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How The Three-hundred Pounder Parrotts Are Worked

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iTft Michigan Jttgtik (Hint on Morris Wand writus: As there ia uo mafiuul down for the three humlred pouuder Purioü, I sub job that iu use. The piece is on its sarriagu and "from battepy." Impleroents, no two to bu ia the same placo and no one iu its proper place. Tho instruotor gives tho command " load her tip" At thisi cdiimiíind the gnnncr bays " tome of yoii foller bring a t-hall," aml, " John, biing a carttidgé," Sñtñe of the '; follc-rs ','taka a small haud burïow and bring a sheH. Gunnw nayp, " Stick iu that poivder." " JNow, boys, hold on tul I get out a fuge." " Stick ;H;i." .All banda, by hard heaving, ; get tliu thell to tbu oinOrasure. Gunuer eays, " gVab her out." Sbe is wabbud out. " ífow, Iu avu and lian], and i n it goes." Itgoesiu accordingly. ' Hüiv, rain it down." Öhe is run in. " Screw don-n the recoil-bands." Thoy aru ecrovved down. Guoner mri ■. Slew her round a iittle." "All rioht." ' W'hero's that primer?" " Now, git out oi ihe way, ererybody." .vil jo to uiüdvvard, and No. 3 Pteps ïound a corner, so as not tn ba hit if the gun barsts. Gunner s-iys, " Blazo away !" Üiie blüzos awny. "Remarkof t4io guniicr on ïeturning to the gun: " liew art you 8-Uifiter ?" Repeat.


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