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ESH" We have the Mareh number of Godey's Lacty's Boo. The illustrations are beautiful. and in the fashion rlepartmont timey and numerous. '' Want of Confldence " is really a gem of the graver's art. The table of contents is varied and of course excellent. That Qodey is appreciated we need only say that eight Adam's presses are kept runing day and niglit and can't keep up with the demand. $3 a year ; two copies $5. Address L. A. Godky, Philadelphia. We furnish Godey to subscribers of thp Aegus for L2 a year. lgï We havo received the March number of the Atlantic Monthly. Among the contributors to the number are John G. Whittier, Bayard Taylor, Mrs. Stowe, Holmes, Ik. Marvel, and Alice Cary, and amopg the articles, fhe Queen of Caljfor;ia, Lhe Brother of Mercy, Ambassarlors in Bonds, Wet-Weather Work, On the Belation of Art to Nature, Whittier, The Convulsionists of St. Medard, House and Home Papers, Our Soldier, William Makepeace Thackeray, and The Peninsular Campaign. L3 a year, poslage pre paid two copies, J5 Address Messrs. Tickxoj; fc Fields," Boston. $mú pote TROF. R. J. LYONS' Pationts and all others interrested will please take aotice he will contin ue his visits at the Monitor Soase, Ana Arbor, during 18f54 and '60 and at the expiration of which he will discontinue his visits and open an lniirmary at Cleveland, Oliio, for the txoatioeqt of Lung and diseases. LYON'S KATHAIRON. Kathairon is from the Gieek word, "Kathro,11 or "Kathairo," nignifylng to cleanse, rejuvinate and rerttore. Thïs article is what its nimesignifies. Forpreserving, restoring and beautifying the human hair it is the most remarkable preparation in the world. It is again owned and put up hy the original proprietor, and is novr rïiadeyith the Rinie qare, skill an1 attention which gave it i .sale pf p-r one miliiqa bptj.lp.sper anDura Jt is a most deliglitful Hair Dressing It eri"ic;ite.s scurf and d.indruíT. It keep- the liead cool and clean. It makf.s the h..r ricli, .suft and glossy. It preventa the hair froi f all ing off and tuainp gray It restores hair upon bad heads. Any lady or gentleman who values a beantiíul head of hair sliould use I-yon's Katharion. ït is known and used throughout tho civilized world. Sold by all respectable deahis. 6ni922 DEMÁS S. 3ARXES k CO.,.Frop'rs, N. Y. Mathews Chocolate "Woim Drcpa ? XKVER fail to destroy and extermínate all kinds of Intestinal Worm. Are perfectly raliable in all cases and far superior to any and all uf the Fanoy Worm oufections, . nd nauseous Vermifuges in use. Tliey may be taken at all times wfflx perfect safety,as they contaiu NO MERCURY, or other deleterious Drug. - Motbcrs sbnuld alwaya purchase theni and give their chililrcD no other, (No Catkartic whutever, is necessary to tij givpfi.) Kach box contains 24 Drops or LozepgQB. Price 25 ets. Fo; Sale by all Drug'iQts and Dealers ij Medicina ■:. C. R. WALKER, General Agent, lyO22 Baílalo, N. Y and Kort Erir.C. W. SAPONIFIJKR, OR CONCENÏRAÏED LYE, FAMILY SOAP MAKER. VV XjLiV maJceibigfa prices ; aponifier hclps to reduce thom. It makes Soap lor Four ceuts a pound by usingyour $& CAtJTION I As Bjmriom Lycs are offerod also,be ca-eful and only buy the Pateutcrl article put up iu Iroa cana, all others being Couiiferfcits Pennsylvavia Salt Manu f act tering Co.