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Movements Against Mobile

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The New Orleans correspondent of the New York World, imder date of Febmary 13, gives tho followiug nformation relative to Iho movements now boing made ugainst Mobile : I have been tqld just now that lurge bodiesof troops have lately been ooncentrated on the islands of the Miagissippi gulf coast, wilh a view of inaking a deseent on Mobile. Three largo transporta heavily laden with troops went down the iiver the other nigbt, and a large expedition has .certainly gone to attack Mobile. Witb this comes a renewa] of the story that the troopg at Madisonviile are to b ferried around to Pasoagoula. I tshould be the more wüling to bylieve this story were it uot reporled to have come frora the neighborhood callad headquarters. Secrets do uot come froui headquarters in such simpe As to tho transporta with troops which have gone down the riyer, one at least of them was loaded vmh furloughed troops going North to recruit. The others wero probably going to Texas to replace furlonghecl troops wbjch have come from there. Whether thore be any intenlion to attack Mobile or not, it has eertainly been heavily reinioreed, and u much larger force tban that which has been dcfeuding Charleston is reported to be within the lines of iortification at the formor place. According to my views of the real intent, the Conféderates have been deceived by the talk abont uttacking Mobile, and will feel tho efFects of it about Atlanta sooner Iban they expeüt.


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