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Winter Meeting Of The Michigan State Agricultural Society

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ï.he executive committee of the Michigan State Agricnltural Society, at a meeting held on the I7lh instant, resolved that the annual winter meeting of the Socioty 'should be held at Yp&ilanti, on the second Tueeday ol February next ; and, that the meeng ehould be an open convention, which all the gentlemen who had ever been its officers, all the members of the Society, and all citizens having an interest in the agriculture of the State, ehould be invited to altend. Hcretofore, the annual winter meetings huve comprised simply the officers and members elected at the annual fall meetings, and have been held merely for the transactipn of the business incident to the nffairs oí the Society. This year it bas been determined to make the attempt to bring together, irom varioua parts of the State, a more general meeting oí the representutives of the rarious agricultura!, raiái Dg, wool-growing, mechanical and other industrial interesta, with whom the executive committee may consult and advise, in relatioa to the best inethods and measures which should be adopted by the Society, to advance and develop the objects for. which it was organizad : and, also, by djscussions upon various subjects, connected with the agricultural interests, to awaken attention, and encourage the desire for improvemeut tbat bas beconae manifest eince th'e system of agricultura! societies has been established. It is settled that the winter meeting shall be held at Ypsilanti, on, Taesday, the 9th day of February, at Follett Hall, which has been placed at tbe disposal of the Society, for this purpose; und, that it shall Jast for foor days; during which the subjects named below, will ba introduced by brief essays or leotures, and then discussed by all who may desire to speak on them, in ihe lollowing order : Tuesday Afternoon. - How can the State Agricultural Society best accornplish the objects for which it was established, by its exhibitions ? Tuesday Evening. - Fruit, and fruit culture, in Michigan. Wednesiay Aflernoon. - Sorghura and sugar manuiacturing. Wednesday Evening. - The Agricultural College, and the oxperimentsnjade $t that institution with muck and compO8tS. Thursday Afternoon. - Stock raiaing, n the coffiparative value of breeds of cattle! Thursday Evening. - Farming coneidered with regard to the profit of scientific management. Friday Evening. - Sheep culture, and the prófits áad prospeets of wool-growing.' Friday Aflernoon. - Agricultural practice. During the forenoon of eaoh day, tbe attention of the executive committee will be given to the general business of the Society, and the preparalion oí the programme ior 1864, in acenrdance with the suggestions receivod at the public disoupsionu. A local committeo of citizens of Ypsilanti, consisting of Measrs. J. Starkweather, C. Yost and D M. Uhl, bas been appointed to reeeive the members and visitor8 who may attend this agricultural convention, and which it is believed will be one of the most important of the kind ever held in


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