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The Camphor Tree

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It seems some' trung more than a wonder thttt a treo so valuuble in its production, a necessity so absolute, and so entlreiy susceptible of successful oultivation n the United States, should eo long have remainedtotally negleoted by our horticulturitts. As the camphor tree is quite as hardy in its habits as any of our apple trees, there ia perhaps no good reason why it hould not suceeed well wherever the apple tree willgrow. It is indigenous to all parta of China, Japsd, Forinosa, Burinah, Chinese Tarary, and flourishea even as iar north as the Amoor country : but ia fouud in the greatest abundanoe along the eastern coast of China, between the Amoy and Shanghai. In the district of Kwang-tungand Fuhien, it grows in dense foreste, the truuks attaining a eize equaliug that of any of our Ncrth Amorican forest trees. The principie market for the camphor lumber is Araoy. The camphor gum of commerco does Dot in any case exude from the tree, as bas been so generally eupposed, but is obtained from tbe leaves and twigs, and smaller roots bv distillation. Like all other highly arrómatic seeds, those of the Lauras Camphora very soon loose their vitality, aud it is doubtful if thoy would germinate after the lapso of time requisite to bring them to this country. - Working Fermer, BÉÈf" A lively fetnale who found the eords of Hymen not so easy as shb expected, gives vent to her feelinss o the following regretful stanzaa. The penpltimate line ie peculiarly oomprehen. eive and espressive. ■When I was young I used to earn My living without trouble; Had clothes and pocket money, too And hours of pleasure doublé. I never dreamed of such a fate, When I, a-iass, was caurted - Wife, mother, nurse, seamstress, cook, house-keeper, chambermaid, lauiidress, daiiywoman, and strub geneially, doing the work of six, For the sake of being supported !


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