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THÏ American Collecting Agency, No. 2-10 BroadwayNew York. Claims oí all kinds ns,nln„t ihe General GoYermsiOut State li.'vcrn nent, tm-l'itj , or private partios prote' cuted ani c.ilh(.-t'.-,1 a; my ezpengi andrisk ' Agaiiw 1 possess superior facilities forcollcctiutf claim eveiywhere in. th United sülea and Canada, i cliovin merclnuits, assiguoes, bank'er and others, ö1 thé oai e and all revpönslbility ' Special attenlion aivcn toold debts. hard cases dl vor3a8,wiltaletate8l et'. Beiug familiar with all the det.-iiísof tho " Iidirnal ftetmuc Zaw," I will attend promptly to the colluntion of drawbacks, and taxea overpaid throuch iguui ce of the 1r.iv. Soldiere' pensions, pay, andbouuty securcd rorthem or their hi-in, . For that purposo, and for proaecuting ..ainst thefjovernment. ï have. a branch offico at Wanhiutou. Xu charge inadeunleiis claims are collectt-d. AU 3otdier dischflrgid by reason of wounda howfver Rhoritlie timethcy have „erved- are entitled to One Huudred Dollars Bounty. All aoldiers havingserved entitled to the same. ia. The highest market price will be paid for soldiors' claims, and other demande againflt the General GoveiTimect. Information and opimons giren, and uvcstigion made without charge, upon claims propossd to be placed in my bande. Forparticulars, address H. HÜNTINGTON LEE SOflt f ïf n , 2 Broadwa y , N. Y flHHE ROOÏS AND THE LEAVÏÈS WILL bü for tho HöaliLg of the. Xationn. Bille. THE alZ,T AND CELtHK .VTED PIIYS1C1AN of the TUKÜAÏ.LUXGS, HEAKT.LIVLR AND THE BL0OD, Known all over thecountry as tho CF.LKIÍR-ITFD i3srr)iA.isr hebb dootobi Üf 232 Superior Street, Cleveland, Ohio. Will visit the following places, viz APPOIVTMENTSFOK 1862, 1863 and 1S61. Tiof R. J. I.yom can be cousulted at the fr.üowiuK placen every moDth, viz: s Detroit, UusaeUIoune. each motith, JStb and 19lh Ann Arbr.r, Monitar.House, cach month, 80th. Jackson, Uiljhard llouhe, each month, 21. Adrián, Brnclet Ilouke, each month 22d and83A. Toledo, Ouio.Clhns llouse,oach mouth, 2Jth,25th ann 2fitu. ' Hillsdale, Mlch. , HiHsdalo Houso, osci moatb 27th Cotówtttw Mica.. S.nuiicrn Michigan' eaoh laontli , 2otU. Klkhart, i.jkh.-irt Eouse1 eacji moDth 2ytü Smith Beud, Id1., 8t. Jo. Hotel, each month, 30 Lnporte, Ind., Tt-e Garden Houe, each mouth 31at W'ottTjOli.u, t'randeU Kxciiange, each monïla, 74 JtansüeW, OLio, Wüer House, tach month, Oth and Mt. Varnon, KeajoB House, esch month, llth and Nowark, Ohio, Holton HouV, each month, lStb auü PiinBSville,Ohip, CowlM.Houfe, eh month 4th CLEVELAND, OUIÜ. RESIDEKSK ANli OFFICE, 282 SUPERIOR STREET, East of the public. qure, opposite the Postoffioe Office days eacli iiiuuth, Ist. od, 4th,Stb, 6th 16th - Oflice hours from 9 A. M. to 12 M. and from 3 P M 'to tP. M. 0nSundjfrom9 to 10 A.Jl ándito SP. M 5"Maximsstrictly adbered to I give sucli balm a.