brackott H' tie, 33d and S3d. MoM;oKRsAsi!XATrow.- The Doctor discerní discaficn bytheoyea. ile, tkprefore,asks no quetions nor roq lire patients to eiplaic ijmptons. Afflicted, corae anf1bi.vp yonr Tiymptonis and the locatiou of your dis( ea,t.eo-plain?t free of charge Family Dyc Colors. T?0R nyeintr Pilk, Woftlen and Mixed Goode, Xbatr'y P-floarfit, Dressca, Ribbons, GIotok, "onnetn, ITats, ! Keatlieii, Kid GIovqs, CUilflrca's OtotblBf, and a]] uiods of WtAfiog Appjurcl ÍE3-A SAVING OF íSO PER CKST For 25 cents you can color as many goMs n wonld i othftrwise cost fivo times thst nnm. Vjsrious shades i can beproduced fiom tbe eame Uye. The proaei i 3 simple, and any ouo ca.n ubo the Dyo with perfect } cess. DireotlonJ ín Eoglish, Frcnch aa'l Geriïian: insldo of j eachpackagp. IFor forthr infortnatloD n Pyeing-, and dring a perfect kanwledge vhat coíor am bes adapted toriye I nvrr otluirs, (with many valnnble rtcipes,) perchase Hnwe k Steiil'eDB' FreatiFe en Djtín and Ooloríng ..-- Sent by mail on reeoipt of pric - 10 cent. JiiDüfioturod by EíTWE k BltVKNF, 20BfO8'J'fty, tïsSjc. - -f jp$StP$B!V'iLíír' - ' a Buflalo Testimoisy. the OTTRTi' Curea PEOPLE'3 VUIVÜJ Rheuiniitlsm. "I was troubled ith RbeumAtism for tsv-o yearn, mlTering more or less every day. I have taken two tmttlesof the 'l'enpjt'á Curo,' and have liOt bad any pain silice 1 K'ft t jft more tliau four "weeks ago. I uskler mySflf as entirely cured, and the medicine lias made me feel very lipht and good- just like & rouu man though lam nixty two vrars üld. ' GODí'RKY ECHEFFJ5E, 402 Michigan St." "lïy wife has been suff. ring froui lilieumatirm of as inC&minutory charratcr for about flix or sevcn years very acutely. Aboul theflrst of Judo last ghe ccinmencod takiüg the 'People's Care and conUnued to take U ijome thiee weeks. In ten days after she commenced, the Kwelling and Miffneps ofher Joints very miteriaUy levjened, and ín three wockii had dieappeared nltogetber. "THOMAS POIXOCE, (at W. H. Glenny'a.) "BufTalo, Outober 1, 1862," the rTTIJTi1 Cunjs PEOPLIi"? V U 11 li Tever Sores, "Two of our subscritor one of tbc-ra aölictpd with a bad Fever Sore. the otber with Rbemnatism- having seen Ibe advertisemeut of the 'People's Cure' in this paper, purcbased the Mediciue ,aiid now, alter havitig thor ougliJy tried it, report to us,c&mmonding it most heavtily a a thorouzb remedy ta tbeir case- Editora Christian Advocate. TUK iTTTT) T? CaTQS DlaettEca PEOHLE'S "O U J.V Ij of tbe Stin. "My face hna for moro thnn ten years beengreatIv disflgured by truptious an'i buncbea, which at times extended over my Tvholebof1y,and once for tl ree dayp made me entirely blind ; but hnving taken two bottlei uf the 'People's Cure,' my acquaintances lia-dly recoguize me - Indeed I hardly bnow aslpm nnw awellman. Let all wïio ure alike afnicted try the 'People's Cure, - the Medicine prepared by the Snnitaiy Society and I tliink thcy wlü not begrudge tiielr dol "JOSEPH SOUR, Turner, Mochanic St "Buffaln, Nov. 16, 1862." THS iTT"DTP Curos Kcrofdln & I'EOPI.E'S V U 11 J-J a.ilt Eheain. 'I have us;d the 'Feople'a Curo' In my f:mi!y with greut benefit, 'n ca-es of Srofula and Kalt Bheuln.and huve recommended It frequently to ray f-ienda, all of whom I heüevc havo beea beneCtted, aud must oithem cntirelv cured bv it. CHAS.'SC11A.PFF, ?73 Main St.,np-ltlr." THE OTTTÏU Cures Femslo PEO1 LU'S O U ï Vj Weakneaxca. "I have been in fceble heallh ever since the birth of my boy, who is no-w twelve years oíd. I have had inanj7 trcubles and Ifíicuítieü, all thi.s time, nnflttiBg me for every klni of labor, uüJ destrying all my com fort, Last summer I comnjenoed taking the Teople'a Cure,' and have used four boltle, and M almost awellmimn. ïly difflcultiei have nearly all di.