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HSTEW BOOT SHOE N, B. COLE, (Suecessor to Moore & Loomis.) FJIANKLIN BUILDINGS, Main stet, Aun ArVu, bas just received hs F ALL AND WINTER STOCK ! OF BOOTS, SHOES & RUBBERS, manufacturad fruni the best materiul afcfl warraat, il to give satis fací íon, emisisting of MEN'S KIP, OALF AND THICK BOOTS, DOl'BLE SOLED_ MEJSTS L HF FALO OVERSHOES, of all descriptions. IiADJES G-AITEES, Morocco Bootees, Balmorals, Feit Overshoes, and Rubbers. Also, Boy's Kip, Calf & Thick Boots, logf'ther ■vitli a varíe ty of CHILDKEN & YOUÏH'S SHOES. I am also Dlanufacturing WAREAJÍTED BOOTS & SHOES. Men's Fine Freneh Calf Boots Pegrgeft and Sewed. fiive me a cali before purchasing olsewhere. i wïll sell my noods cheap tur cash. REPAIRING INEATLY DONE AND ON SHO1T NOTICE. N.B.COT.E. Ann Arbor, Oct. 283,1863. 027U' CITTt OOOFER SHOP. Q. V. SPAPFOUD Would respectfully jxnnounce to the citizens o( Ann Arbor and viciuity, that he is nou' iranul'aoturing andkeepscoustantJy on hnd a Large Assortmept of Cooper "Work ! such as Po,rk niut Clcer Barrels, Kcgs, Firkins, Churas, Wcll Buckets, fee, Which will be solii cljeap f&r casli. etJSTOM WF OEK Made to order on slioyt üotice. líepairíug done with neatueas and dispatch, 1 would cali particular attention to Merchants in waut o.f Butter Firkfns. Iammanufacimiogtlie NiwïorV jute Finsln, which isa botter Firkin tlian has ever before been of fered inthis market. I would invite all who want Firkins to Cali and exanlne for themselves b.öforepurehasing elsewhre, and I will convince you that you have caljed at the right place. 1 would also cali the atteniiöa of iBrewers ia want of BEER KEGS, I am prepared lo manufacture Eights, Quarters and half Bbls. in large or smalllots, and of a Better Quality than can be had in Petroit or elaevfhere. A11 work warrantod to give entire satis faction. Thankfulfor past favors and l.v n sfrict atteution to business, 1 hope to meril a contmuec'. liberal supplj" of the public patronage. SS Do notlurgct to cali at the City Cooper Shop. O. C. SPAFFORD. Detroit St. Ann Arbor, Mich. 888yl GREAT.GREATER GREATEST BAKGA1NS EVER OFFERED 1859. 1859. In tliiB City, are now being offered at tbe OHEAP, CLOOK, WATCS, & J &-VS7 OIry iS-toiOrTlHESnbscrlber would soy to thecitizensoi Ann ArJL bor, in particular, and the rest oí Washtenaw County insenernl, thst hehasjust ÏMPORI'ED DlRECTI-Y f(om EUROPE.a ' Tremendous Stock pf Watches! AU of which hn binde himself to eell OHEAPEK than can be bought west of New York City, OpenFace Cylinder Wstches Irom $6 to $10 do do Lever do do 8 to 21 lunting Case do do do 14 to 35 do do Cyliuder do do 9 to 28 Gold Wateheg trom 2Ü to loO 1 have also the CEL.EBRATJED AMEKÏCAN WATCHES, which ïwlll aeïi ttr S35. Every Vvatch warranttd to loiiüiiu well,or thti munoy rcíunded. Clocks, Jewelry, Piated Ware, Fancy Goode. Gold Pen, (lusicallnstruïiieüts aürj Stringg Cutlery, &c, nd In fact avariety of every thing uaunlly keptiyJewelnrscan be bought for the next ninety days at your OWN P RICES! ersons buyinjr ai.ything at this well known eetabishme ut can rely upon getting goodü exactly as repesented.orthemoney refunded. Oallearly and seure the best bargaine ever orlered in thif City. One word in regard to Repairing ■ We ate prepared to make any rgpairs onijne or comnon Watches, nven to mrtkine o er the entire watch, neceesary. Ropairing of Clocks and Jewelry as' suai. Also the manufacturinp oí RINGS, BROÜCÏIS r aaythin desljed, froln California Gold onshortnoce. F.neravinc in allitebrancheeexeented withneat' ess ariddispitch. J C. 1%'ATTS. Ana Arbor, Jan. 88thlP50. 7E4w Riñe F actor y! Peutier & Tra ver, [Successors to A. J; áUth'erlann,] Manufacturera of nnd Dealers !.i , Gruns,Pistols, AmmunitiQn 7asks, Pouchcf Oac Bags, and JSverjother article i. fhatLinp. .UlliilHlBOf dgüQ ax the shortest noiice, and in tfiebest mnnner. a fulï assortmentalwnys kopt on hand aiul in;. de orde?. tJ=, Shop cornor Main .nd Washingtop streets. Ann Arbor,Oct. 8. 