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TL S. 5-20'S T- - O-tttTHE SECESASY OF THE TREASCBT ha ra jet .Ten nolle of any lntontlon to ithdraw tbla popular .can from Sale t Par, end catll ten dayi ootioe h fiven, tho nnderIgncJ,B8 "5,f NERkL gCBSCSlFTR GENT," irtil conilaueto opply tie pnblic. Tho wholo amouot cf Iba Loan ecthorii I Flrs Handled Millloa of Dollar. KEAJSLY FOCñ CCNRED M1LLION9 HAVE ALEEADT BEEN SDBiCPJtED OK AND PA1D INTO THE TBEASCP.Y, monlj wlvhin ïio Ust aeven months. Th largo demand from abroad nd thernpidiy increaslng bome demand for es the oasis for eire ulatlon by National Banking Asaoclatlon ow organiiing !a all parts of tbft ooaLtry, viU, In a ery short perlod, absoib th oalflnoe. a lei kte7 ranged from ten to flfteen miliions Tveekly, f-o nntly exceedlng three railüon duil, snd rs !t ij troll known that tbe Secretar of the Traasury ha rape nd ncfalliDif resources In th DutUa ca Import end rjtemai P.ovenuea,and In the liauo of thelntereat bf ar ng Legal Tender Tfoaaary Jotes , t 11 almost a oartainy tbat he will not iïnd It noceflsary fur a lonj limo to come, to seek a market forany oiiior long or permanent Loan, THE INTEREST AKD PKIKC1PAL 'üf WEICH Í.RE PATABLE IN GOLD. Pmdeoce and f lf Interest mast foro? 'e miaJí of tbose contemplaticgth foroation of National Banking Aooclaona, aa welia? the ml nis of aU who have Mie moüey on theirhünJs,to tbu prompt conclusión tbat tbej should loso no time In fubscriblng to thla most popular Loan. It wíll soon bebejond iLsir reacli, and advance to a Landsomo premium, as 793 tbereauit with tbe "Se-en Thlrty" Loan, Then it waa all Bold and couldno longer be subacribed for at pas. Itlg a Sil pertclii Lcnn, tbr Intcl-cst oixl Principal pnyabie In Coln, thua jlolding over Niae per cent per annum at tbe prasent rates of pre miuzn on coln. The 0o70rnnjent rcqnlrea sil dutie en Importa to be pald In Coln ; lbese dutlea haT9 íor a loug timo past amennted to over a Quaríer of a lillion of Dollars daily, e amo nerlj tbree times greater tban tbat requlred in tha payment of tbe laterest on all the 5 íu's and othcr peí manent Loaua. So tbat It is hoped tbat tbe tarploi Coin !n the Treaaury, at no dlatant Oaj, irtll ecablethe Udted Statea to reauine fipc-cie pcymentG opon all Uabilitirg. The Loan is called C 2 ' from the faiit that whilat tbe Bonds may run for SO yeara pit Xhe Goternmeiit baa a rlgbt to pay thn oiT la Ooli at par, at any time after 6yars. The Interest Is pad Ijn'f ycorly, -rit; : en the flrat day of November am May. Subacnberfi can have Coupon Bon-JU, whicb aro pay aMetob?arer,andare5Q. $100, $500, and iV.OO ; or Regiatered Cond of same denominatïona, and in acdi tlnn, $6,CC0and $10,000. lor Banking purpotes and for [nrestmen'.a of Trust moneys the Peglsteied Bonda are preierable. Tbeso 6 20"s cannot be taiod by Statoe, citlea. towns or counties,and he üovemment tax on Item la only one arjd-a half per cent, on tbe amount of incom wnen tbeiocomecf the boHer exceedj Sil Hundred dollar por anrium ali other infe-imeats, imch aa lucomo from and Bonds, etc, maat pay Trom tbree to fiveper cent tax on tbe income. Bankfl and Pankers thrpughout tbe the Country wil continue to diapose of the Bon U ; nnd all ordera by mail, or otherwiae. promptly attended to. The inconrenience of a fesv daya' dely is tbo del ?- nry of the Bonda s unavoidable, the demand being o gret ; ï;ut as interest commences from the day of subscription, no I,p33 Is. occasloncd, aud every effort ia being made todkniniabthedelay. íay cooke. sobscrit:on' agent. 