} Pbiladelphia-Nc. 127 Walnut Street. Pittsburg- Pitt Street and Duquesne Way. Ayer's Ague Cur. HEIMSTREETS Inimitable Huir Rcstoratiyc, IT IS NOT A DYE, But restores gray hair to its original color, by supplyng the capillary tubes with natural sustenanco, impaired by age or disease. All instan tenteovs dyes are composed of lunar cauatic, destroying the vitality and beauty of the hair, and afford of themselvefl no d,rSBing. HeimHtreetrsInimitftbleColoring not only réstenlahair toit natural color by an easy proces, but gives the hair a laiiurlnnt Beally, promotes itsgrowth, prevenís its fallí ng off, radícate! Jandruff, and ira,parts health, and pleasantness to the nead. It hasstopd 'vhe e.stof time, bemg the original Hfllr Colortng, and is eonstantly incrcasing in favor. Used by both gentleman ana lailies, sold b all respectablo dealers, or can he promirud y theift t commercial aj;ent8, D. S. Barnes & Co.. 202 Broartway New-York. Two sizes, 50 cents and $1. Gm9L2 WYNKOS ICELAND PETORAL. DLseases of the Throat, Chest and Pulmmiary orgftnfl are ever prevalontinsidious and and datigeroua. The properties of a medicine toalleviate, cure nnd uproot these complaints, must Expeetorant, Anoriyne and Invigorating, loosening the raucuri of tho throat, and import ing tone to the entire pystem. No discovcry n medical ecience ever mastered tb ís class of discases like Dr. Wynkoop's Iceland Pectoral. IL is used with the most astonisbing resulta in all cases of Bronchitis, In fluenza, Whooping Congh Diptliwia or Putrid Sore Throat, Asthma, Croup, CoughH, Colds, Nervous Irra tability, &c. The Rev. J. J. Potter certifies, L I have used Dr. Wynkoop's Iceland Pectoral for neveral yenrs, my.self and mniy fnmily,for severe Pulmonary Complaints, and h.ive recommended ït to many others, and nevnr seen its equal." Iiev. J. J. Potter Brooklyn, N. Y. flundrcds and thousands of important testimoniáis could be produce, showing its remarkable cures and that it never failn Itis composed of puro Tceland Moss, Balm of Gilead Pefiyid.n Balsam, Elecampane, Comfrey, Burdock,and other invaluable expectorant and tonic ingredients. It is barmless, prompt and lasting. Invalids and sufïerers cannot afford to neglect a trial. Kvery family sliould have it. It is remarkble for Croup. FuU description, recommendations, and directious accompany each bott.e. Sold by all principal Prugfrista. Prepared by Pr. K. D. Wynkoop, find sold by D. S. Barnes & Co. New York. 922mÖ HAGAN'S JtfAGNOIiTA BALM. This is the most delightful and extraordinary article ever disoovcred Itehanges the Run burnt face and hands to a pearly satin texture of ravishing beauty, impartlng tlic marblc (jun'ty of youth, and the distingue appearance so inviting in tho city bel' i of fashion. It removes tan, freckles, pimples, and rouglmess from the skin, leaving i t fresh, trnnsparent and sraooth. - it oOQtaitm no material ïnjnrious to the fikii}, fwtïP'O ized by Actrosses and Opera Singers. It is wïiat'every lady shouldhave. Sold everywhere. ÏEJarnes Sc Co, 1 " General Agents. OBShaO SQ3 By.oadway, 1ST. Y. GOOD TREE Ití KN0WN BY j[. IT8 KRUIT. So ík a good Ptiysician by his SuflQUSfal PROFESSOR