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New York, Jan. 12. The Tnhunt?s Morris Islarid correspandent saya ; " Tho rebels have in Charleston harbor two ron-ciad teamera ; they are ciose imitaüons of the uev Iroiisidoj and Dunderborg, Charleston take8 fire-and burns apaee froin the effect of the botnbardtnent. The fires ulways spread and burn hours at a time. Last Suuday they burned eigbt hours. In one masa of obstruetions hauled awáy from the back of Monis Inlaad are sizteen bars of iron rails. The obstruetions baving been removed by natural causes, noihing now prevenís the taking of Charleston when Admiral Dahlgren wiils it. In a postsyript tlie correspondent adds the rebels have three iron-clads building at Charleston, two of them on the Dundyrberg plan. Ou January tirst the United States steamer Kypsic destroyed a schooner laden vvith turpentine at Murrell's Inlet sixty miles nnrth of Charleston. The HtraliVs Folly Isiand correspondent says Colonul Jiell's esperimetts to obvíate the explosión of (ireek lire fcholls till iho proper moment have succeedetl. It is improbable that a persistent bombnrdment of Charleston ill be opened No ono diuib'.s pur abüity to dtstioy ihe city whenevcr we desire. The gunboa.t Hurón has cnpt.r,re( an Anglo-rebel schoonor from Nassau, wuh u cargo of salt, in Doboy Souna, Georgia, Boston, Jan, 12. Tho Traveller states that a letter has luis been ïeceived in this city from a Northern clergyman who cstablished liimsolf in Charleston, vvith his f:imily, but a short time beiure the rebelüon broke out. IL; gives touching details of tho anguish ;uid suffe: ing oi the i,i. habitante of that place, mauy of whom hope and pray for redomption, eveu at the hands oí the Yankees. In his opicion, the time is rapidly ap proaching when it will be found necesaary to givo up the city to save the peopie from absoluto staivation. Of course all that can leave the place will do so, but many have nol tho means, neither have they any place of refugs.


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