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The Invitation

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Will you walk iptfl iu,y parlor "! says the little man so sly ; I cordially can ofier you my hospitali-ty : Some ugly things I'm certain could be settled in a trice, If you and I would only Lry : and wouldu't that be nice t Will you, will you, will you, will you, walk in, neiglïbor deari Will you, will you, won't you, won't you, friend and neighbors dear 1 Sure sucli a was neyer seen, a chaos so complete, Where black and white and wrong and right in wild confusión meet. We've rights without a title, and demands without restraint, And duties where there's nothing due, enough to vex a Saint. Will you, will you, isA Congress is the thing we need, our quiet to insure, To regúlate the present and the future to secure ; And I'm the man to moot the. plan, as all of you must feel, For well I know, both high and low, each spoke of Fortune' yrb,eel. Will you, will you, &c. It isn't out of vanity I wish to take the lead. It is because my character's so yery bad indeefl. Men cali me so ambitious, still to selfish ends a wake, But when they see me frank and free they'll think it a rm'sae.. Will you, will you, &c. Then for our place of meeting, let me hope you all will give A pftfergnsg p, my house and home, nnd with me come and live, : The peaceful drama we'ro to act this well known scène befits, Frpm which of oíd carne schemes so bold - (.p blow you all to bits. Will you, will you, &c. And you, friend Buil, especi.illy, I trust will not refuse, Though jipfriing you may have to gain, and everything to lose ; 'Twould snit yp;;l' bi#i position, and your noble turn of mind, To cast in with the rest your lot, and take what you may find. Will you, will you, &c. Thp phannel Islands once were French, Gibraltar lies in Spain ; And lalta. after Corfu, - 'tisn't worth wiiile " 'to retain. Then if a share of India's spails would make our quarrels cease I'm sure you would not grudge a slice to buy.[ a general peace. Will you, will yoiij &c. You ask hpw members are to vote - that's easily arranged ; I've got a plan, which. if you wish, can readily be changed : But trust to me, and you shall see, my sleight of hand so neat Will work as well a Congress as it worked a Plebiscite. Will you, will you, &c.


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