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GREAT.GHEATEÏt GREATEST BARGAINS EVE1Í OFFERED 1859. S]859. Ia tïiis City, are uow being offererl at the CHEAP.CipCK.WATqH, & O" e tt &jr-y S't oxOTHË Subscritor woi:ldsuy tu Ihecitizensoí Aun particular, and tho reet of Wnshtmiw Connty ín renern], tliat hehasjust' ÏMPOIITKD Di RECTLY from EÜliOPE.a Tremendous Stock of Wateres! All ofwhlcbho !;uidfl himsfilfto solí CHEAPER thau caube'bought weat of New York City QpeaFace Cylinder Wotchcs trom $6 'to $10 do do Lever do do 8 to 21 Hunting Case do do tía 14 to 35 do dt CyMnder do do '1 to y8 Gold Watehes from gg j0 jq i La-, o also the CELERRATED AMERJCAN WAT CHES, which I will sen tu J35. Every Wateh warrantbd to pcrlbi'm well.orthe monoy -eiunded. doek, Jeweiry, f lalcd Ware, FancyGoods. Gold Pen, Muiical instrumenta and Strinffs Cutlery, te, ' and in i'act avariety of everytnlDg ueually kept ï y Jewelerscan bo bougtn fortlio uextuinety days at your OWN P RICES! Persons buying ii-uythiug nt this wel! knovin estab liahme ut can ri:ly upon getting goodsi xact'y as repreBented, orthemonfty refunded. Callearly and secure the best bargains ever olï'trod in thii City. One word in regard to Repairing Weareprcpared toinakeany repair onfine or common Watclie's, evento makingo er the entire watch f necessary. Rnpairing of ('locks und Jnwelry as usual. Also the manufactañD? ol KINGS.BROOCHS or aaything des red, from California Gold onshortnotice. EngrariüB in allita brauchesexeented wülmeat. cesa anddi8patch. J C. WATTS Anxi Arbor, Jan.28thl859. 7L4W THE ROOTS AND THE LBAVES i ILL be fur the Healii.g qL the Nations. JliUe. THE GKKAT AND (JELEI3JS..U'EL) i'üVniN of the THBOAT.tüNGS, ll.u;ï, uvi-.R AND ïi!K BLOOD, Kaowu all óver thecoiuxtry as t;:o IlSHDIAirNr HESB DOCTOE I Of 282 Superior Street, I . . : ■ Oliio. Will visit the foii . viz APPÖIOTMïNTa ;■ .;. „ is,i4. Prof. R. J. l.vwH Kin b cüusulu'-l at the :■■ plfice eveiy uoonth, pi: : lyiri.U, üiissH ftouse. i;ich month, lSth.ind 19(h Aun Arbnr, Monitor Ho ugf, cacli munth, 20tli. Jackson, ïiibbard Hönse, eacn month. 21. Adrián, Bracket House, tach month 22d andgsS. Toledo, Ohio, Collms House, t-ach month, y-ítli, Söth and 26th. BlUsdale, ilich. , Hillsdale House, eacli month, 27th. ('uhlivitter, Mich., Southern Michigan House ea'ch month, 28tU. Elkhart, Klkh;u-t IIousp, eaeh month. 2i)t'i. South Bendjlnd., St. ,fo. [otel, eaph luontll, SQ. Laporte, Iud., 'fee Garden House, eüch ïr-onth 31st. Wooster,Uhio,Crandell each month 7tl) and8th. ■ Siansüeld, Ohio, Wiler House, each uiontti, 9th auü Mt. Vernon, Kenyon House, each month, lHh am! 12th . Ni ifMk, Uiiiu, Holtci House, i-acb. tnonth, 13th and 14th, Fainesville, Ohio, CowlesHouse. ea?h month 4th tU'Al.LAMD, OHIO. RKSIDEXOE AND OFFICE, 282 SUPEUIOR STREET. East of the jiublic square, Qjtpoüte tho PoatoÉSce. OÜice day.8 each niouth, ist, 3d, ïLh, iïlh, ('ei i5th Qffioé hpurs i'rom Ö A. M.'to 12 M, and from 3 I'. M.'to 4 i'. M. OnSunÜaj frow Ü to 1ÖA. M.,aud 1 to 2 p. i jÖMasimsstrictly adhered to - 1 give such balinas have no strife, With natuve r the las of üfe, With blond handel injvt.