114 sout1í tflted street, philadelphia. P iladeipbla.NoTcmbergri, 1813. Terrible Slaughier! THE YICTOltY ÍS OURS ! Wbicb has been raging for the past fcur vreekaat MAGK & SCHMID'S STORE Haa prored a grand Ruocess , although tbe slaugbtir ol DEY G'OODS Has been terriblo. Wo now in.ik the annooncemeni tbat we shall continue "Kor Ahiny "Sears" t. makt war with high prices, being determinad ío give iht humireds who dhily tlnjiig our storó, full v;.lue foi their raoney, I-adies eau ö'ud with us all (lesirablt ohailea aud styles of DRESSGOODS, RIBBOxNS, TRIMMÍVGS, EMBRO1DERIES. WHITE GOODS, HOSIERY, GLGVES, c, Wltb a víry large and atiractivc Btock of CLOAKS AND SHAWLS ffcx belotv tlxoix 'XT-etXiXG We hear it said every day that w ) are ruining the bushie&H in this city by aeilin? so cheap but we cannyt help it, Tlie Goods Must be Sotd. ÏOOOXew StyleanJ bent quaïity HOOP SK1RTS very chtap, and ío the GeuUetüt-u we have a verj laige ahsor-ment of Fronch Twilled Güot. Beaver Overccatiugs, Doeskins. Fancy Cassim res,Vestiuga, fltc, Of all descrípíions. and can :urnisli & whole tuit on ahort novice much chcaper than it can bo bought el&e wiiere. An examination uf thra branch of our busi UU wiHconvince all tha; this is the place to buy tluir rante, Coats and 'Vts's. 'e have alto a complete stock of Lnüies aud ChildrenV Shocs, HATS AND CAPS, And in fact everj-tb'ng that man or vroraan can desiic to ivear on head or fuot, Groceries, Crockery. Glassware &c , At nstonisliing low priecs, and in short onr eritire stock must aharethe sanie late für wtj are deteutxiued to sell, no matter what oM croakers may 5i .' All are lOTlted tu iuspect our stock asit is 110 trouble to show oui gooils, and weare bi'und {o meet the detn.inds of all. MW MATK .V PCHMm IF YOU WANT AG00D JS GOLBY'sM f L PATENT. Clotlies "Wringer! cali at the CROCKERY % GROCERY STORh of andget poptcdber'tre ynu purehr.Fe. Hü har, all of tbe different kinds oí gooc! wringerc. Prlce from Twelvs Shülings to $7 ! A GOOD CLOTHES IVIIWGRR. Saves time ! Saves money ! Saves rlothing! Saves ètrength l Saves health! Saves hiring help! Saves iceak lorisls! Savrs burnivg hands SAVES YOÜR TEMPER.' WooUn clothöH enn be wrnsg "ut oí boiling water to prevout sbilnkiag. without iüji-ry to ilie machine. A. UüFOEEST. Ann Arbnr, Dor., lst . lSd.S. DlssolufioiL rilEFIRM o( KLiwcoDftQpriathita7 tüsBolved ry mutual consei-it 11 notes and accounte due tb firrn,aretobesettMby,in(lp.iil tn L. R, Slnwuoo es rxir agreemcut. I,. R. FUWbOV J. B. CEER. ' ' Aon Arbor, Dcc, C&J, lfS3. Notlte. rr'EE GROCERY nid fríivÍFÍnn huraiess vffl lw r. 1 tlnusil at tbo oM Btad by feUwdon & eo" The A feta, !,, ■■ " BOOTS SHOES1 f}. CL. &. Ate NOBLE &EIDEE, HaTeJaiit c!T&3nttbo oMítand cf Wm. 9 Sdwi, tel occupiaU by V. d. Smltii, AL AEG E STOCK OP BOOTS & SHOES, OF THE BEST QUALITY 1 Wtlah tliïj ptcpos to se!l at LOW PBICES POR CASH. TBËY ALSO MAKE AND REPA1B, To Accoramodaic Customers. üefore Purchasing Elsewbero. LAWRENOE NOBLE, CHA2LE8 RIDER. Ann Arbor, Sopt. th, lseo. t!9S9. A. C. LOEB, Aro happy tp snnoanc totbeír numcron fríwida t4 patroa.-, ttist tbej bare luteif reccived ft larg a441U totlielrforjner hearj Stock of Bcndy-Madc Glothing, FOR GENTS' AND BOYS' WEAR ! W bar abo on band a LARGE Apa WeU SelectOd STQCK OF Gantlemen's Furnishing Gooda UATS, TRUNKS, VALISSS &c, Ac, And ffe fffali! rtj.-ttollj rollcit to to ciii tjad ! atalne oar Goodfl, bfefore purcliBRiuy clsewUe, ai w are conüdent that we Chfi 6pü jou GochIj CHBAPKB THAS THE CHBAPEflT AT THE Cleveland Clothing House. A. & 0. LOEB. Ann Arbor, Iljrorj Streel , opposifo Park, few oom West of Cooka' llulel. SLTm3 P. B A O H Has A LAEGE STOCK -OFF ALL AND WINTER GOODS ! N'CLÜDIN'Cf LATBST ST1TLES -OFSliawls, Dress. Q-oods, and everything for Laies 8 Gents Wear. GOIMFAST FOR CASH! Cali and See ! Ann Arbor, Oef,. 1863. P O1L & LAMP I 0EPOT. íl-áiiíJ by. Cfw procs, sagjj- ?} warrantod u hnrn oue-tblrd V;í. ) longír t!4tj rat otber oil !n 3 B.S".Uet. gjï. DïFOF.EBT. ■ ' tftc Iltn. 1863. H0TIOB. h. PEHSONS bolding climjaï!4 m, by feook coount er pote wili jiresent tbfnï to na for iraruec i.itét payaeot. And all fho lndöb'teri to rae perarüallj nr, to me au ftftsignoH of J M. fïoar, wili coníer furor by evitlínf forthwith, bj noie nr ötüorwi-ie acd thTsby avé eovi' An'd I hereóy ire notica that aftisr tbi áaU. I ühaTÏ pay n' debí eveept tbíe contrastad &y iaylf persOoailvor upon my t;pöcial ivritteu order. t. K. BUCHOÏ. Datad, Ann Arbúff, DC 'tía OCX PSiail J. GREEN & E. BROWN, ïre parchsseil tb Horto ac5 ■srjiají f B. Cnxo, Aüi li&v i'60 afltfl iLo vVy 8b tjrw : rsTTiagiH to (hi a.oo'6 stook ia tbs n.m c, o ib '-hy 6a 8ji( j'ou a!l.-.B ra.isoia.ble temas. öixll an d SeO !


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