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Artemus Ward Among The Mormons

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The Buöalo Commercial Advertiser, of the 17tb, says a letter received by a íriend in that city from a correspondent at Great Salt Lake, Utah Territory, tells of the doiñgs of Artemus Ward among "the Saints " in the wilderness. The folio wing is an extract: " Artemus Ward - the man who makes 'goaks' - ia out here lecturing and exciting considerable stir among our saintly population. Ilis great lecture will be given to night, in the Salt Lake City Theatre - the largest theatre anywhere west of the Mountains. It holds thrce thousand people, and Artemud will have ie full, for every seat lias already been eold, is'ot all of them for cash, however, that not being our way of doing business; but for potatoes, wheat, barley, onions and pork. Artemus will have tomorrow morning a barnyard full of pigs, a granery full of corn, soine hundreds of bushels of onions, and potatoes enough to feod all the poor of Ireland, besides a considerable share of greenbacks, gold-dust from the Bannock minea and ohuuks of silver from Nevada Territory. As a matter of courso, ha will convort all bis 'produce' into coin or notes before he leaves, and sell his pigs in the best ruarket. Imagine the husband of ' Betsey Jane' a dealer in pigsl Imagine Artemus Ward manufacturins 'goaks' into porcino quadrupeda and living bladders of lard ! Artcmus bas beoome a great friend of President BrigIiara Young, but his conduct towarda the President is giving riso lo much scandal, 'lirigham, as you know, bas rrany wives, with any number of ohildren, and the story - how true it is I do not p'reiend to say: - is to the effect that Artemus is visiting the harem of the prophet, and bas beguiled the affectiona of bis lairest daughter. He may take her with him to Chicago, and if so, you wül liave a sight of one of our chief Mormon beautics. The subject is tabooed here, but the rumor is rife. Anyhow, wheu Artemus 7ard next visita you and gives a leoturo, t!:e prcbability is that he will have some yery strange tales to teil of our Morenen ' Tadmor ia the Wilderncss.' "


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