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U. S. 5-2O9S THE SECRETA RT OF THK TRFASTOT ha no yct glven notlce oí any inteution to withdraw thtfl popular Loan from Salo at Par, and uDttl tea deys notice ld glven, the undeisgned,n GENER4L SCBSCRLPTK1N AGENT," wijl continue to aupply the public. The whole amount of tho Loan authorizsd is Fiv Hundred Millions of Dollars. NEARLY FOÜR HCNDRED MI1XION8 HAVE ALREADY BEEN SDB3CRIEED FOR AND PAID INTO THE TREASÜP.7, mostly wltbln the last ssftn months. The Urge demand fromabroad and therapidly Increasing home demand for ue as the Oasla for. circulation by National tanking Adsociations now organizing in all paris of th? cout-try, wül, in a T?ry short pericdt aLsoib the oalance. Sales havt lately rangedfromtea to &TMM saiUlons weekly, fre quently exceedlng three millionB dail, and as it is well known that the Secretary of the Treaaury has ampie and nnfiiilmg resources in the Duties on Imports and Interaal Revenuen, nnd ín Iho issue of the interest hearing Legal Trcnaury Notes, Jt ís alnjost a certaia tythathe wíUnot ñnd ít necossary for a long time to come, to seek a market for any olher long or peitnanent Loans, TOE INTEREST AND PRIKUPAL OF WBICH ARE PAYABLE IN GOLD. Prudenco and Sflf Interest must force the mindü of tbose contemplating tho formation of National Banking Association?, aswtüasthe mlnda of all who hare luie morjey on their hnnis, to the prompe conclusión that they should lose no time In pubscrlbing to this mot popular Loan. It wlll soon bebcyond ihelr roacb.. aai advance to a l.andsome premium, as was theresult wltb Iho "SovenThirty" Loan, when It was all sold and could no longer besubcrlbed for at par. Itli a SIx perCctit Loan, tho Interest oud Principal pnyable In Coln, thus yielding over X;no per cext per Aiuium at tbc present ratM of pre loiuni on coüi. The Government rwjcirss all dutiea on Imports to b paid ín Coin ; these dutlus hiye for a loug time past amcimted to over a Quarter of a Milllon of Dollars daily, a sum neariy three times greater than that required in the payment of the interest on all the 5 Uu's and other poi manent I.onns. So that it is hoped llat the surplus Coln in tho Troasary, at lo diitant doy, will eaable the Heltod States to reaam tpecie pajm;nü npon all Habllitir-i. Tho Loan ia called 6 2"' frois th fact that whllst :he Couds may run for SO year.i yet the GoTernmjnt has a rlght to pay t'icm off In GolJ at par, at nny time afler G yeftrü. The Interest Is pnld half ycatlj, tü ; oo Uie firet diy of N'oTemher ac' Aiay. Sub.'cnbcirs can liavo Coupon Bonds, whicli are pay aUe to befirer, and aro $50.5100, ÏOOO, and 81 ".OO ; or Registered Bonds of same denominations, and in acldi Öon, t6,C00aod $10,000. lor Banking parposes and for ir.rcsimfnts of Truet monora the Pcgistertd BonJs are prererable. Tbeae l CO's car.aot be faied by States, cltlei. toïms or counties,anJ tte GoTetnment tai on thea is onlj one and-a half per cent, on the amount of income when thelncoaiecf the hoWer exoeeds Sii Hundred dollars per annum ; all othör itivestments, ach as lafomc from Mort jagjs , Raih-oad Stock and Bonds, tc.jnust pay from threo to flve per cept lax on the income, Eaaks and Dankeri throughonl the the Country wil ooqtlnue to dispose of the Bon. la ; and all ordofS by mail, or otherwise. promptly attrnJed to. The inconrenienee of a feir days' delay in ihe del tsry of the Bond.a s unavoidaMe, the demnnd belng great ; but as Interest qommonces from the day of sub I erlptlon, no loss is occasloncd, nxA eTry effort is belo raade to diciioUh thedelay. JAT COOK.E. SUBSCRITÍON AGEST, 114 3OUTnTnrRDETREf.T, PHILADELPHU. P liudeipbla.KoTember L5, 1S53. P. 8 AC H Has reoeived A. LAEGE STOOK FALL AND WINTER GOODS INCLCBIKG LikTBST STELES -orSliawls, Dress Q-oods aDd everythÍDg for Ladies & Gents Wear GOING TAST FOR CASH Gall and. See 1 Ano Arbor, Oct. 1863. SENO IN YOUR ORDERS. fjpHE subscribir ia mnklng Ufgft prtpKraionü t I biii.ea verf extenviv? varlty of fruit trees in this city, as uarïy iu the S.oïing as theyesnber tnovod. I shall bave for a.ic, 10,000 Pear Trees, 20,000 Appïes Trect 10,000 Peach Trees, 5,000 Grape Vines ÁUo - a largo assortment of Evergreens, and flowe and shruba. Orclcra may be sout to me by c&ü or olhcrwUp. T. LcBOIS. Ana Arbf,rf Dac. 2d, 1S63. 