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A Wedding On The Ice

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On the alternonn of ChristmaR Bay tico couples who loved " not wisely but two young" were united in the bonds of wedluok, under peculiar diffioultie.s. The first couple being unablo to obtain a licenao on account of juvemlity, in spite of the obje. tions of sundry incorrí ci ble " pariente,'' procurad one ol our city clergymen, also everal );ibor ers with long poles, in case of accident, and proceeded to cross the river on the procarious ice, to the sacred soil of Missouri, where (happy placo) no grim ly despotic. marriage license laws pravail. Arriving tipon the ftirther shore, the knot was tied, and the party 8et out on tbeir return. About midway acrojs 'he strearn, behold they meet the second party, iuruished this time with a lull array of groomsmen and bridesiiíaidíí, who had come on a similar errand and under similar difficulties. Tr,ey had met oome ontj jn the city, who h:id informed them oí the previóua arrangement, and had started out to avail tbeniselves of the fortúnate atanco. Here they met, and mattere were soon explaiued. The olergyman appealed to a triend of ours, who liad been bunting and just carne up, to know whether they were " aoross tho line" or nut, as it wus now nearlv 5 P. M., and too lato to return to the Missouri sbore. Ou beirtsr informod that they were probably still out ef Illinois, he disposed the group injthe proper positions, and tho irnpreseive eerencony began. It wsï a scene for a poet or a painter. Here was this little company far out upon the broad and heayiug fields of ice - first the young couple, wk-o. contrary to tho wishas of parents and íriends, were about to liok their destinies together lor ufe; th.n the accommodating minister, vvho ralher than have plans frustrated, had consented to perforrn the rites, even in this perilous position; near by was another hfide and groom who had jnst perpetrated a simiiar deed; standing around were the rnen with their long poles, to assisi, in rescuiDg any who might be plunged ín to the water by the giving way of the ice, which wa Hable to occorat any moment. Then there was our friend, an uninvited, but not an untcrested guest with his jrun and game bag, and several other impromptu visitors, vvho had, in pasaing. been attraoted by the strauge spectaole. The waters of the greut Mismseippi were rolling Iroublously benemh them, and the shadowe of oorriing Dight were gathering arouud and above them. But the ceremnny was short, atid within lesa time than it has taken us to pieture the sceue, the twain were rniido one, and the whole company returned, with joy and inii'th, to the good oid sol id eaith We do nor. know the nam es or residence of any of the parties, bat let us join in the hope that the ünions thus begun inay be more produotive of haipiness than ia osually the oase when parental wishes and adviue are defied.


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