R. J, LYONS, THE GREAT AND CELEBRATED PHYSICIAN OF THE THKOAT, LUNG8 AND ÜHEST, Known all over the country as the Colebrated INDIÁN IIERB DOCTOR! From South America, will be jit hjg roopfts, RUSSELL HOUSE, "üETROIT, Onthel8th and 19th inst.,on the same dale of and every subsequent month during 1862 and 1863, A NEAT-'PAMPHLET Of the life, study and extensive travels of Dr. LyonB can be procured by all whqdÈ'ïiteone, free of charge. Dr. L will visit Ana AtKo, Jáckson,and Adrián, Mtch., asfollowa : Ann Arbor, Monitor House, 20th. Jackson, Ilibbard House, Sist Adrián, Hrackett Htuse,22d and 23d. Modk of Examisation.- The Doctor discerns diseases bytheeyes. lie, tUerefore, asks no questions nor requires patients to explain symptoms. Aillicted, cerne and have your symptoms and the location of your dis ease explained free of charge TO THE YOUNG OR GLD, Male or Fcmale} If you have been snlïering froin a habit indulgod in by tbt YOUTU OF BOTE SEXES, WHIUH CAUSES SO MANY ALARMIN'G SYMPTOilS, It unjits themfor Marriage, And is the greateH oy] whic-h can befall MAN OR WOMAN. Soe symptoms enurnerated tn Advertiseraent, and if you Qre a sufferer, Cut out the Adyeriisemeit, And send 'or í at once. pelays ar dangerous . ' Ask for HelmboIJ'q Take no other. Cures guaranteed. Beware of Cmntfrfails and fmitatione. 2mO43 TiPTfipUIA. pR. DEGLUBO'S DIPTHERIA SPECIFIC. CERTAIN CURE FOR DIPTHERIA AND CROUP. In the past year over 200 CASES OF DIPTIISIÏIA in and aronnd Rochester, N. Y-, CON3IDERED HOPELES8, have been cured with this medicine. Nnnieaand residencos can be given. ALLTHEPHYSICIANS THERE NOW USEIT. It never has failed to cure Get a bottle ; it costs 50 cents. For sale by EBERBACH k CO Prepared and sold by ly9J3 W. E. öINNKR., Roche.stcr, N. Y. jQGÖ" As l.VTEBESTiNü Ï.KTTKR. - Messrs Post & Bruff, Agents N. Y,Sanitary Society, Rochester .-Genta . I deern t due to you state the mágica} effect of that one bottle of Peple's Cure whichj obtamed from you in November lagt. Speing the advertisement of your So_ ciety ofFering to give your me.Ücine to clergymen for the poor of their parishus, I ootained a bottle fora poor givl of my ccigregation, vJ had long beeft nearly help less froni Rhpunatism, and strange to say, that one bottle cured her entirely. I write this hoping it may aid the Society in its eflbxts to introduce the. rnediciue, and bleKS thoe whomaynced such a remtdy ; and I uso strong I believe its merits will fully ju.stify the morft Buperlative forms of speech. Yours, Respectfully, C. R. WILKINS, Pastor of the First Pro.sbyterian Church. 92iyl ESttaford, Monro Co N. y. O" ÏWENTT-ONE YEARS AGO-XJ Mn. O. C. Beistoi, a distinguished Chemist and Druggist of the city of Buffiilo, N, Y., invented and manufiictured a compound known aa BRISTOL'S HALtíAM OF HOARHOUND, wMéh is a perfect BPBCOTO for cnrcHS, COI.DS, or ny CKO.vnijAr. i,i;sü uikfjculties arising from damp, cold, or sudderj phange of th.e wcaiher. Every person whohaseyer taken BRISTOL'S BALSA M OF HOARHOUND, pronouacea it the btst article ever iuvented ; and ap justly celebrate4 has it hocomej tbat the market is already full of imi,ations, counterfeits, and post dangerona compou'ls, uiiler tho name of Bjvlsam of Hoarhound, Thoreforo, alway bc cureful to cali for Bristoi's BaLsam, and see tiiat his Wlil'lTEN .signature is on the outfide label of the bottle. Mauk. - This invaluable Medicfne has been now some twenty-one years before the public, aad vithout any effort on the part of the proprietor, its sal ha.s beconie vt-ry extt-üsive, and is daily increasing. The low price at which the Medicine is sold (2 CF-NTS) en;tblcrf ALJ to parlase of is healing qualities. C. 