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Jiotato of Joseph Kelsev" MATE OF MICHIGAN, County o! wl O. Al. 8880n of tóe Probate Court ",í.t0, . Washtcnsw. holden at th.j Vwhlu Om he CU Aan Arbor, on Friday, tire 2 e'"'"1'. henear one thou,4 #h? L&LL$ Present, Thomas Ninde.Jud of Pr i . ceased, pía) ing íor Ucean and au.hoï, ! of "i. tam real eslate of faid deceased IllontJ tu KU Thercupon it b Ordered, Ihat Jlondav .v econd day of Kebruary ncxt at qo, A,?!S noon, be assigned forthe hearing 'f S '' , thattheheirsat law of sa.d dícea Ji"io. i persona intererted in nj estáte, w ' '"í u pear at a sesión of íaid Court, then ."S red ta i the Probate Office, in the City „Ï An Co.mty,and tóow euSe, ifany tlurebe VhTi1" of thepet.tioner should not be J heK'J And it is fiirther ordered, that 'a,M ?ivo notice to tlie persons interested in s J P'tifi the pendency ol said petition, and th, hïarinVilS by causmga copy of this Order to I. ITu, S,"'" Michigan Argw, a uewnpaper prinUd „d ]t ' previou to saió day of hearing UCCTiti ,1(1 (A9lrue WJ THOMAS NIN'Dï Chancery Notice. STiLE„1CHWAN-Ko"th Jutt-" Edard Briges, Complainant, 1 guit pn{in,, „ Harry Etey .Jacob Estoy , John Couní rZ w Kstey, Israel E.tey, John L. . d ', 2 Beet John G. Wohr, and at C JühnWagner, the 8th4j' Defeudants. uat, , iJll It tUfactorily ppear-ng to tbe ..od'e,,.S snKCtrait CominiBfioner for said Counlv tvS1 that the above namd ddfendant, Harrr t' , resident of this State, but that he is a reni" !Qt State ol Cal.fornja : On mot.on „f A F, cl? .' for CnmpUinant, it ia ordered that the M"id ,?T Harry Estey, cmse his appearanco in thi, 1' 'H enlered withiutwo njonths from tuedate of th."1 and , that, in case of his appearance he MB„ L■ wer to complainanfs bill to be flled and .Z,,!" ol to be served on complainant' Boliüitor 5 twenty dajs of the arvice of a copy „f s„d V,!"k' noice of thhora.r,.ad in ther" f th' aidbiUbe .aken as enfessed by the „ "? H irry Eitey : and it is furthcr oriiered th.. ï' tiventy dayaaflerthe n-.aking of this orier u. complanmnt cause this orVr to be piblib(d Z .ï Weebly Michigan Arg,,,," a BespV.r 5,3 said. County, anti that said publica! ion bt CW"(' ." aaid paper, at least once in each week for ,, „ . in .uwmaion, or Ihat he ca..r a copy "of thi, „J bepersonallr si-ived on the said defendanl Him i ter at least twenty dav before the time binZ en tw.l ft,r his a ppearance. !■ Dated, JiinuAry Sth, A. D. 18S4. üEO. DANÍ-0STH t incbT'a Coinmmionei for WashienKÜ,,, A. Fklch, Comjilainant" Policitor. jjj,. Atruecopy, Tü-icr W, Rooi, KVJJ, ICHIGAÏlTfiALlAlItt Pagsengeitains n(w leave Ietroit.Cbicaifo iii , lereralStationsiB tlüUounty ,as foUows : ' GOING WEST. Lea Te Day Ex. Dext. Ac. Etc Ei XMtb Detroit. IO.COa.m. 4.00r.M. 5.3') p ji.. Vpsilattti, 11.20 " 5,30 " 6.50 " lom ' Ann Arbor, 11.40 " 6.00 " "15 " j] Dexter, 12 05 P.M. 0.30 " 7 45 J_ , Chelsea. 12.25 " . - - ■" 8.05 " _ , Ar. Chicago 10 30 ': " 6.C0 "10.30U GOING EAST. IaTe. Eve. Ex. Dei. Ac. Nicht gx D,Tl Chicago, 5.40 V.M. 10.00 P. 6.,, Chelsea, . h. 7.40 a. h 4o0f i Dexter, - 6.15 ' 8 0 " 44 " Ann Arbor, 4.2)A. M. 6.45 " 8 Ï5 " 4 45 t Ypsllnirti, 4.40 " T.le ' 8 4r ■ s'os Ar. Detroit, 6.00 " 8.30 " 1000 " u The Day Express eeh way is the Mail Trai, Traini do nft stop at stations wherefigarettnoti tedin tbe table. Trains connect at Detroit wilh theGreat Wetttnit! Grand Trunk Kailw;is of Canada, and the Iietroitiii Toledo, and Dt-troit and Milwaukee Hiílrodí. ii Cleveland Stenmers. At the Coropatiy'B Ticket Offices at Detroit, Chiaa Juliet. and Lafa.Tette, through tickets can be purebW tostll the principal cities and towns in the UoitedëU and f'ïinadas. LÜXüRIOÜS SLEEPtWS CARS upon all nijhtlTiiii Ruttan's celi-brated Ventilating Apoalatus upoa lay trains - the best dus preveutativein use, R N. HICE, General Superintndot YRATBVKY'S New Fcíije Piano-Fortea VN"rRiíCür)F.N"TYí). 