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What Came Of A Rebel Laugh

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A domestiq insurrection on' a very small seale recently "broke out in Hichmond. The irresistible Foote, formerly of Mississippi, now of Tenuessee, who does not soem to have changed his habita one whit in this respect, by going to Richmond, had a rough and turnble ñghfc on the 6th, with Judge ITanley, of Arkancas, chairinan of a committee engaged ín the investigation of fraud. It seema that Foote laughed at some of the evicjenceelicited; Now, laughing may be of different 'lp' ndë,' and may mean very different thidgB ; aud nothing is more likely to bs taigponstrued. Judge Hanloy did uot kr.ow exactly what ta think of thig particular laugK of Foote, but took the liberty of remarking to him he needn't laugh. Foote did not seem obliged to hïtn for the panniesion, but contt-nted himself by dofíning hÍ3 laugh asan " honcst laugh at least." '■ Juflge Hanley did not quite understnnd what he maant to say by that, but he ventured. to say that he " doubted it." Foote aros'e and struck Judge Hanley - to U8e the grapine phrase o the Examiner. " Both clinched, and blows were given and received by both partios." Violent cluims vfere mutually laid to the contending shirt bosoms ; tablea were overturned ; the recorded evidence was scattered, aud on? of the commissaries present was knqpksd. into a corner, "like a man of rags" - Baysíhe historian - "which he iá not." The bystanders observed strict neutrality by seizing the coattaiU of the conibalants with figld impartality. Both wero torn off, and in this bobtailed condition the contest closod. It seems not unlikely that the confuderacy itaclf will ere loiig present the same appearance and come to a similar end.


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