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An Eastern Story

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When Alsxauder had oonquered the world, and penetrated into the remotest regions of India, lio heard of paradise, and determiued to subdue that also. He wae told that the river Nithebel led to it, and iinmediutely ordered a fleet to be eqiiipped to oarry his troops thilker, but previously despatuhed a few véasela to procure iulonnation. When they had reached the Garden of paradise, hia people iound the gate shut, and beforo it an aged keeper of singular appearanee, and with an extrathey ordinary beard, whom commanded ot open the gate immediately for their mastor, who was not iar behind thera. - ïhe hoary keeper srailed, and said he durst not admit him unless he could find meaos to wcigh down a foatlier, whicli he herowith sent, when placed in the balanou. Tho messen ger was astonished for he could not conceive how a small foathar (since it was on'y a üght downy feather, could have such weight, and eoncluded that the old man was jeering him. He, nevertheloss, went and delivered the message. Aiexandor direuted a balance to be brought, and il soou appeared that all the wood and stone, and zilver and gold, that could be laid on the scale, was not sufficient to coimterpoise this little feather, which madü everything tbat was brought ily quickly up. Alexander, astonished at this magical effect, sent once more to inquire what was the meaning of it. The 'man gravely answered that the íeather signitíad Alexander's cupidity and aijibition, which were liglit as down, 'and' yót so heavy that nothing could cbnntérbalance them ; but he wouldlall hiiü 'hoW that leathür might be outweighed. "Let," said he, "a handful of e'arth be laid upon it, anu it wtlj at oncë lose its extraordinaiy power.,, Alexatuler preceived the meaning, and was deeply dejeoted. Soon afterwards he died at Babyion, without having seen the garden of delight. ■ 1 1 - i i - ie - - [ Poverty is the only load which is the heavier the moro loved oneá there aro to assist in supporting it, '■"' p There are pers.ons who woujd show their liberaüty te a stiï'rving map', byBendiaghim a coetly'tootbpiok ínsjíeáá of foo'd


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