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He Lost His Arm

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He lost his arm ! - lie told rae so As we rode in the crowded car - He lost his arni I and n tlirill oj' woe Swept over liis tace, witli a pallor slow, That enuobled eacb nianly tear. Tliere were liues of. care upon his -yontliful brow, And his cheek was blanched with pain ; His once bright eye was misty novv, Bilt tlie pruud young spirit weuld not allow Tlie gush of the biiny rain. He lost his arm - his brave right arm - The faithful friend ol' life ; The hand that had borne tho victorious palm, And shielded the eak from approaching harm ín the battle's deadly strife. He luid fouylit and bied for the cause of right, Fot the sake of the loved at home: His hopea uero fair, his prospects bright, But a cloud of woe, and g bitter blight, Athwart his dreams had come. He lost his arm ! and I bent to hear Him teil how the missile came Mul the burning shot, and the maddening fleer ü! liio screeching shell as it hovered uear On its pinion of scorchipg 0ame. tlow he gave no thought to the flood of fire, As it barst in its lava tide 3ut with a foot that could liever tire 3e spnmg nn the living funeral pyre, Theu i'ell on the other side. Hp lost his arm. In that surging sea Of living and dying men He sunk, and was swayed right fearfully Oü the través of' thought of the soon "to'b," Of death, aud ts wailiug "Then I" But he lelt tliat over his heart liad come The ca lm of a whispered Peace : His mother was praylng for'him at home - Ancf lif'e oT death, be which his doom, lier praye.s would never cease. He lost his arm, for the flashing steel Dissevered the shattered linib, And wild with pain did his blood congeal, His nerve.s quivered when he did teel The saw on its erraud grim ; But he closed his eyes, and without a moan Finni his pallid lips compressed, And he Dobly bore the blow alone ; Without a sigh or a whispered tone, Or a heave of his beating breast. He lost his arm, they ]aid it away - It had been a faithful friend : It had served him well in youth's early day, lts mission was done, and it could not stay" 'Till life's longer journey's id. So he clasped the hand in a mnte "good-bye" The hand that was cold and fair - In tiie living hand whose pulse beat high With the throes of hojie, and eould iiot'die, ïhough its mate lay lifeless there. He lost,his arm, but the hue of health Dtoleagain to his boyisli brow, And 'lis chestnut curls in a wayiog wealth 'iVhk-h toss and play with a sunny stealth, Are clustering over it now. He had started tbr liome and was on his way. As we niet in the cr;wdpil car - And though 'twas only yesterday, Tve pondered eacli word I heard him gay - And mempfy-printed each scar. He lost his arm bat a badge of pride Is that empty sleeve. I ween, As it hangs so jistlessly at his side, Or is tossed by the breezes that round him glide, As it oft perchante hatli been. He lias met his piother I know, ere this - And I think of the ïijeeüng v.arm, Of tBe ne arnted pressnrft, the haliowed kiss, And the coming years of a mother'a bliss - For she'll be his fond right arm.


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