-r staiiïj Xorpoison men tocase theirpaïi. He is o. fihysician iitdcfd, who Our&S, Tli í- Indi. i -i Herb I lector, lí. J. tYQHS, cures the follewing compiamts in the most obétípatfi stages of tin ir existence, viz: Diseaseiíof theThröat, lïongs. Hearit I. ver, Siomach, Dropsy íu tlis Chest, Rlieunir.lisui, Neuralgia, Kit. or Falling Sícl?neas, andaUother nervous derangëments. Also all á sea o f the, siich aa Scrofula, Erysipelas, Cancera. FeverdortíS, Lenrosy, aud all other comchronic coxaplainl s Á.Ü forms el' fruíale düiitultÍL-s attended to with ílie hapitiest results. Ft is hopL-il tliut no one v.-ill dufuér oF a cure untiJ they have gíven thp Iridian Ik-rb Uocíor'a ífjadicines u fátirandfaithfu] tria!. LB-ll;ir'nK t'1' travels m Eui-ope, West [odies; South Anuu-ica, and the Uuitecl Piales, Jie Lat) been tibe inslrunent ;i God's i.aod. torestore 1o healtli nul vigor thousaada who ■ere 'íiveuup ;ind n-onounct-'d incurable by the most emiuent oíd school physiciaüS; nay, more, thousanda who were on the verga ai fefe gïwre. are now liii)c; nioi.ument.s to tlifi Indir.n líorb's DocUir'.s skill and successful treatment, andaré dailj fcxclaii;iiir: "Blssed be theday when Üít vê phw and partook of the ludían líerb Doctor 'a medicine.'' Satisfactory refferencesof carea will be gladly aud ehcorfully giren whenever req uired, The Doctor pledgea liis word mv bonpr, that he will ín no wisdfdirectly or índirectly, induce or cause any íuvalid to take his medicino v thout the strougest prpbabiüty of a cure. jg3 iiüde of examínation, which is erutn ïv diifer at frouiihè faculty. Dr. Lynn p'tofësseH to dieceríi ü- seasés by the eye. fhereforc isks no questiuns, nur doealie req u i re patieat&to exphiiu symptoins. ('alione and all, mil havw tíiesymptoma and location of your dísease explained free of chargtfí lÜThe jïoorahall be liberally considered. j-Postoíflceaddresff, box 'y,r--. R. J. LYOXS, M. I'. Cleveland, Ohio, Nov. 25, 1S62. TyR89 Terrible Slaughter! THE VICTOilY Vé OtRS ! Wbifeh ha "been ragfsg foy Hit1 paft íur wecksat MACK & SCHMIDS STORE lias proved a grand successj although the alaughtt-r of DRY GOODS lías been terrible. We npw un I, e nc ;i nnimnccnient thátwRstiáll coDtiiutc "Fot Maoj reara" to make war wiih hiy;h prices, beJttg delennint'il lo giQ Uv hundi'i'd.i yhp; daily mir pUire, l'ull valué for their raoney, Ladies cuu íiud with US all desirable shades and stylea of DEESSGOODS, KIEBOJÑS, TRIMMÍNGS, EMBK0IDEK1ES. WHITE GOODS, HOS1ERY, GLOVES, &c, WiLha very lure a ml atüacüve stoel; of CLOAKS AND SHAWLS We hear t said everyday tïiat wí aro ruíñfog yio business iu tliU city hy BflllinK Se cheap but we eannot helpit, The Goods Must be Sold. '1 000 New Stylonnrl Ir-k. $bM3 30EP SKIHTS very Chi ap, a ml t't; r the Cicülleiufii W8 wlvl' ;l verj largo a,s(fprLmeutüf Freneli Twilled CIoth.Beaver Overcoatings, Dooskins. Fancy Cassirv res, Vestings, &c, Of n n descripi tong, and cn-t ;,■:..' c g fvfeole suit on ■ ice tutjch 'I. . ■ ■■ ■. be bough.t else ion ol 1 lus brancl) of bur busiD6SB U ill rnnvilii1'1 ;i i [ 1 }i;i f . 