-, have no strife,With nature or the laws of üfe-, Witli blood niy Uauds I never stain, Nöijjoislin bu toease theirpain. luis a physicia-n indeed, who Curts. The Indian Hero Doctor, K. J. LYÜN'S, cures the following compiaïuts in tho most obstinate stages of their existence, viz: Diseasesof theThroat, Lungs, Heart, I.iver, Stomach, Dropsy intheChest, Rheumatism, Neuralgia, Fits, orKallingSiokneas, andall otherneryousderangements. Also olldiseasesof tho blood, suc-h as Scrofula, Erysip. t-las, Cancefs, Fover Sores, Lepiosy, and all other complicated clirouic complaiüts. All forms of female difflculties attended to with the happiest resulte. It la hopod that no oue will de.ipair of a curo until they have given the Indiau Hurb Doctor' Medicines a fair and faithful trial. ft,l)uring the Doctor'i travels in Europe, West InJics, South America, and the United States, he has been the instrument in God's hand, to restore to health and vigor thousands who were givenup and prunounced incurable by ihe most eminent old school physicians; nay, more, thousands who were on the verge of the grave, are now living moLumDnts to the Indisn Herb's Poctr's skill and suooesful treatment, andaré daily exclaiming: 'Blessed be fheday when fust we saw and partook of the Indian Ilerb Doctor's medicine." fat ïsfactory references of cures will be gladly and cheerfully givcn vt henever required. The Doctor pledges bis word and honor, that he will ia no wise.direetly or indirectly, induce or cause any invalid to take his medicine without Ihe stvongest nrobability of a cure. Mode of examination, whieh ia entlrely difïerent from the faculty. Dr. I.yon ppofesaes to disoern diseases by the eyc. He therefore afiks noquestions, nor doeshe require patientstu explain s.vmptoms. Callone and all, ind have thesymptom's and location of your disoase explainedfree of charge. fThf poorshall beliber'ally considered. jKSfFü.stoülce addresd, box 2663. R. J. LYONS, M. I'. Cleveland, Ohio, No. SS, 1802. lyS$O SCHOFF & MILLER 4 RL STILL ON HAND at tbeirold Stand, No. 2, Franklin Block, with the most complete assoriinent of BookcS and Stationery, PERFUMEKIES, FANCY GOODS, WALL AND WIN DOW PAPERS, SHADES, ROLLERS, 0ORD8, TASSELS, GILT CORNICES, CTTRTAINS, HOOKS AND PINS, STEREOSCOPES & VIEWS &?. Ever offered in this Market ! and they wöuld suggest tothosein pursuitcfanythingin SANTA CLA TJS LINE that they can secire a Doublé Christmas Present ! by purcliaelng frorn tlüb Block, as eacli purchaser gets aEadditional present of Jewelry, &c , Ranging invalue trom 50 ets. to $50. $&"■ Theytrust that thoírlong experience inseleítíng gooüs forthis raai-ket,anrt fitrict attention to the wants of Customers,may entitle tbem tu a liberal share o Patronage. A LAEGE STOCK BEATJTIFTTL BR ES S GOODS, IjATEST STYLES CLOAKS & CLOAKINGS, rUsTDB SHAWLS Of the New Paltorm. CAKPETS of all kinds, Cloths, Cassimeres, and Woolen Goods Of all kinds for the Wiuttir ïrade, liiw opening at C. H. MILLEN'S. N.'B.- ThJB is tho .Sccpnd Arrlval of I-'alï and Winter aj4.ivilï lp cífevedftt coee fjrrca. 