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-A friend oalkd on iuiunaei Angelo, wlio was finishing a Btutue ; sotne time afterwards he oalled again, the sculptor was still at his work; his friend looking at the figure exclaimed, "You have been idie since I saw you last." "By no means," replied the aeulptor, "I have this. part aid polished that; I have softeued ibis feature, and brought out tbis uiuscle ; l have given more expression to thia lip, and more energy to thia limb." "Well, well," said his friend, "but all these aré trifles." "It may be so," replied Angelo "but recollcol that trifles make perfection ond that perfection is no trifle." ST Somebody challenged a rhyrae for " carpet," and the following was the best production elioited, called "Lines to a Pretty Barmaid ; " "Svreot maid of the ion, 'T is surely no sin To toast uch a beautiful bar pet ; Believe me, my dear, Your f'eet would appear At home ou a cobleman's carpei." StS" Tho Saiinaw Valley Republiean says the indications ace that "tho remainder of the winter will be capital for 1 urn bering and eleigh-riding. Tho woods are full of men, and everything weara a busy aspect in the piueries. 1 1 1 - 1 1 1 - . _ EP" The aew King of Greece has gained the fa,vor of his subjects. He goes to cfcureh reg.ujarjy, frequents the laarket a bazaars., alks witii the common-folks, and seeras inclinad to be aniisWe-ajid just. Cy An eagie, so loaded . down wüh ice that lie cavld.ijct fly, was captuFei ia . OrAue iast week. He measiji-ad eerSn ."■fejet two inches from tip to tip. ■ 83F"'Iiuion i not always jstxeBgth0 as the ?ailór saii when ha -tho-.purser jnix hjs rum witb. filter.


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