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Value Of Soot As A Manure

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fe füirhïgau lu responso to au mquiry retaUve to the worth of sook aa u muuur, the Werking Farmer replies: lts eilief oompimenfc is carbon, and in bo (lividecí a foïiu as to be uearly equal a sofution in water. As soon as formed on tho skle of a chimney, thousands of cubic fect of a inosphere are p=sing over it, mu h dilatcd by beat, and eontaining nmnionia ; this is absorbed by soot, its fine carbon retaining the smmonia, and in a condition uot deüued by chemistry, but ccrtainly known in praetice to have high value. In England theéöot.from both coal and'.bitumirions coal is habitualiy saved, and many farmers buy it largeíy. In this country Boot, in coinmou 'with many other valuablo subatances, is wasted. Somc EnglisU farmers use thousandsof bushels, and with great protít, applying tweutyfive to fifty bushels per acre. lts great value, however, is for the compost heap, whcro it not ouly absorbs uew quaDtities of atnmonia, but assists in insuring that kind of decay of woody fibre known as ermacaucis, and arrestiug the putrid ferinontation, which frequently is so violent as to cause the loss of much of the volalile producís, produciug the coudition known 'as firefavg'mg. 8oot may also bo used like other finely divided slack powders, for dustiug over young turnipa and other [ilauts nfeüted with the tiivnip fly, and after ptiforming this office, it will fiud its vvay into the soil.


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