3VCCESS! IBVN FillST HJZES! ïecÏTi;.ï within CqtfjC weakn : Ftonj Zcw Jemj ftili I;"air,M I'attrrjn., X. J ; trova XSW Yor'títte fc at Ütica,X. Y.; f rom Ohio StyU K?.;r, t Ckrtluí (,; PeUBylTaoj Slate Kair, at Noiston Pa.; E. íois Otate Fair, at Decatur, 111.; Indiana State fúit India na pol i 3, lnd. ; frora the American InstitutiFu n New York - Judges : tíottschalk, Berg, Brtnm aod F. H. Bíown, The folloA-ing note was receirii from one of the j ururs : "Mr. Wm, U. Bhadhí-rt . Dear í?ir ; Yon km n ceired tke Gold M?-dal I I congratúlate you upon ! ing the successlul competitor for the FIRST PSÜI iOLD MfCDAL for the BE-iT i] ANO FORTE, r'airofthe American Institute at the Academyoflli' sic. Your in.struments FCLLT mkrit this award ík heir ricïily beautiiul, voluniinous tone - so poireiíi' jet so sweet." GOTTSCHALK, The celebrated Pianist, Bays of them : 'I have exaraiued with great cark Mr. Wm. B. Brk ttury'a Sr.w Fcalk, andit is mj-opuí: hat they are very supereor instrumenté , Ijhare wp ally ruiHi'ked their thorough workmanship, w '■' power, pnrity, richness and equality of their toae. tíciimnien-l. therefore, these instrumenta ío ttpí--1 n general, and doubt not oí their success. L. M. GOTTáCHAlX New York, Juiy 12, 1863. The most emnent of the musical profession of N'f York ha ve atsu given the must unqualified teitiBM1 u favor ul tl; in'runients. tgg' Send tor a Circular. WM BIUDBtJRl, BLACKÏÏOOD'S MAGAZINE. AND THE' BB1T1SU REVIEWS, PEICES CÏIEAP AS EVïB TO THOSK WHO PA Y PROMPTLY IN AüVAHCl Postage Reauced 1 f PREMIUMS to NEV7" SUBSCRIBBES NotwHhaundinj the cost of Reprinting the ijf-' Oihciils ha more than doublei iu consequence or enprmocs risp in the price of Paper and of J"1 advance in ftll otiier expenses - and notwithfltanoi! olher pulilishers are reducing the siz or increnini price of their pubücalions we phall continuo for " ycar 1864, to lurnish ours complete, as heretofor, ■ the qïd iaes, viz : - THE LON00N QVARTERLY (ConserratiTe). TUE EDIKBURGH REVIEW (Whig) . THE N0RT1Ï BRITISH REVIEW (Free Churcb), THE yESTiiIXISTEIÏ REVIEW (Liberal). BLACKWOOD'd EDIXBUKGH MAGAZINE LT# TERMS. For any of the four Reviews ,{ Kor any tyq of the fur Reviews Í ■ Forany threeof tiie four Reviews j '■ For all four f the Reviews -j Eor Lïlackwooji'v Magazine ,f For Black wood aqd ime Review ';. Fur Blackwooil niid ts-o Keviews Foi Blckwood and three Reviews. ' Fur Blackwood's and the four Reviews POSTAGB. Tl.e postace to all parts of th United Stt ' only FlOyjilx Ceiitt a Ycar for the n ■ Flve Publlcntloiia. riz :- foor " (j for Blackwood and otily I5IKI( cclilS a !",h,K iv Revltw. l'ostage is paaWe at tbe B t'ie nuinbers are röceived. New Subscribers tq nny two of the Period'C j( 1864, wiil rceive as a premium their etioice ■ ',„ ot the four Reviews for 1863. Subücyibere w will reccivo their chojee of aij two of tborou for 1803. iubscribers to any bral' the ""J? ;„,liet my iirocuie any uf the four Keviews for 18W' jMi thcy may not becntitled as premiums, ' The Thirci Eilition ol the September .„j,: Blackwood contaiuing an article by an MJ ■ ( j Htmpnwltl thf Buttle of GeMy,",. huw rt'afly- price 25 ceuts. Mbfireífíí Remittancesandcommunicationisli'"0"' tO I.E0XAKBSCOTTC0 P'SI, No. 38 V.UkerSt.,bet, Uioady tnu We also I'ubüsh the ' ' ' " FARMER'N Gpipr Jf Rv J!k'by ?tki'uf.ns of Edinburgb and } ,„:0 Nortüx. of Vale College 2 rqls. i?PJ' "' pages and numerous EngrAvings. PEICE, $J? for thp twp jplumei. B 1 è 1. 038if ''■ 3____- 4ys AgueCurf


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