1362. f z sJ?j&Jí3.iESJ$r xtop. ■■ l CAMK iato the enclosure of the subrriber ftbuut the ííBfft diy of JuJyJast, a. -tUreo pkï Stcfr, :rt'd' ■ a and white vith spread licirns. The u.vnrr ík it?qm?sted to provo 'iwjtftrty, fm? ■cinrppé and take'flid ' teer awiiy. BHYAN COM1SKTK. JUST OPENING? The largest Stock and best asaortment of CABINET FÜENITUfcE ? ever brought to this city, including SOFAS, TETE-A-TETES, LOUNGES, BED ROOM SETS CENTER TABLES, BUREAUS, CHAIRS, GHassos Gilt Frames and Mouldiags COFFIKTS METAUC CASES, &c, &c, aml all olhor goods kept n the best and laigest hennes in the country. Wenecpno second hand furnitvueor Aoctios goods. Cofflns kept constantly on hand, and made to order. My goods are offered at THÉ LOWEST CASH PRICES N.B. I must have monej, ana r$gpeetfulj ïfquest thoso indebted, to cal! and fix up thtir old matters without delay. Q. 1$. MARTIN. Aon Arbor, Oct. 6, 1863. 925tf Yi The peculiar taint or aV. . infection which we eall yl f$ Scrotja. lurks in Tj YÏL fo constitutions of y i jdfcLS multitudes of men. It Z- ixSaÉlBl íí either produces or is 55Sï, ""Bwüjy p'Jtic;' by an en'?Eisi-jeL!Z8& feeblcd, vniiited state ffirfiwiSÉËSfP 6of tho ?"'pft!l' whereiQ SjpÊafëmK fdltiW2t' ') 1 1' c vital forces in their yls&-i JáElÍÍEvi=orous action, and i - '- '--sëF 'a n aid deeay. The scrofulons comamination is-variously caused by mercurial diseasa, low living, disordered digestión from uuhealthy food, impure air, filth and filthy : habita, the depressing vices, .and, above all, bj I the venereal infeetion. Whatever be its origifl, it is hereditary in the constitution, descending " from parents to chiklveu unto the third and fourth generation ; " indeed, it seems to be the md of Him who says, " I will visit the iniquities of the fathers upon their children." The. disoases whieh it originates take various Jiamcs, according to the organs it attacks. In the lungs, Scrofula produces tubercles, and finally Consumption ; in the glands, swellings which suppurate and become ulcerous sores ; in the stomaeh and bowels, derangements which produce indigestión, dyspepsia, and liver complajnts; on the skin, eruptive and cutaneona affections. These all having the same origin, require the same remedy, viz. purification and invigoration of the blood. Purify the blood, and these dangerous distempers leave you. With feeble, foul, or corrupted blood, you cannot have health ; with that " life of thé flesh " healthy, you cannot have scrofulous disease. Ayer's Sarsaparilla is compounded from the most effectual antir dotes that medical science has disepvered fof this afflieting distemper, and for the cure oï th? disorders it entails. That it is far superior to any other remedy yet devised, is knp,wn hy al} who have given it a trial. That it does combine virtues truly extraordinary ia their effect upon this class of complaint, s pdisputably proven by the great multitude of piihlicly known and remarkable cures it has made of the following diseases : Killg's Evil QfGlandular Swellinffs. Tumors, Eruptions, Pimples, Blotchss and Sores, Erysipelas, Eose or St. Anthony' s Fire, Salt Itheum, Scala Head, Coughs from tu berculous deposite in the lungs, White Swellings, Debility, Dropsy, Neuralgia, Dyspepsia or Indigestión, Syphilis and Syphilitic Infections, Mercurial Diseases, Female Weaknesses, and, indeed, the whole series of complaints that arise from impnrity of the blood. Minute reports of individual cases may be found in Ater's American Almanac, which is furnished to the druggists for gratuitous distribution, wherein may be learned the directions for its use, and some of the remarkable cures which it has made when all other remedies had failed to afford relief. Those cases are purposely taken from all sectiüns of the country, in order that every reader may have access to some one who can speak to him of its benefits from personal experience. Scrofula depresses thevital energies, and tfius leaves its victims far more subject to disèase and its fatal results than are