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y The Rice Family - two Brothers ai two Sisters- gave Concert in Hangster(,r's Hall, on Wednesday and Thursday irrainga. Their singiog is comniended in the „rmest tonus by those who were fortúnate „ough to hear them. They carne among us itnngers and won niany friends. On another iPPrnce they wttl be greeted with a roust audience. The contract for supplying the Post Office Department witli Sealea has been iwuded to the Messrs. Fairbanks. Tbeir Bcalei we lso very extensively used in the Atmy,nd to 'he Nav" Yards, Custora Houses, Arwoals, Public Works, &o., throughout the Miinlry. U. S. Taxbs. - From the advertiseaMHf Collector Mayhew, which we publish tt-dty, it will be geen that all Internal RevmuíTaifS for the Third District of Michigan tro now due and payable, at the Deputy's Offlco. If unpaid after th? lGth of January the Uw nquirtë that a 10 per cent penalty be iddei. _ iy The Gift Concert adrertised to Ugina by the Detroit City Band, in Young ïen'i Hall, on the eveniug of the 6th inst., bas besa postponod until the afternoon of the JOih. The demand for tickets was so great- til haring been sold within five days from the time they were issued- that the Band has arrangd for a supplementary or second Concart to take place on the evening of the 20th, for which a distinct list of prizes has been arranged, more desirable in some respects than the flrst. Those who were unable to get ticVets for the flrst Concert will find tickets for the second one on sale at tho Book Si ore of Bceoff &, Cali oarly or you will b too Late. I" Ayer's American Almanac has ntw arrired and is ready for delivery, gratis il th Drug Stores to all who cali for it. - Ibis number contains a treatise on Scrofula tnd its kindred complaints, which is well worth persual. It also gives much general medie! iuformation, which is nseful and ihould be kept sgainsL a time of need inevery fanily. lts compilation of jokes and anecdotes is about the best that reaches us. and ths facts togetber have given it a circulation rtich is said lo be the largest of any ope Iwlt in the world. L3C" The Lady's Friend is tha name fa new monthly magazine hailing from Philadelphia, published by {esars. Dkacos 4 Pitkrso!, and edited by Mrs. Henet husiox. The January number, both in its llusttnions and contents, gives promise that itwillassume high rank. " Gabriel Wilkie's Beturn " is a fine engraving, and the numerWifuhion plates are seasonable. $S a year; 'w' copies, $3 ; four copies, $6, Address tars. Diacon & Petekson, 319 Walnut Street, Philadelphia. J0C" The January number of the &"nfa Montidy has a readable list of paPW, sereral of them pertaining to the great "ruggle now pending. Hon. K. J. Walker n article on " American Finnces and Resources;" Ion. F.P. Siantok one entitled 'Ilie Udíoii not to be maintained by force;" '■?. Andrews has a second paper on " The Gret American Crisis " h. M. Haverstick on " The Conscription Act of Maich 3d;" WJ Rer. Dr. Iler.ry a " Retrospective."- Resides these there are essays, stories, and Wffy, Tlie number begins the 5th volume, vear; two copies, 5. Address Joas F. Tow, 60 Groene Street, New York. ■ !-- I M I - -l ma C3C The January number of the Welte Magazine is embellished with two ffllgniflcient engrayings, a portrait of Louis gssij, from the bnrin of Jouu Sartin ; and 'bi Congress of Vienna," enp;raved by erne, containing 23 portraits, including 'Wngton, Metterinch, Talleyi-and, HumHNesselrode, Castlereagh, &c, .&c. Ac"Mpapyjog is a Jengthy paper upon " The Coilgress and Treaty of Vienna," just now 1911 of interest in view of the attempt of NaP'on to get up another Congress, and also a "'"gfiphical sketch of some of the actors in "W congress. The ether papers are seecteí from the leading British peripdicals C0Ter a wide range. Phis number begins 'nw volume. Now is the time to subscribe, ayeir with two beautiful Parlor Prints as PrMium. Address W. H. Bid will, No. 5 ka Stret, Naw York. "Ih# Eficiic atd the Absits ior f.0O,


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