'CROSBY, BÜFFALO, N. Y. Sole manufactnpr, to whom all orders should bE ad'hessed. For sale byall respecfable druggists. lyOir92fl IET TOBACCO- Yon can buy the best grades of FINE CHEWÏNG TOBACCO at frons 50 cen:s to One Dollar. SMOKING from fourteen to twentv cents at T M. DEVANY'S TOBACCO AND CIGAU STORE Sign- Red Indian. South side Huron street, a few doors from Cook's Hotel. M.DEYANY. A .rbor. Dèc. il; 186r. 8S3ti 1 "A smile y,8.s ob her lip - lu'alth was in lier look, itrragtb was i'n hér step, and in hor banda - Plantftüoa jifera.'' S-T-186O-XA few bottlen ofPhuitntiun Bitters Yill cureXervouf Heatlache. M Gold Extremities and Feverish Ups. H SóurStonmch and Fetld Broath. Flatulency and Indigestión, 1( Nervous AfEBQtloXM t( Excessive Fatigue and Short líreath. " Pain over. the' oyes. '.' Mental L$qpOBÓnGy Prostration ; Great Weaknessll. Sállow UuMPlexion, Wtiak Bowela, &c. Which are the evidences of IJVER COMVI.AÏNT AXD BY&PEP8IA It Ís estimated tliat seven-tenths of all adult ailments proceed from a dista sed and tnrpid livor. The biltary secnt-ons of the liver cverflowing inio tlte stomach potson the entire system and uxliibit the above symptoms it'ter long resoarch, we areable to present Iberos tremarkable cuie for these borri1 nightmare dlspuses, the world has evtv. pv.o,clu;,eil. Witbln one year over six huudrcil and foity thousand persons Jiave taken the l'lantation Bitters, ad notan iifstr.ce Of ccmplaint has come to uur kaowodge ! Itis a most eflectual tunic and agrec-nble stimulant Kuïted to all conditionfl of Ufo. The report tbat it relies upon mineral snbsianeo tot íts active proporties, aro wliolly Tnlse. For tbe pnbllo satisfaction, and thst patients may consult their physicians, we append a list of its component. CaiiSATA IUiïk - Celerated for over two hundred yearsin the treatment of Fe ver and Igue, pjspepsia, WeakneSf!, ícc. It was introdued into Europe by tlio ConflteM, vte of the Vicevoy of Peru, in ir(-l0, and afterwardri aold hy tJwr .Tesuits for the enarmona vricp. of its omn weight in silvtr, underthe name of Jesu&'s Ponders, and was ftnally made public by Louis XVI, King of Franco, ITiimbolt makes sj)ecial reference to itafebrifuge qualities during his Scmh American travel. Casckiïxa BABK - For Diarrhain, OoIIc and diseases üf thetomach and'bowelu, Dandki.ion- For ii.Uamiiiiition of the loins and drop sc;il iiffections, C11A.11OM11.K VLtuvirns- Tor cnfoeblt-d lit;pfition, La kmkh Flowehs - AruiRütic stimulant ind tonic - highly invigoratlnff in nervóaa debility. Wixtkkcrkfx - ïor scrofula, rhenniatisTn,&c. Amsi-: - An arom;i(ic carminativo ; creating flesh, masóle and milk ; much uaed by mothra iursiug. AtaO, clove-buds, orange, caiT.awivyVciuijnüerjsnakcroot, kc. S- T- 18G0- X. Another wonderful ingrediënt, of 8panih orígín, imparting beauly tothe complexion