1 il s t n ]; cc 1 [-iy }, Pauta, Coata and Vesi ■■. e have also a compleid stock of Ladina and Childreijs' Shpes. HATS AND CAPS, -A ml in fed ftTOrytWiis[ t"ftl roaii or vvoraari c:iu deslíe to treai ou heaJ oi-foot, Groceries, Crückery, Olasñware &c ., At i BtoniHïiïhg Ii1 w prioR] ' iil in shprï o1...' eatire Stock musí -sh;i re tin"1 síutk; í'ü i l'r wc ;i w (ïétè td ffBÏK 11c matter what r]d WüarKerá rriáy . All are inv:ted to faÉpevt our stock rs it is nti tronble to show oyi odi ;' ' ' '■■'■ 1 ■ boundto mpet tii den;ti fía oí !i. JUST OPENING? Xke, largest Stock and best nssortmeat of CABINET FÜRNITURE ? ever brought to this city, including SOFAS, TETE-A-TETES, LOUNGES, BE-D ROOM SETS CENTER TABLES, BUREAUS, CHAIRS, Glasses Gilt Frames and Mouldings METALIG CASES, &c, &c, anti all other gomU l.ept iu the best aid Uugent Uoyses in the conniry. We heepno secood hand furnituie or Auctioii goods. CoffiW) kept conslantly on hand, and made to order. My goods ure offered at THE LOWEST CASH PRICES ?i. B I must have mcnpy , and re?pectful"y rfquefit those iudcMed, to cali and fix up their old matters without 'Iclay. O. M. MARTIN. AnnArW, Oct. 6. 1863. 925tf Ji. Tin; peculiar taint or litó'i as. infection wliich we cali ;S m& SciiOFii.A Hirks in KI .'k ''ie constiuition? of sZZ, Sf J$si luul'i'iu'c's of men. It ?%t-M'3' citlicr l'TOfluces or is T "ejEsil A pi'oduccd by an enrr_'i'.i- jPK feebled, viiiatcd staio ''i.?rof the Ijlnod, wherein ljfctT' ithat flukl U' :.- 55 competent to sustain .jJSJtho vital foivcí in tlicir y a mMSSÍ vifíorous . action, and xÍBfiC U'aves tlie systcni to SEyziigtíBS&tt into disorder and oontamination is-varionsly caused by mercBiial diease, low living, diordered digestión from unhealthy food, impura air, filtli and filthy iiabit.s, tíie (kpressing vires, and, above all, by thc venérea! infeotion. WJiatevef be its oricin, it is hereditary ín tbe constitution, deseending "from jiarents to ahilaren unto tbe third and íburth íicnenuiun ; " indoed, it seems to be tbo rod of llim 'ho savs, " I will vísit tbe ties of the fathers upon their ehildren." The diseasEs Avhicli it originates take various naraos, according to the organs it attacks. In the lungs, Scrofula produces tubercles," and finally Consumption ; in the glands, swellings which suppuratc and beeoine ulcerous softs'; in th? stomach and bowels, derangtüients which produce indigestión, dyspepsia, ' and liver oomplajnts; on the skin, miptive ar.d eutaneous all'ections. 'j'licsc all having the same origin, require tlie same remedy, purih'cation and invigoratiou of the blood. Purify the blood, ánd these dangerous distempers leave you. With feeble, foul, or oorrupted blood, you eannot have healtli ; with that "life of thé flesb.'-' healihy, you cannot have scrofulous disease. 4-yer's Sarsaparilla is compounded from the most effectual antidotes that medical science has discovered for this afflit'ting disteroper, and for the cure of the disorders it entails. That it is far superior to any otlier remedy yet devised. is known by all who have given it a trial. That it does combine virtues truly extiaordinary in their effect upon this class of complaints, is indisputably proven by the great multitude of publicly knówn and remarkable cures it iias made of the following diseases : Killg's Evil Of Glandular Swellings, Tumors, Erup tions, Pimples, Blotches and Sores, Erysipelas, Rose or St. Anthony's