healthy constitutions. Henee it tends to shorten, and does greatly shorten, the average duration of human life. The vast importance of these considerations has led us to spend years in perfecting a remedy which is adequate to its cure. This we now offer to the public under the name of Ater's, although it is composed af ingredients, some of which exceed the pest of Sarsaparilla in alterative power. By its aid you rr,ay prptect yaurself from the suffering and danger of these disorders. Purge out tlie foul corruptions that rot and fester in the blood ; purge out the causes of disease, and vigorous health will fpllow. By its peculiar virtues this remedy stimulates the vital functions, and thus expels the distempers which lurk within the system or burst out on any part of it. We kiiow the public liare been deceiyid by many compounds of Sarsaparilla, that promised much and did nothing ; but they will neither be deceived nor disappointed ip this lts virtues have been proven by abundant trial, and there remains no question of its surpassing excellence for the cure Qf the afflieting diseases it is intended to rcach. Although under the saine name, it is a very different medicine from any other which has been before the people, and is far more effectual than any other which has ever been available to them, AYER'Ö CHERRY PECTORAL, The World's Great Hemedy for Coughs, Colds, Incipieut Consumption, and for the relief of Consumptiye pationts in advaneed stages of the disease. This has been so long used and so universally known, that we need do hó more tbB as8ure the public that its quality is kept np to the best it ever has been, and that it may be relied on to do all it has ever done. Prepared by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., , Practical and Analylical Chemists, Lowell, Mass. Sold by all druggists eyerywhere. Ml.liHINS & W1L.SU.V, Aan' Ar'obr.' E. SAMSON, i'BSil&oti, A. 'EWINp, Dextcr W)IEJION íf HATCH, osiiebj Detroit. C. K. COBURïj , Traroning Aeent. '"'■.'■■ Farnj Fpr ggL, piHA.TÍCKF:QR A BAUOAI, in tï.fi U,xn of Ronald, Kj Ionia ,C(ninty,'ALiCh:,'inrthe best wheait gLuwipg reiun in the State. This farm coniains i: if cholee lïaucfwiïb sevéñtjr arres under i ra pro vemen tt ivith fiomO three inilea of croad oak fênee. ït is well watered, has a good log house, a frame horse barn a 'iGOppÖÜGAR BUSH, . ,nfl athrifty prcharéi Il-is-welllocated forschooj and thei privileges . Tho uwiu-r haviug. no help of liis own m(i wishing to locato in the región of the JJniTersity i-ouUl like to exchange f(i;-pr":'sriy in t)r near the city if Ahn Artoor. Addrees I'. O. Hix 6iS, Ahn'ArbOT'oiyii luire of ■ .L)M ii 'Hf. 'GJO. F?ii"." lí'2,9m.7 DgtroitSt:, opjosie ,Ark.s.(;v f nprbn ühop. Ayer's Sarsgparma. Mttgge' 6je; " DEFAÜLT ha'ving been made R tb, --„,., ... niortgage, executed by WilUam I wi Ol1 f . jah W. Morcan datíd Maící;eSJtaeP1 t recorded in the.fegíirters Office, in #.„.&' ' 5 Mare), a.xth A. D 63, in J, No 3(L„f 52 Co? paje 459, by whh defaiilttha power ofsaTeï f8".'' sMl mortgage became operative, and no Tuit .'"""""Ü ing haring been instituted at law to rw"?,1? secured by sa.c! mnrtgage, or any part th , kt f'K claimed to be due thereon : Notice i tbVrWil"? "N giren the said mortgage ill „e wï' h"l sale of the mortgaged precise?, b,', b J oitheeasthatf. nd the east hall 'oft kV"tlí section Ho. thirty onc, ia township N„ foiW.1 range No. seyen east, being in Aumst, „ ,. """1 ! of Washtenaw, in the Stafe of KK" lbe C8 the outhwest quarterof the south-est on. ,Wt'ti section or ome part thereof, at public Temí rMl Court House, n the city of Ann Arbor 0L ,t' " k tï-aixta day of March nt, at W ' W fre I,,! JW KusT, M'. Pated, AnnArbor, Dec. 23d, A. D. 1863. "Sheriff "SaK BY VJRTUE of an executi.on issued out of ,., tbeseal of the Circuit fourt for the c 1 D mT' "Dd t0 me di4 date i '! A.D 186.i,a?a.nsttheSooii and chattlej ?liSl want th4t„( tue WJ labemont of f ■L Sm,tl, and Wm.X MijUrd, 1 have L led upon and seized all the righttitle nrl J '"' GilWt