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The Supreme Court

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I he radical brethreo are very soroly troubled abotit tho Supieme Court- Tboy havo boen prayiag uvcr siioe Mr. IjiuCnln carao tuto otScj that "oíd" Tanoy and all thu conservativo judges on tho bench would dio ofl, so thut laterday jurists and statesmen of tie Charles Snmtier and Jim Lañe stripe migbt bo pp'iiated in their rlace. líut tbe venerable Chief Juütico, aLhouuh verglt]gOd the point of doath ocoasionaliy, ruínaos to round ii, and hU conserva tive a8oiiates are equally tenacious in ctinging to Ufo. A few days ago a Western inember iotroduoud a bilí in iho Hnuso (quinüng at a remoíal of Judgo Taney, or rather informrng' him tbat all judges aro expeotod to resien n íheir attaining thetr seventioth }"e..r Thic, however, wrl] bo a har miéis nioasure oven if adopfud. Tho Tribune royards it so and proposc : reniedy fbr tho "evil" of a. conservativo Supreme Court, by adding two muinberii to it nu.r.bor, whioh would givo iho radical a'ffliijhrity, of cine und anuble them to declaro liinooln'ii proclamations moro 6:cred and binding than holy writ, aud hi words law unto them and to the people, evon a i the Chicago platform aocording to the deolarittiona of tho linaugural. Uere is the oourt as it at presunt stamia, and as tho Tribuu classTaney, Marjland, copperhead. Neleou, New York, copperhead. Giier, Pennsylvania, vvar democrat. Wayne, Georgia, conservativo. Catron, Tennessee, copperhead. CüSvird, M"ine, conservativo. Kwnyne, Ohio, republican. Davis, Illinois, repúblicas. Miiler, Iowa, republican. Fiald, Oaliforuia, republican. The Tribune thinks Judge Grier is "sound, ""oud aüects to belive that a do oision can now be had for the constitutíonality of the proclaniation. Still, to rnako a ''ure thing,1' it thinks it would be dciirable to enlarge tho bench and sot a couple of radical judges upan tho new piece. Tho evidenco are unmistakabla that uneasiness esists in every quarter of the radical oarnp abaut the Suprema Court, and vsia tnay look cuiring tho present session or Congress íor vast amount of ingenuity iñ efforts to get ovor the conservativa difficulty.


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