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Slang Of The Stock Exchange

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A Buil is 0:10 who buys btocks on sjpeculatitm, thinking tliat they will rise, thiil he can teil ut a proiiit. It is to hls interest lo havo stucks riso, and ho will resort to every means to briug ubout the desirod result. A Bear is one who eells stocks on ppoouliiüon, thinking they will {all, so thnt hc c;in bny in for less money to iill liis contract. It is to his interest to break down the market, and he will ' resort tc the most desperato ineans to Complish his object, ACffner 's whiin tbo bears eannot - tyuy'or borrow the stock to deliver in ninilment of their coutraots. A Deposit is earnest money, lodged in the handtj of u third party, aa a fíuarautetí. "5 up," '-10 ; up,"' is tut? langnage expresíive oí u deposit. Overloaded is wheu thfe bulla canuot take md pay for the stocks which tbey havo purchasetl. Short is when a person or party selle .. etoffk.o, when they have none, and expeets to buy or borrow them in time to delivcr. Long is when a person or party bas a plentiíuí supply of stock. A'Flyer is to buy some stock with a view ofeellingit in a lew days, and eiiher make or loae, as luck will just have it. A Wash is a pretended sale, by special agreement between the seller and the buyer, for the purpose ol getting a quotation reported. Such are only a few of the "slang expressions" by vvbicb people are dup. ed.


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