=ap peartd, and ftEl chet'rlul nnd happy. "MES. CATHAHINE DEWAI.D, Eressmaker, Goodell Alky , a bovo Tupper t. "Bnffulo, üft. 20, 12." TUK TITJIT1 Curea irlien ttlier PEOPLE'S vjUÍVIj medicines ful "My wife has been in poor health for & long time havinV frcciuently to calla pliysicipn to attend Ler; bat she was recently" very much worse. For live or siz weeks she had no np.etitp, lost all her strength, aud rascachdavgrowinf! worse, .lie had night sweats, cousl'd n erf-at deal during cach niht ant considerably duriugiho day, and we all supposed slie was going o(f with the consumption, when a triend advised her to talie the 'PeopleB's Cure. Ou takiug the medicine ue porceiveí a change at once. On the tuird day sha had rocoretad her appelite, and was fat rogainin,'? b'T strength. until, on the eightb day, not yct having j ken oae bottle, ühe bas stopped taking the medicine saying she was as well as anybody conk! bo, and sho has contiuued o over since. "PAUL KLEIN', (iardaer, 82 Pearl st. "BulTalo, October l.VHB." For Fcle by all Drugffilts. 922y1 . C. CRO.--BY, Gtneral Agent, No. 255 M&ib 3t., Bttfful-i, N. Y , to whom all ordcig should be :.dd;esied. For Sele by StSSS3 & Wiuok, Í: Fciil, and C. Ebf.kIucü & Co. WONDERFÜL BüCCESS. Tlie [á.-entlon and research of the most (Hstiiiguisbeü CUemisis and J'byaiciflta lor years hare been devdífd to Ib1 progne! on of t remody for those mostdiatressint; maUdies Nkcualgia snd After long stuiy and many expotímenta, a gpecific preparatitm luis been diPcova-e'-. WATSOK!S Xcuralgin Kiiijr, ai lutr.rnal lífínccy ,i thnusauds cf cancs vrhere all Qtberr&mcdiet have utterlj failed. We re ;issu;h-1 thatit ia no mevc i AXODYNK," roheving for the moment whïfpthe caue remain, but is i perfect SPEClFlCand CL!:;: for those pttlnful diseaso. The VM-A nummer "f Liniments, iunbrocations and ExU-rnal MetifcJives, vrbicb act as i iniMlants of tlie surfF-ce only, are mercly timior.i v in theïr eiTects ac:l 'xf doubttul virtuc The NtUKAUilA KIN'G reaohM tha ásurce of aHtrouble, und cü'cctually banisUea the diseasefrom tlifl sf tem. Price - One Dollar per Bottle. Prepared by C. R. WALKKIÏ, 1}922 ÜLÍTarOjN. Y., ahü Fort Uvle, C. W. For Sale Pti:iíbi3 k Víuqs, Geilwillk &. Fcllkf., and C . IúiEPrACir k ('o. liïllllMiMiïiliiilil Altl. YOÜ INSÜRED ? IF NOT CALL ON O. 33C. aXXjXaEJBS-, gpnt for tho foHoTrinfï ürst-class Companicn, Home Insurance of New York, Casii Capital over Cue and. a Half Millions Dojlar, CONTINENAL INSURANCE CO, Of New Vork, Capitnl over Om Milücn of Dollars Tn this Coeopany ihe Insured parlicipai.c iu the profita. FIÏIE I3STS-, CO-, .f lürtford. Capita-l over Tbrce Uandied Tlioiüand Dollar. C. II. MH.LEN'. Main Street Ann Arbor. Tebaccoï Tobacco l I AM SF.I.L1NG GüOüFINE CUT CHEWING TOBACCO Atfrom rifii cents to % per pound. SMOKING TOBACCO, Trom, 1 cents to 20 cents per pouna at retaü. ::. devany. Am Arbür , M!c!) ., Do-. 17, 15c3. SSGtf iJissohïtion riotice. tn-nnriRMOffmüN, woob i: CO., wMdlso1ved XJnaarT 10,188, v.j inutoileonieijt. ft A. Chtpla an.l J. IJ. Wc:o4 wil; t,tttie theaccountB oí tile firrj. C A. Crum, . B. Wood, V Ca.'ii.v, WeUO. nu Aiior, Jom 81, 1Í63. fV,rsvíie-ship. rjTTE UNDERSWN'KD entere! Injo pcrtneriiiip Jm. i 18,1843, by the flroj n-itnp of Chapín & Co., and vill continue the ííübíu;35 of maaufciuririg puntiflg n(5 vr.ippij papw. O. A. CajyjjJ, J. Oüyn,


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