and bnlli.incy to tbe mind, is yet unknown to the commerce of the world and we withhol.1 its name for the present. IMPORTANT CKRTIFICATES. Rockester N. Y. Decrmber 28,1861. Messrs. P. II. DrtAKK & Co ■ - I have been agreatsuiTer er from Dyspepsi.a for three or four years and had to abandon my profession . About three months ago I trfefl l'lantation Bitters, and to my great joy, i nm now nc:irly a well mun. 1 have recommended tiiem in sevsrnl caaes, and, as far asi know, always with signal benefit, lam respectfuilyyours, RFV J. S. CATHRON. Philadclphia, lOth Month, lïtïi Dayt1862RjBPSCTKI) FRiiixn :- My danghtir has been mueh toiiotiitcd by the use of thy Plantation Btttej-s. TIidu yiít send mi two bottles more. Thy Frumd, ASA OÜERIN, Shermnn Ifouse, Chicago, TU. Feo. 11, 1862. Messrs. P.H. Drakr k Ou, .- -Pleaae send uk anotlier twelvp cases of your Plantation JiitVors. As a morning apijelizer, tbéy appear to Iiave siipe'rceded everyihing eke, and aregreatly cstoemed. '- r V.mrsj&e. GAGE&.W.'-I'rii. Arranecnieni.s are novr completedto supply avty demand for this article, which frora Iack of gorernment stamps h tot heretcfore beeïi posibl, Tht public may rst assured thai in no case tvÍII the perfectly pure standard of the Plantation lütters bc departed from. ]Lvery bottle hcars the fac simile of our siguaturc on a stitl píate e.ngravingt or it cánnotbegen11 in e. SoM by all Druggïsts, Grocers and Deilers through out the country. F. H. ÜRAKB ëc CO. 922m6 202 BROAPWAY, N, Y. GRANGER & FINLEY, ATTORNEYS & COUNSELLORS AT Collepting and Land Agents OEFICE OVER DONELLY's STORE, HURÓN STEEF.T, B. F. G banger, ) Ann Arbor, Mioh. H. H. Finley, $ Jan. 28, 1864. 9-tltf CITY COOPER SHOP. SPAFFORD & DODSLEY, síjceesors to O. P, SPAFEORD & D. HENNING, Would respectfulTy nnnounce to the citizcn of Ann Arbur and vicinity, tiiat thpy aro uuw iranufacturing anil temp constantly on liünd a Large Assortment of COOPER WORK! jSuch sa Pc;rk and Cider Barrels, Kegs, Firkips, GLu;-iis, Well Backets, Flour and Apples Bárrele, (c. Merclianls and Tlrowcrs ars invited to examine tbcir Buttep Firkius iiu] peer Kegs. CITSTOM "WORK, done to ORDEK on SHORT NOÏICE and warranted. P Cash paid fof Staves, HeadïPg and Hoops. ïjops corner of p-trol & North Strgpta, and corner of Nortb & Fifth Slreets. &PAFFOED ás DODSLEY. ■ Ann Arbor, Keb. 6th,1864. 9J3tf Rifle F a c t o i y! Beutier & Traver, [Huccessors to A. J. Sutberlnnil,] Mai.ufseturero of aiul Dealers in Guns,Pistols, Ammnnition Flashs, Ponches Game Bags, and Fiverjother article ii thatLine. AU kinds of n nsi'k. ui xiNür 3dime it thf! staortut notico, ;inl in tiic best mnnner, a full Mflortment ahvays kopt mi hand and made order % tíliup corner Maiti iiud Wa.sliington tiects. Aïn Arbor,Oct. 8, 1382. STÜtf Dissoluiioii. "pHEFIBM f Sl.i-son(!(cr istliis.ln v .1 -nlveclby I mutual consent. All noten and ftccouatidttd the 8rm, re to bc tettled by,aid paid to 1.. II. Slat Cn au L. 1(. SLI1I .. K. (iKEIi. Aun Arbor, Dec, 2Q&, lPfiZ. Notite. TUK (jnOCERT anrl jirnvision businíns w)H be cnutinuedat the olO itaml by ílowsnu }c vi. 'J'hu putrooageof the olil (ustomeci, a;td nthtrs. il ilicited" fLAWïON i: ÊO.V. ' Ann Arbor, Dm, $3, Iê6j.


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