1' THB ALL SUFFICIBNT THKBE, THE GRSAT "AMERICAN REMEDIES," Kuown os " Hclmbold's " GENUINE PREPARATIOWS, VI Z.: UEIMBOLD'a LXIHACT " BUCHU," ' " SAUï'APAKIl.LA IMPÜOVED KOSIi WASU. 11 ELMJiüLD's GEN ÍNE PBEPARATION, Iï" COHCEHTKATE'D COMPOl'-VD FLUID EXTRACT BüCHUj A Positivo and Specific Reroedy, For DUeasca of the BLADDER, KIDNEYS, GRAVEL AND DROPSICAL SWELLINGS. This Medicine increases the power of DiVputinu cite the iBSOBBENTá info 1 uthy f cf, y hic UNNATUnAL KNLAROEMENTS are redice" M HEIMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCHU FOR WEAKN'ESSKS Arising from Excesses, Hab'its of DisBipation, Eurly Imliseretion, or Abuse, ATTENDED WITH THE FOIXOWJNG SYMTOMS : Iodiaposition to Exortion, Losa uf Power, Iiss of Meinorj, Difficulty of Broa,thinLj, Meik Ncrves, Trcmbling, Horror of Disoase, Wakefuluess, Dimneès of Visinu, Pain in the Back, Universal Latsituds of tto Flushing of the Body. Muscular System, Eruptions on the Face, Hotllands, I'alüd Countenance. Pryue&s of the Skin. These eymptoms, if nllowed to go on,whichthia mediciaie invaiiahly rcuiövcd. soon follow IMPOTENCY.FVrUITYEPILEPTICFITS In one of which the patiënt muy erpiie. Who causav that theyare n H früuontlv folio ed by thoac "dircful diseases," Insanity and Consumption, Many areaware of the cause of their sufferiug, but none will conf-ïss. Tbe records of the insane Asvlums and the molaucholj deaths by Couflumpliou, búüraraple witnesB to thd iruth of the assertiuu. THL CQNSTITUTIÜX, ON'CE AFFECTED WITfl OR, GANIC VSEAKNE-iS, Requires tho aid of niptlitMne to strengthen and invixoratetherfystem,which HELM HOL IJ'S EXTRACT BUCHU in v&rinby does. A tria' will convinee tho moBt skeptical, Females, Females, Females, OLD OR YOUNG, SIN'GLE, MAERIED, OR CON. TEilPLATÍNG MARRIAGE, In many afïectious to Femalea the Extract Buchu is uuequaJled by any other remedy, as in Chlorosis or Retentiou, Irregularity, Painfulness, or Suppresion of the Customary Evacuations. Ulcorated or Schirrous state of the Uterus, Leucorrhea, or Whites, Sterihty, and for all complaïnts incident to the hcx, wbethar arising from lndiscretiou, Habita of Dissipatioa,or in the Decline or Chango of Liio. StüE HVMPTOMS ABOVE, NO FAMILY ÖHOÜLÖ BE WITHOUT IT. Takü no Iïalsam, Mercury, or Unpleasant Jlcdicine for Unpleasaut aud Dangeroua Discasoa. BELMBOLD'S EXTRACT BUCÜÜ CURB3 Secret Diseases. In all fcheir stages ; at little expense ; little or no ohnge ín diot ; uo inconvenience, AND NO EXPOSURE. It causes frequent desire, aud gives strenth to Urina te, thereby remo ving obstructioas, pieveatui and curingStrictures of the Urethra, aliaying pain and inüamraation, ko frequent in this olftfa of diseases, and expellins POISONOUS, DTSEASED AND WORN OUT MATTER. Thousands upon Thousands WHO HAVE BEEN THE VIOTIM OF QUACKS, And who hve paid HEAVY FEES tn be curedlna short time, have foundthey weriideceid,amith;ii tho "Foison" has, by the use of "Powerful Astringents," l)een dried up in the aysieni, to break out ia ap aggra vated form,aRd PJEKHAPS After HARRIA&G. Helmbold's Extract Buchu ïor all Affcctioua and leseases of Tlie TJrinary Organs Whether existiog in MALE OR FEMALES, from whatever cause originating, and no matter OF HOW LOIÏG STANDING. Diseases of these üi'gans require the aid of a Diukduc. Helmbold's Extract Buchu IS THE