Fire, Salt Eheum, Seald Head, Coughs from tuberculous deposits in the lungs, White Swellings, Debility, Dropsy, Neuralgia, Dyspepsia or Indigestión, Syphilis and SypMlitie Infeetions, Mercurial Diseases, Female Weaknesses, and, indeed, the whole series of complaints that arise from impurity of the blood. Minute reports of individual cases may be foimd in Ayer's Amekican Almanac, yhich is ftinii-he;! to the druggists for gratuitous distributiOn, wherein may bo learned the directies s for its use, and some of the remaikable cures which it has made when all other remedies had failed to afford relief. Those cases are purposely taken from all sections of the country, in order that every reader may have access to some ono who can speak to liim of its benefits from personal experience. Serofula depresses the vital energies, and thus leaves its victims far more subject to disease and its fatal results than are healthy constitutions. Henee it tends to shorten, mid does greatly shorten, the average duration of human life. The vast importance of these considerations has led ns to spend ypars in periecting a xcniedy which is adequate to its cure. This we now offer to the public under the name of Ayeiï 8 Sarsaparilla, altliongh it is composcd of ingrediente, some of which exceed the best of Sursnparllla in alterativo power. By its aid you mayprotect yourself from thesuftering and dariger of these disorders. Pnrge out the foul corruptions that rot and fester in he Mpod ; purge put the causes of disease, and, vigoroiis healtli will follow. By its peculiar viitues this remedy stimulates the vital f'unctions, and thus expels the distempers whicli lurk within the system or burst out on any part of it. We know the public havo been deceived by many compounds of Sarsapariila, thatpromised mach and did notbing ; but they will neither be deceived nor disappointed ip this lts virtues have been proven by abundant trial, and there rematas no question of its surpassing excellence for the cure of the afflicting discases it is ntended to reach. Although undcr the same name, it is a verv different medicine from any othcr wliich luis been before the people, and ia far more cffectunl than any other whieh hati ever boen available to them. AYEE'S CHERRY PECTORAL, The World's Great Remedy for Coughs, Colds, Incipient Consuraption, and for the relief of Consumptive patients in advanced stages of the disease. This has been so long used and sp acivcrsally known, that y-o need di np nipre tl. ... asspre tlie public that its quality is kept up to the best it ever lias been, and that it may be relied on to do all it has ever done. Prcpaicd by Dr. J. C. Ayer & Co., Practical and Analylical Chemists, Lowell, Mass. Sold by all drnggists evcrywhero. SfEBBrNS Si WltSON, Ann Arobr, E". SAMSON ypilanti, A, {EWING, Doxtpr, WHETOON í HATCH, CUelsca. Wholcsaloby FARRANDSHKI.BY & Co., Detroit. Ci B, COBÜRM, Travelling Agent. Family Dye Colois. 171OR Bjeiog Wlk.Woolcn alul Mixed Gesds, Shawls, .ÍSc.irf, DresseSj Kib'tons, üloves, Boanets, llats, , ., Ki( Gloves, Childre'a'B Clothing, :mj all kiiulá of "Weariag Aptiril í A SA VIN OP 8O PER CEST-a Yt,f J."3 cents _vou eau color as many gtiodfl as woulil otberwise cot flïe timeg that sr.m. varloufl sbades can be lirolucti(l li nni the .farae lye. prueess is eimle, ;tml :t.iy pue eau ue Ui1.1 Uye with pei-reet öucDirectïonp in Engllsh, Froncli ru 1 ói;i. ...