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The President As Commander-in

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The following letter addreT President Lincoln to Gen. GRANI ] evidence that had Vitk.bnr f nearer Washington a thoa-andVf1 miles, the plans of Gen. qKahi J have been revised by the iredeDt in all probability that atronhold C? have yet been in powension of th ' els. That President Lcou L wel! we have no question, but absolutely no military capacitv .„, candidpernon can read the r'eZ , Gen. Mc(WAN and not b P r I thattheArmyofthePotomacow? frequent defeats to the ill-ndriaed der8 of the President,-Orders iSSD'' without consultation with his fi in the field, without knowing ! cumstancea and condition oltlle 8r '"' and not unfrcquently in revers! plans agreed upon n personal nJ views between the Pre?i,ctent an(j j.' Generáis. lts distitnce from Washin' ton has fortnn.atety preveoted the J of tho Southwest frojj) sharing diiBculties and disasters : EXECDTIVE MaXsioj 1 Washington July 13( g6g f To Major Gnal Grant : My Dbau General- 7 do m , member that you nnd I ever met n sonaily. 1 vvrite this now as amw acknowledgment for the alm JJ e er y0!i have done thtcmu I wish to s;ly a word iuither 'J' you firstreached the vicinitv ofVirl burg I thought you should do X you finally did - rnarch tl e bZ actos the neck, run the batterij the transporta, and thus go below , never had any faith exoept n geien hope that you knew botter than 1 the Yazoo Pass expedition and th'elik oourd succeed. When you got below and took Port Gibson, Grand Gulfw vioimty, I thovght you shoM „&. the neer and join General Batih 11] when you turned northward, eattt the Big Black, I fiar cd it was (J take. 1 now wish to to mako perseaickrjovvledgment that Vou, wa, mi and I was wrovs.


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