GREAT DIURETIC, Aqd it is certain to have the desired effect in all Di seases, for which it is recommended. BLOOD! BLÖÖÜ ! BLOOD! Helrabold'ö Híghly Concent raí ed Corapound Fluid Extract Sarsaparilla SYPHILIS. Thïs is an affection of the Blood, and attacl;s the Sexuii Orgapy, Linings of the Nose, Ear, Tinoat, Widpipe, and other Mueus Surfaces, raakingits a]peaFanct' in the lorm of Ulcera. Helmbold's Kxt.act Sarsaparilla purifies the Blood, and remove. ftïl Scaly Eruptions of tbe Skin, giving to the Complexion a Clear and Healthy Color. It being prepared expressly fo?thisclas qS cpqiplaints, its Blood-i'unfying Propevties are preserved to a greater extent tnau any other preparation of Saraapitrilla. Helmbold's Rose Wash. An excellent Lotion for DiieasM of a Brpfailtic Nature, and as an injeetion in Diaeatee of the Uriuary Organs, ariHing from habïts of dissipfttion, used in connection with the lijftisstsBucbu and áarsaparilla, in suchdiseases as recommended. Eviderice of the most responsib'e and reliablo chacacter will accompjiny tho medicines. CEUTIFiCATES OF CURES, Frum eight to tivonty years stajading. Ti-ith namos Iboiph to SC1ENCE AND FAMEt For MíéxUcal Propoftiesof ÍÍCÍÍC, Sce Dispensalory of the United States. See Professor VEWEES' valuablo wosltd üd the Practice of Pbyeic. Sfo rftnarlïs made by the lalc celcbratcd Br PEYSCTiT, PhUafUIplmi. tioe remarles made by Dr. EPHRAIM MeDOIVELL, a celebraled Physician, and Member of the Koyil College of Kurgeons, Iteland, and published intheTranBaetiotw vi the K'iuj,' aurl Qupeö'a Journal. See Modiofl-.Ciru laical Review, publiwhcd by BENJAMIN TRAVERS, Füllow of the Royal College o.r Surgcons. See most of the late Standard Works on Alcdicine. Exxbact Buchu, $1 oo paa botxlb, ok üx i'ují W oo " Sabsai'ahim.. 1 00 " ' 5 00 Imi'bovbd Rosb Wash, 00 " " 2 50 Or half a dozen of each for $1200, which wïll be fiuflicient to uure the most obstinate cases, i,e difectiens are adhered tp. Delivered to ony address, secure Iy pacied fromobservation. C" Describe nymptom in all Communications.- Cures guaran teed. Advice gratis. AFF11ÍA VIT. Personnlly appcared before mean AJderman of tï'.e city of Philadelphia, H. T. BtSUOiOLS, who, belng duly üworn, doth say, his preparation p.ontain no narcotia, no mercury, uf tt.liiírinjurious drugs, but are purdy vegetable. H.T.HKI.MRfU,D. Sworn and hubscribed before ro. fliis 28d dayof November, 18.54. V.'M f. HIIiH A1IH." AIderni;ii, Nlnth-atreet, above Jïace, l'hila. Address i.etterrí fur Information in confiOeuce. H.T. JlKL.MUOl.I),ClR-miM Depot 104 Houtli Trnth-Btreet)beJ[wCb1.-Hn';t, Phila, KEWAHÍ3 OF COÜÏÏTERFEITS AND INPRINC1PLEL DEALERS, Who endeavor to dispose " OF THKÏlï WN " and "other" artioIesoB tlio leVutalioti attained by Qelröbold'ü tionoiñe PreparatiotiB, i' " Extract Bucba, " " Sacsaarilift, " " Improvd líoseWrtbh. iSold by all lriigíítfl everyVhftrë. ASK FOR HELMBOLD' S-TAKE NO OTHER. (t out the advijijtispmfnt, nnfl prd for it. 4Y) L am Bound íor M. GUITERMAN CO'S ! Dispute the tact if you can, It takes the TAILOK after all to give appcarance to the