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Monster, Monitors

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háve been received at the Philadelphia navy yard from whioh to construct ouc of the last olass of monitors ordeved, and the largest yot designed. The vessej will be 332 feet 'oug betvreen perpendieulars, 44 feet beuin, aud a depth of hold of 18 feet 10 inch es. Four monitors of thisj size are tö be built, and they will be the most formidable of their olass afloat.- The iron sido armor will be thicker than tliat of any otber vessel, being two plates ui' threc inches each, to be fasteted on white oak timbcr, in which there will bo stroaks of iron three inches tliiek. There will be three and a half inehes of iron on the dook, to be covered with white pine. These ïüonitors will havo three turrets, and carry "guns of the Lirgest size. They will have powerful engines, to giye tbetn a speed of ten oi honr. r-SÊT" I is s:ld that thn stnall pox is gradually spreading in A ashington. - Why in tli: m't Oíd Abo stop it by proclamation ? ür why not senil the terrible General jVIeaghcv to " sijuélcb.'' it ? Or get Bnrnside to order it over the linea into Dixie ? ?


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