4m9S. . FAIRBANKS' JjFT Standard CSCALES IMSKÍmBk or au. kinds. &LB&fLP&l Alzo, Wattkyuit Trucks, teiltr Prtssa, f{C. Fairbanks, (ïreenlenf & Co.} 1T2 Lake Street, Chicago. Eold in Detroit bj PAB1USD & SlIELBY. Ö3B'-. careful to bny tho genuine."Ltt 885yl Dissoluhoii. T'HFFIRM of Slawüon t OttT ÍB ihll day (üsiolved by I mutual confont. AI1 notes pnd accounts duo the finn.rrfl to be settled b) j.nd paü tn I,, R. Sbsonas peragreement. I. R. ELAWSOJï, J. R. GEER. Arm Arbor, Dcc, ISd, 1P63. Kotice. TUK GTïOCrRT and pfOTiton 6ns!ns n-ill be mitir.urdat tbeold ttand by Sluwsnn & Son. Tho fatronageol ihecM customer and nthrn, h solicited f-LAWiON & SON. Ann Arbor, Dee, 32. 183. öemetery Hotiee. rpHE annun] mttng ot Fort Hill CVm't=ry Cnm I l pany of thl olty vill h hfM it the offliw of ih Pocretary.onTuoRday.Jnn. 5th, 2 o'clock.P. M , for tho electiop of oL6cori and tbc trautiotion of other buLiiifEfi. E. B rOND.ftcrdury. Ann Arlor, Deo II."-:;. 2.v!i39" wötïöb7 1 IXPivP.SONS hBWInj olto tjtatorf mr:. by book rV aosonot or noto -.vil! j tai.r ),veut them to me i for immeciata pacidni. [ And a!I indobted to me prr:ioD:illy or, to me ad autgnee of J M. Sóur, vill onatv a Uvr bv settling forthwith, hy noto or othonriaa od thareb.T sn've coi-t Aud I hfrebj j;v that after thia UI,p, 1 shr.n pay ao lioüts eicopt Ioom oontratjted by myself persoaallyor upcamy np?c:al writteu order. L. R. EUCHOZ. DaM, Aon Arbor, Eec. 7th 1533. CSinil ïüformaüon Wanted, OF JABÍES BAGAN, OF THE tn'vnt.liir of Ann Arl)or, who h nnt Lren hcordof siiicf cpiimbir, 1802. í-alíl Bctii U o jersoJd,bottt6fti hi,b, ".:i!( bair, aud dark jT.y pyrt. Aoy informa-tion re:rectmg him wü he thinïlulTyacd prstefully rcccivcd bv his motker Mtviaïg;r, oi ti tr??, 5:MtI Aüï ArSo, y{ BOOTS SHÖËS í NOBLE & RIDER, Havo Jast rcelved &t the oMsUrd cf Wm, 3 Stu dera, utelr occuptod bj W. 8. Sroith, AL AEG E STOCK OF BOOTS $c SHOES, OF THE BEST QITAJLITYl Whleh tliej pfoposo to e:l et LOW PRICES FOR CASH. THEY ALSO MAKË AND REPA1B, To Acconimodale Cuslomers. w,'i nul m; tlwlr todt Before Purchasing Elsewbere. LAWRENCE NOBLE, CHARLES RIDER. Azm Arbar.Sept. tb, 1068. W9S9. TTENTIONI A. C, IOEB, Are happy to anQOuac;o;bG numcrous i'rlemls ro4 patroon, t nat thev imrQ Li tel v rectivtvl a laryc Kdditicn totheir fornoer heflTy (tucof Beady-Made Glothing, FOR GENTS' AND BOYS' WEAR ! Wo ho.rv alüo on baad a L AROE And WeU Selected STOCK OF Gentlemen's Furnishing Goods HATS, TRUCKS, VALISES&c, Stc., Aa we irouM reapectlullr roücit jon to caH and ei ftmlne oor Qoods, before purchasing tiicLMv,u n ar confident tiiat a cao gll ;ou Ooods CUEiPKU TIÍAS THE CHKAPEST AT. THE Cleveland Clothing House. A. & C. LOEB. Ann Arbor, Horon Strwf oppcslfc Park, fo vm West of Cookü' Hutel. 92Tm3 SECOND ARE1VAL ' OF FALL AND WINTER AT C. B. Tkompson's. Xov 1S63. 930w6 {OIL Tl AMP DEPOT. ReCned by new proces?, n-arrantcd to burn one-thlrd longsr than any othor oil In market, A. DeFOEEST. ' Deo II tl). 1603. Oval IMctuve Frames LLSIZES.STYLEE and l'BICES jnst recelï4 oi Afor"l0R0HOFFMILLBR'8. 1860. Dec.M. 5e0 TÍIK DK0ERSPSJÍÍD wfll pav tfce almrc rowwrd for th a-rtKt nl cüvic'.ion f.f tbc pnrrou or perrons wh brollo the hill fl"nrof tho Coarl Honra o WccnMÍny (vcniüfj, rice, ]Ptli,1864. snd o wnuld furthr t that tho culer floor ol tbu IIsll if lMysltft opina4 tho tal] r:pe isiD tho Hll, sn hit in ca4io of fir th bell enn bo rnng without b:eakio? auv door, and io future :'.ny pM-fO:i fv persuüs bicakiüg or liyuriofr any part of tlic Ourt Hoff, or oiber county baildjaff, niH I deftlt witb aoií!J toLaw. TEILIP WDÍEGA.R. ïiwlff. IRAC7W ïOOT,CV)uni5n:r Irl-?. ?" Ifel.iWB 9Jirt


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