■..., inside of tóch pact For t'urtlirr uformation in Dyeinc:, and xhng a perfect knmvledge wn&t colora are best.adapted to dye over otliers, (with many valuable rec:pes,) purchase Howe & titepliens' 'Ireatie on Dy6ilM[ and Coloring. fcient by mail on receipt of price - 10 cents. iïanufactured by iOWS bïEVÊNS, ■':pBroiiw,iy, Boelen. )'urfdltibjp Druggitü aci DíaItítgcDeraíl.T. PL6m6 Chancerj Sale. JN PURSUANCE an,l by U of , , 1 Circuit Court, for the County f wHT' l Chancery, made on the flrrt day of Jn '" b Cause thereto penduuj, wherein aÍOi, c f ,18, phiinant, Laban A. Sergeant, K1M Serí?M?J '41 Injbha W.Pmith, Pain E Se! . ' Edin kS fetó, Wiltinw Unósley, William wg J ' "" C De.rborn.and John S&, a.eTfSá.'"''? Notice is hercbj gh-c-n that I shall Si . on to the bighest bidder at 12 o' „ PUblic't day the 5th day of March nexi, at thifCT01 SWaahtenaw County Uourt Hoi, 't' ' 'tti Arbor, all the follcwiiu; piecee or parce?, ft I uated lymg and boing in the TpynsMn ?,, j,-fll'í ttashtenaw County and State of MichiUn a d"UÍ foMows, towit . Sixty acres ol la"d fr5m 1, 'C'H" of the Kast half of the Soutt-east St?' n?rt!l riumborthiity.four ; also sixty acres of ,7 .,,' North end of the West half of the So th .1"" of ection number thirty five, owuslup ñSi""1" aouth of range number four Eist, oeinein .?i " ürod and twenty acr9S of land. ot han. GEORGE DANFOBTfl Cir. Court Com Wii í IHi E. B. Wood, Complainant's Solicitor, ' ■ Dated, Jan. 28th, 1864 . , _W1W Mortgage Sale. ' DEFAULT having been made in the conin, inortgago, executed by William J Whin, " ' jah W. Morgan, dated March second A D Ta ' Ei' recorded n the Registers Office, in Washtcni ?' '" March sixth A. D. 1863, ia Liber No. 30 of s 1 m!, page 459, by whicb default the power of sak. c,„??ei''i said mortgage became operative, aud oo suii n ""''" lift hiu ing been instituted at law to recover il'0""secured by said mortgage, or any part thereof ,'ƒ Bum of two buudrod and sixty one dollars "' claimed to be duo t hen-on : Notice is theref ï "" given that the eaid murtgage win be foreclmL." sale of tbc mortgaged premies, to Th ' ' of castbalf, and the east half of thé ,!.W!"thlï section No. thirty one, in townnhip No fuu " "' range No seven east, b,-ing in Augusta in tht?k of Washtenaw, in the State of Michiiran Co'"J the south west quarterof the south-east (,„'„, Mfs"! sectiou, or some part thereof , at public reñí, . Court House, in the city of Ann Arbor on "h'" ty-sixtli day of March next, at noon. ' e '"lJiMES Kixgsi.kt, Attorney. ' "Wt, Dated, AnnArbor, Dec. 23d, A. D, 1863, Chancery Notice. OTATE OF MICHIGAN- i'ourth Judicial (;,■,,„■, kj Cffancery: ""i! lid-rard Briggs, Complainant, Suit penrtogia tin IJarryKstey, Jacob s.ey, John CounTaviZu' Estey, Israel K.tey, John L. l naw, '„ a," Beek, John G. Waln-, and at Am ' JohnWagner, the 8tha,, Defendanis. J uary.Ab if It satisfactorily appearing to the undenigmin cuit Coult Comniissioner for srí1 Countv tyaffiè that the above named defendant, Harrr ú resident of this State, but that he is a resident il' State oí California : On motlon of A Felch M, for Complainant, it is ordered that the saiddefetï ll.