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FOUND. TNTHF.Stnreot H. Milleíi, a. LADJES PM, ili X the owner can liave bj paying for tbis drert ment. Ann Arbor, Feb. 25, 1864. 1 LAW SCHOOL OF HARVARD COLLEGE, 1S6-Í rpVO TEHMS of Ninftoen Weeks each.comM. X cing Maxch rih and SEPTEMmm 5th. For Catalogue and Circuí r aidress JOBX PAKKER, RoyalPnfm. Cambridge, Han., tdb. M, 1864, 3i98 100 BUSHELS PRIME CLOVER II For Sale by P. BACH. Feb. 26th, 18C4. 200ÜSHLÍ PRIME ILLINOIS TIMOTIIY É For Sale bj P. BACE Fob. 2lit1i,18C4. Estáte of Shubal T. Moore. STATE OF MICHIGAN, Coiínty of WMhWm'r " Ata seteionofthe Probate Court for the O?'. 'asliion;iw, holden at the Probate Office in !i:'rinn Arbur, on Monday,the twenty-second iij 'f' ruary, s theyear pne thousand eight hundrediiW 'our'. l'rosent, Thomas Ninde Judge of Probate. In the matter of the F.state of Shubal T.MooH ceased. On reading and flling the petitiou, M) "'. led, of Cassandria Mooro, praj-iDg for th npp'"f" of an administrator on the Estáte ol said dece""1' Thereupon ït is Ordered, that Monday, the tw flrst day ofMarch next, at one o'-]ock in tb( r. noon, be assig'ied for the hearing of said petilki,"" that the heiis at law of said deceased, and 'B "J persons iittere.stfd in said estAte, are requirM tfl 'i )ear at .% essiorj of said Court, then to be hoHffrJ Probate Office, in the City' of 4nn 4ilr, ', cause, if any theiebe, wliy the prayer ;of thepfl;1" hould not be granted " And it is further ordei, aid petitirner give notice t" the persons in' n said estáte, ot the pindency of said petition, j"J learing thereof, hy oansing a ooj)y of thia Ortó ' , lublished in the Michigan Argut, a newspapw P' ad oircalating in sai.l County of Wasfia ' ucoe&8ire week.s previou.s to said day of IieftrioK (A truc copy) THOMAS TOWfe 9á5td Judge of f" JNotice. Vashtenaw and Livingston County C1 Ditch. VrOTICE IS HERF.BY G1VEN that tbe uft .X Commissioners, will aell to the lowwt bíilaefi liles of ditch, at J F. Avery's Hotel, W''J, .ake, Townnliip of Norlhaeld, Washtw "JSj tate of Michigan, nu Tuesdny, S2d day of Mre' f en o'olock, 'A M. Width of boftom made ïn0!t,tii ay of eale, aLil of a ücptii as marked on iftt'0D ,op, et in line of ditc'li six lod.s part. Encli la!1,!;(,J! utwani one fooi i.iovery of depth,and the " , j,i hrown two feet fiom the edge of each baoki " irt slope tde .same as the slope of the '''lc'h.rlo' obeleftinall naiura] water clianoels,1"1'"!,,! laCL1; ; thcy are to be not more thau }S rOiisri n v thce." ■ 3. J. 1ARSHA1,L, 1 .,.,1, FRISTE HKNNK1T, i-Drainage Commi"1" J. F. AVKUY, J 9,5r( Nortlifiuld, Keb. 22, 1864: s_ Keal Estáte For Sale. QTATE OF MICHIGAN, County of WtsW'' il O In the matter of theestate of Jnsepb 55L Uo Counly of Washtcnaw in the State ' " eceased. , .„ diNotice ti hereby given, tlmt in porauwo "' jID,,. ergrant.,1 to the uinli-rnigncd Henry 1!f!Jrlc,i1ie B trator of the Estáte of said deceaserd, br „ adgo ol Probate for the Cmmty cf w f'M flii i tweiitv-focrnd day of February, A. 15 jr 11 be sol 1 at l'ublic Venrtue, to the big" ' il t the dwelling house on the premisen '" "' ..„t, ie Township of York, in the County of ' ril. i said State, on Saturday the sixteonlh "",,.,, . P. lffil, at one o'olock in the afternoon "' '„Í.' fubject tonllencurübrances lv mortgapf or ,■. 0 xiBtlng at the HmroftSe ilfnth of said ';e „ illon ing awcribel RealËstate to ivit : ; ''", ' ' ownship of York in the County of Vil ,. If,f1l' tate of Jliehurnn, known and (leorbea s' en,e0 ' the nortu east quarter of Section No. ■'"". „[ lï ling eighty acres, Tlio eouth-west n '"„„„oipl irth west quarter of section No. sutcen, (0,i rty aerea, and ten acres off the eaft end o" . „(i, all of the north-went quarter of section t ■ 1 in town lour soutbof rangex rt. Dat!, February :2J, 1S6J. ' Adm""ilrlW"


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