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Defeat Of Navajoes By Kit Carson

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We are ennbJeil to state, upon good autliority, that the r.nrnpaign whieh OoluiiL'l Kit Cüison made lo tiic famoua and heretoforu jtitpi uélrable Canon de Chulla, in llio Navajo country, has been wowned vvith the most complete suecos. ri"he resul t of the uampaign has boen t wenty-ilnx'ü NuVrjooh killod, one hundred and (iiiy pi soiiers, inti the nest in tila Canon con jilutely bnikun. TÈlCj ;ill thinfrs conidcred,is an cxlraorilirniy esploit, und wilt have a most excelleut ellccl. in bijnging tbo ndians to ferms. Coíonef Cítrson has done nhat none otLer has done whon the Wavajoes wcro hosliïe. He Iibm uinréiled the great N:iv:ijo mystciy, and rnaruhed lus command thrtiugh tho scronghold which the shvagès tbought would never bo tro] by the white rnnn's foot. - When about to start upon the expedition, he said he would sueceed or not come back alive. He succeeded. The country will enjoy the good iruits of his eiiceef-s. The Navajoes will sorely feel the blow he has nflictod upon tlicin by his succes nnd in the loss of their strongest pnsition. The Canon, vliich was the scène of these recent expffiits, is about twentytl'reo miles l.ny, from one thousand to oue thousand h've hundi-ed yards wide, his high and nlnio.t perpjiidieukr sidesthroughout its untire distancé, and is or.e of the strongost militaiy positious for rosistunce that is known it) all ibis (Jection of the country.


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