-iny Ejtey, cíase his anpearance in this cibmu i entercd nithiii two months from thedateof thiimla n4, tti 'n case of hi.s appearance he cause hit swer to comptalnant'8 bil] to be filed and a copjiu' of to be Hei-red on complainanl's solicitor tilt twenty days of the service of k copy of said'bilw notice of this order, and in default therecf tlatiu saidbill beiakenas confessej by the sajd defmiif Harry Estey : and it is fuptlie'r orilèred that witu tu-cniy da.vsafterthe making of tliis order .tbt icompliinant cause this or''.er to be published m-in, Wéekly Michigan Arcus." a newspajier pnbtisbrd :i said County, and that saiil nublicatión be conttaiii' said paper, at least oncein eacb eek, for sii n, in succi-ssinn, or that be cause a copy of this otjtn be persnnally seivpd on the said deft-ndant, Hanj [j ti-v, at least twenty days before the time aboTi Z .scribeil l'ir his appearnnce. Dated, January 8th, A. 1). 18M. GEO. riAXFORIH, p:rr-uit Court ComroiPsWraci for WasLtena doty, iüA.igan. A. l'KLClt, Complainant's Solicitor. 9J), Atruecopy, 1 W. Koot, gist. ISToticO of Ditch Sale, u NOTICE b hereb)' given thnt the undersigned Cw missioncr, wfll sell to the lowest biii.Ier, lOuêi miles of ditch, at J. F. Avery' Hotel, WhitmoreUi' Townfliip of NiitbfieId,'Washtenaw Coimty, SUIn! Michigan, Tucsday lotu day ot Marcli 1S64, 10 o'ihi' A. M. widlb. of bottoni made known 'on daj of uk and of a depth as marked ou stiltion stakeB Mtiiiit of diteh, six rotla apart. Each bank to alojie oaef; oulward to eaoV. ÏQOt oi depth, the dirt to be Ibror two feet from the e'dge of each bank, and thtfitt Blo the same as theslope of tbe ditch. Inletiirtt be left iu all natural water channels, and othtr bi places, they are to be not morethan 18 rcdaptrtk any place. J. ,T. PARSHAI.!,, , PliINCE BEN'NfcTT.i "P J.F. AVERY. J ComiomiMioDiii Northfield, Feb.' 15tli, 1SC4. Si9JJ JJissolution IVotice. mHE FIRM OF CHAPÍN, WUOD & CO., wasdiiillis JLjanuary 16, 1863, by mutual consent. C. A. Chii andA. B. Wood will settle theaccounts of thefira. C. A. Chah:, a. B. Woob, V. Chapix, E. Wlltt Ann Arbor, June S4, 1863. Coparinership. TTE UNDERSIGNED entered into partnership Ju 16, 1863, by the firm name of Chapín 4 wil] continue the business of manufacturing priniffl and rapping paper. C. A. Chapín, N. Ciupih, V. Chahv. Ann Artor, June 24, 1S63 910U P. BACH Has received A. LAEGE STOCK -OFFALL AND WINTER GOODS INCLUDISO LATEST STYLES -OFShavls!, üress Öoods, and everything for Ladies & Gents We GOIKG E AST FOR CASH? Cali and Boel Ann Arbor, Oct. 1863. SCHOFF & MIL LEI A RE STILL ON HAND at their old Stand, No. 2, Franklin Blocfc with themost complete assortment of Books and Stationen PEEFUMERIES, PANCY GOOPS WALL AND WINDOW PAPïSi SHADES, EOLLEES, co0i TA8SELS, GILT COKNICBÜ, HO.OKS AND PINS, STEREOSCOPES & VIEWS Ever offered in this Market ! Theytruat thit their!"ng experience ' ftf goods forthis martef , ani piet attention to t , ofCustomer,may ectitle tLem tv a.U' 'atronage. - ■ Ayer's Ague Cn


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