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Gapt. R. J. Bakry has furnishod us tho following list of íesidcnts of this County who havo boen oxemptcd by th Enrolltaent Board oa proof being made that they were aüens .' Ann Aebor Citt - lst Ward - Frede-riok Gwinner, Chas. A Gartner, Aloxander Thomson, Geo. Hayler, Robert Brown, Samuel Me Laren. 2d Ward - Christopher Amhold", Paul A. Gwinner, Chaupoev Haveriok, Chris tian Vogel. 3d Ward- Samuel Shield, Robert Oliver, Samuel Taylor, Israel Vogel, Jacob Schumaoher, Thomas Patterson. 4th Ward - Autoine Eisle. 5th Ward- Sila White, Albert G. Ward, Udwin Arkscy. Asn Arsou Tows - WiLliam Sutton, David lloberts. Fbkedom- Benediet Shuberger, John George Schworriug. Lima- John Fay, David Albert, Patriek Murray. Manchester - Patrick Sully, Samuel Kirk. Nortufield - George Kapp. Pittefield- Donald VVallaoo. Salem - Leonard Wallingtou. Soio - Jobn Palon, John C. Tuomcy. Supeeiou - Thomas Newton.. Sïlvan - Conrad Finkhenner, Jacob P. Miller, Miehael Fay, John Alher, John Malock, Miehael Kulerabuck, Geu. Lebeck. Yoek- James Kyte, William W. Wallace. Ypsilanti City- James P. Haycs. ES" The Legislatura of this State is to convene in extra gession on Tuesday next. We hope that our members in both Senate and House will have an cye on all propo8Ítions coming froni counties which have been issuing bonds to pay bounties, to saddle the bonds upon the State. Washtenaw County has issued no bonds, and the severa! townships of our County havo, until tho present dFaft, paid their bounties eithor by tubscription or tax, and for tho present draft have taken of themselves. It would be rank injustice to tax o,ur county lo foot the bilis of counties which have beeu joing " on tiok." ty Gen. Fkank P. Blair has laft the field and resumetl his seat in Con2;ress S@ Hon. Oalkb B Smitií, judge of the Uniteíi Siate Suprema Court, and ate Secretar; of the Interior, died in )in ogico ta Indianapolis, Ind, of heinorrbage of the Stomach, on tbc evening oi the '; tb inst.


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