Snii-h in and to thé low ng" rivT "" : ses to wit : Be,ng al! that certnin tract „r „ E' : lancUituatedm the City of Ann Arbor i„ th'"Ic'1 of Wasl.tenaw and Stace of Michigan kww W"'J and as follows, to wit f líe.ní I't 0Uni!four (4) in block three (3) south of Hub .t""?' range numter nix [6] east accordine to th, i " plat of the V.llage.yw city,„i Annrborfe [8] rods on Kifth strefij aid sijitten f161 rocji mï-S treet. A .1 of which VreTnUe I slm "ÍJo rW he law directa, at thefntWftt tv' Court f" mtheCty of Ann Arbor that ing th.ep)a,0, mg the Circuit Court for said Coínty S wi'"1 on Saturday the fifth day of Deeeintít A ti l,,"l teno'clock in the forenoon or .W day !M ' October.Sth PH]UP,m Ann Arbor, Dec. 5th, nï WLNÏG The above sale is hereby further postponMtan. day, December, 2.}th, at 12 o'c'.ock. n,).n at h. Pla,0!' P. WINEGÍR Ann Arbor, Dec. 19th, 1863. ""■ The abare sale is hereby further postpenoj u ,. day, January 4th, 18B4, at the same place „i dliyPHILIP WIN-EGAK vvS11 Ann Arbor, Dec. 28th, 1863. ' The above sale is hereby further posfponnj nn Jonday, January ]8th, 1864, at the same f plL? time of day AnnArbor, Jan. 4, 18MIIILIPWmEGAR'a' RISDON&HENDÊÜ XZave tlxo BUOKETïl CRAIN DRILL and Grass Seed Sower, Manufacturad at SpriDgfield, Ohio. THE VEHY i-ATESTIMPROVEMENT, and beltnlk all others; adapted to aowing Wheat, Rj M Barley and Cirass Seed. '' " lst. It has a Rotary Fee$er. 2d. Will soto all Mndts of Om and Grass Seed. Sd. liever iïunckes the Grain ith. JYeye? breaks the Grain. 5th. Sow.i Ch'ass Seed br jadead k Mud the Drill. (jt.h. Has high wheels aid long At Xth. lías long and wide steel pié. Sih. It has a land measure or Stuveyor. 9tA. It kas doublé and single ná dyills. lQth. It Aas a &elf adjustinq shA slide. It is netly and substantiaJlj ma There is har.ilv a Urill oilered in the market lt ia boast of more or lens "FIRST PREMIUMS!" They are nbout&s iniliscrirainately bestowed MÜttS of ' Profesor, ,'f whicli is aometimei a pp lied te tii ilJiddier'' or li bootblack." They cease to eonTij tii idea of merit. The Buckeye Drill has been on Exhibition t itit number of State and County Kairs, and without né favor at the hands cf a&y Commïttee, has receirfjií full share of Premiums TESTIMONIALS : We give the folio wmg Dames of a few Farmiriin 1 vicinity waohavebought and used theBuckeeDrill: Godfrey MUler, Scio, JacobPolhernufc " Jacob Tremper, M Thomas White, Northfield. J'ihn Brokaw, _ C'hristian Kapp, " E'Iwnrd Boyden, Webster. Jamis Treadwell, Ann Arboi Daniel O'Hara, ". ' JohnG.Cook, Lodi 0. A. Marshall, " " Ii. Kilinorr's, Saline. George Cropsey, Gren Oak, Lir.Ot We arealso Agents for the Ohio Reaper & Mcwer acknowleriged t( be the very best in use. We are jnst in receipt ol 100 Grain Cra Whicli we will se 11 cheap Also alargeansortment o Griass And the largest and best selected stock of BEISTT STUFf FOR CARRlAGESever before offered in thi mritt We aiso keep a large and full NAII.S, GHASS, PUTTY, PAINT,and LINSEEPOH. A complete assortment of STQVES, TINWAKE, AND KAYE TROUGHS&lways on hand and ful P1 sjiortest notice.' RISDON & HEND0f' Ann Arbor, June 29th, 1862. S911 SEIVD IHT YOUR ORDBBS THE subscrlber is making large prepa01 bring a very extensivo variety of fruit trtO this fiity, as eariy Ín tlie Spriug as theyem'ltir moved. I shall have for sale, 10,000 Pear Trees, 20,000 Appte1": 10,000 Peach Trees, 5,000 Grapt Iwj Aiap - a Jarge assortment of ETergreen8D'f and shrubs. Orders-ióay be sent fco me by Eail or Mín[í, Ann Arbor, Dec. 2J, 1863. L JTpi Standard JT CAfc81 gff ;.Jjps 5,,, Warehouse Tnicte, f, Faiibankg, xmi 'S W X72 LakeStreet, Chicago. _ Sold in Detroit by PARRiKD # f" 5?e car.Of))) fo juy on)y the genuine.-S____i Information Wanted, OF JA HES RÁa% year.sold,about 5 íeeí'iWclies 1iigh, dw -wj tfark gray eyes. "Any ; iufoyroíijtion1 resi-eCimí a „ri be thankfujly and gratefulï ' redeiVed by n " Maria ïtacah, oï hi uaole', ' ' .uit GKOROE.ff-S. M5v Abn Ayefs Oathartic


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