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Why Not Grow Wool Instead Of Wheat

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A farmer on the Illinois prairies, to transfer his producís to the seaboard, bas tó 'ptty 80 per cent of its value on wheat, &(Qi per ceut on pork, 20 per cent on beef, hnd 4 per cent on wool. Tt takes on3 bushei of wheat to sent another tonnukot; s'.z bushels of oom to carry one to New York ; whilo one pound of wool will send forty to the same markets Why not turn attention to wool growing then? - Boston Cultivator. ïhat is just what we are doing. Soma of our farmers have raised wheat 60 long that it almost kills them to either quit or go on, and on tbis account, we are not getting inio s!ieep husbaudry as fast a.-i we rnight. Éfat they are getting theii' eyes wide open by degrees, and ere many more years have elapsed our hills will bc white witb graz'mg flocks. - Wis. Farmer. J52T The overseers of Harvard College, havo votcd to raise tbc charge for instruction in the undergraduate departnient frqm L75, as heretoftre, to $104 per y$ar. The property which now conatiiutes the foundation of tbo University, leaving cut of the acoouut the buildings, grounds and librarles, amouuts toïl,627,3GS 55. SS" 4 v.-ic-lícd editor snys thr.t at church some persons clasp their hands sn tightly in prayer that, they are unable to get tliem opon wheu the contributionbox comes around. $y3f The Irishmnn will feast and be raerry with the bftiliff in the house; the Scotebrpan will have no appetite for bis dinner to day, if he soes my doubt of another souie ycar3 ufter dutc. " A printer never ought to back out from an "affair ol honor," because he is i-küled in the use of Ehootir. sticks.


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