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A Rich Story

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The loltowipg we clip Irom an exubange. lt ís nid out good, and will bear reading again : . Do any oí you km w Bul Lowry; he moved (mm Springfield to some pnint in Minnesota. is tough, smart as a whip, keen as a bnar, bnt then, like all of us feilerH, Bill loves to isee the bpttom of the tu m bier at ill tiines. - Well, there was once a Methodist revival id town. Bill was there - and a too íull oí bis kind of spirit to hold mueh of the ther kind. But he sat still. At last the sermón was end;d, and the minister catne down f rotn hia proclumation stand and aaid : - '- Now, I want all who lovo the Lord Jesús, to come forward and ba prayed for." No one moved. ín a minute he repeated: "Brethren and sinnera. I want all who love the Lord,or who wish to love Hini, to come forward on this bench!" No one moved. Then he looked mad and spoke out rather quick. " If there is a man in thie house who s a frierd ot the Jjord I want him to come torward - if he has no f rieods we will quit " Just then oíd Bill aróse, hitcbed up rsis troysers, and in a peculiar, half-so Der voice sang out - "Hold on tharl I'm, Tm, T'm a friend ot the Lord ' or any other man ' who haiu't no more íriends than He 'peala to 'ave in this section."


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