on ter man. If yon vish (o nppear well You must accordiugly Dres3 Well. Go to M. Gciterman & Co's,, There you will tind things exautly HO. SONDHEIM always ready to take vour meusure, GÜITERMAN will sell you Goods with gre;it pleasure, At figures L0WER thaa you will find in the State, Take lieed - call early, else vou are too LATE. The indücements aro now groater tban ever, Our Clerks you will fiad obliging and clever. Wo will show you good CLOTHING of our own oetting ur, Filling our Store frotu Bottom to roi. STUDENTS especially will find it to THEIR ADVANTAQE, For it takes but LITTLE HONEY to replenish. 1500 OVEKCOATSof Clotb, Beaver, and Bear, Warranted for almost ever to wear. COATSof Cloth and Cassimere of our OWn IMPORÏAT1ON, Forwarded through our New York relations. Frorn England, Belgium, Germany and France, Such as you can stand üp in. or wear, at the daace. Pants! Pants f! Pantsü! Fanoy OASSIMERES and DOESKIN of everv grade, We sell them frorn ONE DOLLAR up tO EIGUT. VESTS, &C, of every description, You will find it so without fiction, Furnisbing appabjíls From SHIRTS to UMBRELLAS. This is all we say now, Therefore ws make our bow, Yours truly, ever so, M. GÜITEEMAN. & Co.. O. BIjISS WouW take. this method ofiaforming bis old friends and patrons and all othors who may favor liim v.ith their patrouage, tLat liohas greatly eulargetl his tock and Assortsnent ! a,ud haring adopted the CASH SYSTEM BOTH IN BCYING & SELLING s prepjredto sell Goods at L{3asoziaB ble JfrioeS, His stook cocslstsin par or the foliowing: jfj. AMERICAN AND OTHER Pr?Jl Watches ! pfc J Tbe Celebrated S- SETHTHOMAS ÜLOCKS! Fine Jewelry Setts GOLD CHAINS, TABLE AND POCKET CUTLÉllY ! 'azor, Sbears, ScissorBftnd BrulieR, ÏÏOÜKRS PLA'fED WARU, the best n market, Gold Pens, Steel Pens, Pencils, PAPERnd EXVELOl'Ei, Musical Instruments, Strings Sf Books for Instruments, S3PECTA Ij.ES, of Gvld, Silver, Steel, and Plated, with PERISCOPIO GLASS, a superior article. Barr.aus having diffloult watohes to fit witb glasses an be accomodated, as vay stock is large'aml com siete. P. S. rarticular attentiou to the RBPAIRING jf all kiuds of fine Watches, such as Making and Setting new Jewels, Pintona, Slaffs, and Cylindtrt, Alio CLOCKS, Sc iTE-WELR-2leatly repaiveil and 'war'auted, at his old Btandeast 1de of Main Street. C. BLISS. Arm lTbor,Növ. 2f, Itffifl 826 tl For liats, Mlce, Jïonchcs, Ants, Brei Bugs, tlofhg In ITiirs, Woolcns, dEC. Instctu on 1'iftnts, Fowis, Anímala, &c. " Only in fallible rgmecHes kuown." " yree from po!mns,}) " Ciot i)ag 'mus to the íur.iiin i-amüy.'' " Rata coine out oL tlieir holes to die." jgÉff" Solil Wholesale in all large c hes. jflfö Sold by a.11 Druggiati and Retallera eTerywkp, J8W 1 ! ! [fïAWAM ! Il of all worthless imitations. jföjT Kee that i'L'ostak-.s'' name is on each 13ox, Bottleanñ FÍaak, befoie you bvy. J8S3" Addren HENitY U.' COSTAR. jasrPrincipal Depot, .Vu. 4rs litoiuUvay KewT-orki g" Sold by all the Wliolesale and Retail Druggi. Ann Arbor, Mich 915m3 Ayer's Cherry Pectoral,


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